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By | June 22, 2020





Tracking your activities lets you measure the amount of progress that you make each time. This goes for all online marketing businesses. To be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to understand everything that makes a successful campaign – ranging from offers, referral links, operators, types of browsers, and even the types of devices in use.

Tracking means putting an eye and following up on every part of your marketing business. This means collecting data and observing them to be able to follow their performance patterns. If you don’t collect data to convert them to information, you may end up making uninformed and wrong decisions for your business.

Voluum, an affiliate ads tracker, is an ads tracking device that you can use to manage and track all your advertising campaigns and understand their performance. Using this tracker, you can easily follow your organic or paid traffic, follow events that happen on your site and follow your clicks and conversions.

You can use the information that you get to organize your traffic and get a better traffic flow. You can make more informed decisions about your campaigns and follow up on them to get better results on your investments.
When you use Voluum, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Data analytics from your traffic sources including Facebook and Google
  • You get informed about everything that is happening in regard to your campaigns – the GEO locations, types of devices used by your audience and their browser types too
  • You become informed about the right type of audience to target with your ads through advanced targeting
  • You can use the automatic A/B testing to optimize your ads performance to get better conversions
  • You can also set personalized alerts that will give you an indication of when any changes happen in the performance of your campaigns.

Voluum works in harmony with partners to get information and put them together to give a clear understanding of every data that it makes available to you. It is used by agencies, performance marketers, media buying teams and bloggers.
As a tracking solution tool, it is among the best in the industry. It is hosted in the cloud so the software’s performance does not get slowed and it makes traffic accessible to you, irrespective of the location or type of device.

Features of the Software


  • Direct Pixel Tracking: You get access to direct organic and inorganic tracking without them getting redirected. This makes it fast and easy to get more visitors and add them to your lists. It also makes it possible to publish numerous ads even from where internet connections are not very strong


  • Impression tracking: It makes it possible to follow the impressions of each ad and observe the effects of specific ads contact points. You can use the information to analyze the performance of your advertising campaigns


  • On the dashboard, you can see the highlights of the most important campaign statistics including visits, clicks and costs


  • In the database, you get reports that give you full information about the trends of your campaigns. Such data is always generated instantly for you. You can access data points and convert them to get more detailed information. It is also possible to get data regarding each visit


  • The system also uses artificial intelligence to optimize your campaigns. When you put it on autopilot, it will get you the best offers, the correct routes and landing pages. You can also run A/B tests to help you determine the best results for specific conversion goals. This will help you to be more informed as you plan better campaigns


  • Using the anti-fraud tool, you can detect suspicious visits and clicks as well as unrealistic conversion times


  • You can also get into the marketplace to find the best deals, compare them with other deals from important partner networks that are in your Voluum account. You can use their advanced filtering to get the best deals


  • When you put it on the multi-user mode, you can allow your affiliates and other team members to also use the platform.

Advantages of Using the Software


  • It is very fast to use. It is among the best trackers available in the market. It operates through its data centers across several continents. This makes it easy to redirect users to the closest data center to them. This also makes the system always available and make sure that you do not lose any clicks as you track your campaigns. And each data Center can function as a backup for another in case any issue comes up


  • It is hosted on cloud. This reduces the cost and complexity of the set up, the need to always update and problems associated with security breach. As you set it up, you do not have to worry about a lot of things; all you need to do is to optimize and scale up your campaigns. You do not need to have a separate server and you can use it while you are at any location of the world


  • Their use of artificial intelligence gives you the potentiality to redirect your traffic to the best performing offers and landing pages. You can use this to redirect traffic to the right campaigns


  • Voluum allows you to have access to so much data that is important for effectively evaluating your campaigns. You can use the data you get to make informed decisions about growing your traffic


  • You can create different workspaces on your platform and allow your team members and affiliates to work with you. You can create different access levels and organize your colleagues on them


  • You can use their split-test as you use their single offers. This will redirect the same traffic to different offers. You can do this test to know the best offers that bring you more profit. Then you can channel your traffic towards the most profitable offers


  • You also get access to many educational resources like video tutorials, one-on-one tutoring, webinars and blog posts


  • With its integrated DSP feature, you can buy native media directly from the platform. It is integrated with Zero park where you can easily buy your traffic.

How to Set up Your Voluum Account

First you need to create an account. Follow their guidelines as you create the account.
In the Voluum in-panel, you will find the dashboard where you can find the statistics of your different offers and campaigns. Voluum displays the results on graphs, so you can easily understand and further analyze them.

You will see your views, clicks, conversions, costs, income, profit and your return on investment for any period of time.
On the left part of the screen is information showing your best five campaigns, offers, traffic sources and countries, so you can always access information on the dashboard that will help you see the performance of your campaigns.

You can click on the campaign tab to see your campaigns. That is where the main menu panel is. In this tab, you can see all your active campaigns and their different statistics. You can also work with different parameters for your campaigns which include impressions, visits, conversions, and CPA average, CPM or CPC.

You can look up this statistics for each of your active campaigns. This is especially important and helpful when you are split-testing.

You can also go to your Offers and find out the statistics of each of your landing pages. Click on any one of the offers and look at the different parameters to analyze their performance. Understanding the use of the filters can help you create better campaigns.

Voluum is integrated with many traffic sources so you only need to make your choice and set the offer link. You can find the list of their traffic sources in the Traffic Source tab. When you select one of the traffic sources, you will be able to see its predefined parameters. You can use the filters to see the full statistics of the parameters.

How to Create Your Campaigns with Voluum

Campaigns are easy to create on Voluum. Go to the Voluum review and click on Create New Campaigns. Next, you select a traffic source from among the predefined sources. You may not bother with the country tab as it can be placed automatically.

You may also decide not to set your ads cost if you are using a Smart CPM. As a webmaster, you can check your costs from time to time on your ads network. Voluum can also be used to automatically track costs. Creating a specific route for your campaigns is done by selecting a new offer and a route before landing in the campaign.

Literally, you can track all clicks, conversions and impressions. You can also easily add new traffic sources and integrate Voluum into your affiliate network. Voluum is also affordable and flexible. You can look up its subscription rates on its site.


Voluum is very handy for every performance marketer. It helps you track your campaigns and manage your time and resources properly. You can use Voluum to run and track your campaigns and get information that can be used to get the best out of them.
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