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This is an affiliate marketing program that gives website owners the opportunity to earn a commission when customers purchase products from the Walmart website.

The program was using Rakuten Linkshare as its affiliate service provider until June 2019, when it switched to Impact Radius. To join the affiliate program, you would have to submit an application and wait for the approval. They claim to process the application within 24 hours.

It should be noted that the affiliate program works only for online sales, not for the many bricks-and-mortar Walmart stores accessible in North America.

How the Walmart Affiliate Program Works?

Like any other affiliate program, once your application is approved, you will have access to the system which contains your unique affiliate link. You can use this affiliate link to promote the numerous products available on the Walmart website.

What You Can Promote As a Walmart Affiliate?

Just like the popular Amazon, Walmart has a wide range of products that you can promote to a broad variety of audiences and earn money from.
They have thousands of diverse products in numerous niches. Their product collections may not be as broad as Amazon’s, but whatever your niche is, you will find something to promote.
Some of the most popular categories are:


  • Movies, Music & Books
  • Home improvement
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • Baby & Toddler Items
  • Sports & Fitness Equipment
  • Craft and Hobbies, and many others

The Affiliate Program Commission Rate

As far as the commission rate is concerned, Walmart has a setback.
One is disappointed by Amazon’s poor commission rate and would expect Walmart to get it right in that area. Unfortunately, Walmart is probably even worse than Amazon in the area of commission rates.


  • On clothing, affiliates earn a 4% commission rate on various products. Affiliates earn 10% commission on constant lenses.
  • Affiliates earn a 4% commission on gifts, registry, health care products, home, and jewelry items.
  • Affiliates earn a 1% commission rate on electronics and movies.

So, we can say Walmart pays an average commission rate of 4%. The 4% commission rate is not, in any way, motivating.
Having said this, if you can survive to drive a decent amount of traffic to Walmart’s website every month, you can at least make some amount of money from the affiliate program.

How Much Money You Can Make From Walmart Affiliate Program?

Let’s play on numbers.
Though the commission rate is extremely low, there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn by promoting Walmart’s products to your audience.

The patio fire, for example, costs $98 and earns you 4% commission.
4% of $98 is $3.92. This means you earn $3.92 commission on a single sale.

If you make 10 sales a day, you earn 10 × $3.93 which amounts to $39.2 a day and almost amounts to $1200 a month just from promoting a single item.

Also, have it in mind that you can promote any of Walmart’s numerous products worth more than this amount.
Though I will advise that you stick to products of $100 and above, it is ideal that you promote the right product to your audience.

Though the commission rate is low, I believe you have seen that you can still earn a lot as a Walmart affiliate, and if you do the work well, the results will always show forth.

How Do You Get Started As a Walmart Affiliate?

To become a Walmart affiliate, you are to visit their website to fill the application form.
Just like other affiliate programs, you would be asked of your information – your name, address, location and even your website’s URL. You will also be asked of your website traffic stats – you need a website to join.

This takes a few minutes to complete, and your application is likely to be approved in just a few hours.
After getting approved and you’ve been given your unique affiliate link, you are ripe to start promoting Walmart’s products with the aid of their wide selection of free affiliate marketing tools.

Tools To Help You Earn Money with Walmart

The Walmart affiliate program provides a variety of tools that would assist you with driving customers to their website. They are:

Walmart SDK: This tool enables affiliates to implant products right into their content with a “Buy Now” button tagged with their affiliate links.
This makes the purchases simpler for buyers which would help you increase conversions.
The concluding step for the customer is to visit the Walmart website and check out his/her cart.
All this fulfilled, you would be congratulated for earning yourself a commission from Walmart.

The Walmart Chrome Extension: The purpose of this tool is to help you find the best selling products, much quicker.

The Walmart WordPress Plugin: If you are using WordPress, you also earn access to the Walmart WordPress plugin. This allows you to handily add links in your content from the Walmart website automatically tagged with your affiliate link.
The plugin will help find products you’d want to promote based on the keywords you type in, instead of manually searching for products on the Walmart site, then linking to it from the website.

Three Ways to Promote the Walmart Affiliate Program

Now that you have fully become a Walmart affiliate and are ready to promote Walmart’s products to your audience, let’s examine how you can start promoting their products and earn a substantial amount of money.

Post Walmart Review on Your Blog: One of the best ways for affiliates to earn money is by doing product reviews. All you have to do is write a review of your chosen product and post it on your blog for your audience to see.

Email Marketing: If you have an email list for your website with hundreds of subscribers, this is an opportunity for you to reach your audience.
All you are to do is to select a product that your audience has an interest in and send an email about it to them. It is ideal that you also do a review of your selected product so you can link people from your email to your review.

Social Media: Though this may be the least productive means, it does not cost to share a few links on social.
Some of the social media sites that can get you sales are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others.


While you’ve read in this review that you need a personal website to promote Walmart’s products, I’d want to introduce the best online business platform in the entire industry where you can do it most. You can visit my review of this program via this route.

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  1. Kell

    This is a very detailed review of Walmart. Though the commission rate is at the low end but if I make much sales a day from your calculation, at least I should be happy with my earnings in a month end.

    But the possible drawback I sense here just like any other business is they may not recruit newbies to be their marketers because they feel they lack experience and don’t have a website, and even if they do, don’t have website traffic stats. They could as well start with Clickbank that welcomes anyone to market its product.

    But then if anyone is serious to learn affiliate marketing the professional way and want to earn big commissions. I think the recommendation you gave from your conclusion is just the best because I myself I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I know the benefits it brings.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kell, thanks for visiting my website!

      I totally agree with you Wealthy affiliate is a great platform to learn and earn at the same time.

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  2. Mike

    I had no idea there were so many things you can promote on Walmart. It does sound very similar in terms of the products and the commission rate to Amazon Associates, which is such a great way to earn affiliate commissions so I will certainly check this out and see if I can become an affiliate for Walmart in the future too. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Mike, thanks for stopping by.

      I am glad you found some useful information.

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  3. Randy Levy

    This is a great review on Walmart affiliate program, I never heard about Walmart affiliate program, although I know the brand, when I went through review I personally realize that Walmart isn’t not that much differentdifferent from amazon. In terms of commission.  I hope the some many will find this review very informative 

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Randy!

      Thanks for visiting my website!

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  4. S.J

    I found your  review very useful and informative. 

    Wallmart affiliate program is very good . It has so many categories to promote  like home improvement  , clothing , shoes , jewellery , baby products , Arts and Crafts  , Sports and Fitness and much more. As an affiliate marketer , I prefer to join Wallmart affiliate  program .  I will promote its products through Email marketing , blogging etc.

    Keep up the good work!

    Thanks for sharing Wallmart Review

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      Hello S.J thanks for stopping by!

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  5. Juan Saladin

    Hi; I’m still struggling with my niche definition; in any case, your article has helped me to get an idea on my next step.

    The mentioned embedded functionality for getting a “buy now” button will help a lot to increase conversion and that’s a good reason on its own for following that path on my way to make a leaving from home.

    It’s good to see that there are many toy options at very good prices as that would be among top-selling items for January within Latin-Americans in the states or for international purchasing.

    Thanks a lot for the guidance… I’ll definitely go for it, and I’ll enroll in this Affiliate Program.  

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  6. Benny

    hello, i really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. one of the best and easiest way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. i was told of the walmart affiliate program but it was not as explicit as you have put it here. i am now interested

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