Youzer Review: A WordPress Tool to Help Improve Your Site’s User-Experience

By | April 16, 2020


Youzer Review


Youzer is a popular WordPress tool that will improve user-experience on your website. If you desire to enhance your business website with rich features coupled with some stylish touch, then look no further because Youzer has what you are searching for.

Youzer has some nice and functional features that are competent in creating a website with BuddyPress activated on it. It is a commercial tool that is used to enhance a website’s appearance functionality by adding templates and different plugins to your website.

Note that Youzer was built to enhance the BuddyPress plugin. This means that you can install it only when BuddyPress has been successfully installed on your website. When this is done, you can then add some desired templates to your site. Some popularly-used templates are user login, registration page, etc.

Who Should Use This Plugin?

As stated above, Youzer is a plugin that can enhance the BuddyPress areas of your websites. If you are a BuddyPress user, Youzer will increase your site’s user-experience. Also, as a business owner, if you want to run a membership site (be it paid or free membership), this tool is at your service.

Let’s go into the article properly where we will be discussing some features of Youzer. As you look at the features, you will be able to decide either to use it or not. Now, let’s see some of the features of this WordPress tool.

Features Of Youzer

Youzer has many good features and tools that can enhance your site interactivity and productivity. For the purpose of this article, we are going to highlight only the salient features of the tool. Please note that all its features are important. Let’s get started.

User Profile Features

Like a control panel, Youzer gives you access to the user profile tool of the plugin. You have full control to influence how the user profile will be activated or displayed on your WordPress website. For instance, you can make all the user accounts to be private, giving them the option to add a cover picture, make a post and even delete their account if they choose to.

Layout and Widget Tools

Youzer, as a tool/software, supports full customization and is a flexible WordPress plugin. It is therefore easy to choose from any of the selections of layout in order to control how your site will look like. The plugin’s control panel can be used to customize any of its widgets on your website.
Interestingly, the widgets can be independently customized from each other. With this, you can comfortably design your website according to your taste.


Community Social Features

  • The social wall which you can use to share content like pictures, make a post or videos
  • Feature for connection, which is used to connect with people. You will be able to send or accept a friend request
  • You can choose to follow a friend or not if you wish
  • The notification tool to notify you of any new comments, likes, etc.
  • A feature for private messages
  • User group tool – This feature is used to bring like-minded people with similar interests together
  • Rating and reviews
  • Social login – Users can log in through different social media platforms
  • Bookmark post feature
  • Media uploader – With this feature, users can easily upload files.

Membership Setting

As an online business owner, if you desire to add a membership option to your site, then Youzer might just be the right choice for you. It offers a variety of templates with different useful features for your site. Some of these membership features include:

  • Social Login – With this tool, users can easily join your site through Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc.
  • Login/Registration Form – This tool is used to add a login or registration feature to your website. You can make the registration public for everyone to sign up to, or make it premium where only paid subscribers are allowed access
  • Reset Password – Users who forget their password can fill the reset password field to create another password

Directory Feature

The Directory feature on YouZer contains many templates that are aimed at helping users easily locate any content that they are searching for.
With features like group directory, a global news feed, and members’ directory, Youzer is able to increase your site responsiveness. It also helps in the organisation as well as, the management of the contents of a website.

Customization Option

Youzer has lots of customizable options that are real and can be used to create a WordPress website. The fact that it has a highly-customizable plugin makes it so easy for you to create an online community. You will be able to add social networking tools without hassle.

Control Panel

The control panel of Youzer offers its users full customization options. You can customize the color of the plugin, layout settings, and other properties as well. For example, you can choose any layout style of the template that is empowered by the plugin.

Youzer Installation

I believed that by now, you should have known that Youzer works only on activated BuddyPress. Do ensure that BuddyPress is installed and activated on your WordPress website before you proceed with this plugin.
You can purchase Youzer on Codecanyon. After purchasing this plugin, unzip the downloaded file to get the installable version. Once you have the installable version, then follow the guide below:

  • Locate your WordPress admin panel, go to the panel, choose to add new and then upload
  • Open the installable version of the plugin
  • Click on the Install button
  • YouZer installation will commence. Wait patiently for the installation process to finish.

Pros and Cons Of Youzer

Let’s see some pros and cons of Youzer.


  • Responsive and highly-professional customer support representatives
  • Access to Kainelab for 6-month support
  • Access to future updates


  • Youzer has too many options to choose from. Making a decision can sometimes be a little bit confusing. Imagine having to make a choice from 700 available options in just one plugin!


If you are thinking of making your BuddyPress plugin more efficacious, then I recommend you try Youzer and you will be amazed by the result in record time.
Youzer has great features to enhance your website performance, and it is also affordable. Their customer service is topnotch.
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