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By | June 7, 2020

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It is likely you may have heard of the free website SEO checker called UberSuggest, given that the owner is very popular. However, this review presents you details in an easy-to-digest manner with the goal of helping you decide if this tool is what you need for optimum results.

No matter how skilled you are in your trade, your tools will always affect your results.
Using the right tools can make a big difference between a mediocre and an excellent job. So, how do you ensure that your results are always top-notch all the time? The simple answer is using the right tools for the right job which brings us to the subject of our review!
The content of this review is presented in a Q&A styled format to help you easily locate sections that interest you.

What is UberSuggest All About?

UberSuggest is a digital marketing tool used to research and analyze websites. You can use this tool to gather details like domain overview, top-ranking pages, and keyword suggestions. Other viral details that the tool helps you discover are content ideas, backlink audits, and site audits.

UberSuggest was created by Neil Patel, one of the most respected persons in the digital marketing and SEO industry. It was developed as a tool to help marketers get similar results like Neil’s.

For a formal introduction, Neil Patel is an online entrepreneur with serial successes. He founded brands such as Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg. Neil planned to give back to his community by offering a tool that can help others replicate his kind of results.

So there you go, that’s the much info you need to know before using this tool.

What Are The Benefits Of Using UberSuggest?

I – It is a Tool Designed by Very Experienced Hands in the SEO Industry.

You will find that the tool helps to provide relevant details to boost your search rankings and improve the visibility of your site.
You can call it a tool born of the need to optimize your website.
Using this tool is like having Neil Patel stand behind you to teach you what needs to be done.

II – It Helps You Become More Efficient With Your Online Business

The time, energy, and money saved from using UberSuggest is a great benefit.
Instead of having to spend precious hours searching online for content or keyword ideas – sometimes even days and weeks, depending on how complex your project is, you can let UberSuggest do all the heavy lifting for you.
All you have to do is collate the results that it gives to you, and deploy them for your website.
That way, you are able to deliver quality and relevant content in a good time.

III – Free Trial Period for You to Test the Tool

Okay, so UberSuggest has a free plan for users. The fact is that there isn’t any free tool that delivers quality results. But you are offered a free trial period to try out the tool for yourself.
If it fits, then you can decide to upgrade to the Pro plan. We will cover the pricing in a subsequent section in this review.

IV – Get Full Site Audit and Assessment

It gives you so much power by keeping you abreast of details about your site. You can monitor and measure performance, and make improvements where needed.

What Are The Basic Features of UberSuggest?

Depending on what is most important to you, there are lots of helpful features.

I – Keyword Overview

This feature manages all that has to do with keyword research. It allows users to search for keyword volume, SEO volume, and more.
The bar precedes a graphical display of search trends for keywords while providing an estimated number of people searching for the keyword.

II – Keyword Ideas

Just because a keyword sounds or looks nice doesn’t make it suitable for use. You need to find out more details to ensure that you are making use of the right keywords. These details include search volume, keyword suggestions, and also related keywords.

This feature helps you with keyword ideas that fit into what you need for your post or site.
Using keyword ideas, you can also get ideas about the domain score, backlink count, and ranking domain for the keyword.

III – Domain Overview

This is one of those salient features that best describe UberSuggest. It offers detailed info about any website or URL that you provide the tool – details like the number of keywords that the domain ranks for (organic), and monthly organic traffic! Other details include the domain score and the number of backlinks of the particular domain.

Also, presented is a graph showing the traffic trends within a couple of months. From this, you can tell if the traffic is moving higher, or on a downward trend.

To help you understand how the site is performing, you can view the changes in the SEO ranking over time.
The keyword overview is best for capturing the overall performance of your website, whether it’s on the increase or on a decline.

IV – Content Ideas

This feature is quite similar to BuzzSumo in a number of ways. It allows users to check for the popularity of content created in relation to a keyword.
It gives you an idea of the content that enjoys the highest shares on social media. Some of these social media networks include Facebook and Pinterest. This share popularity tells you a lot about what people are talking about and the kind of information they need.

If you have all these details, producing content that people love becomes easy. You give social media users what they are looking for, and they give you social shares in return.

V – Top Pages

The next important feature is the Top Pages, which shows the top-ranking pages of a website.
You can find out how the pages rank for different countries and which country has the highest rank. Also, learn about the country and the content type that the people prefer.
It’s quite similar in some ways to content ideas by letting you know the pages with the most social shares.

VI – Site Audit

While the keyword overview covers everything about keywords, the Site Audit covers everything about a site. Things like monthly organic traffic, on-page SEO score, number of backlinks, and ranking keywords fall under the Site Audit.
By running a complete website scan, you will detect critical errors that need to be addressed. The warnings from Site Audit should be taken seriously. Issues like site speed and performance on different platforms all fall under the purview of the site audits.

VII – Backlinks

Everything about backlinks includes overall domain score, number of backlinks, and domains from organic traffic. You can also pick up the total number of backlinks coming from referring domains through this feature.
You can find out the type of link – textual or image link. Also, find the anchor text used to create the link including the date of creation.

How Accurate Are The Results From UberSuggest?

There isn’t any keyword research tool that gives you accurate data in the real sense of accuracy. The best word to describe the results is “reliable”.
This means the question you should be asking is, “Are the results from UberSuggest reliable?” And the answer is a resounding YES, with good reasons.
You see, data is only as reliable as its source.

Since the data source for UberSuggest comes from using AdWords (Google Keyword Planner) API, the data can be relied upon. Also, used are suggested keywords from Google Suggest to provide keyword ideas, search volume, and difficulty.
Based on the data sources, we can conclude that UberSuggest produces reliable results.

How Much Will UberSuggest Cost Me?

When it comes to pricing, UberSuggest does offer reasonable prices when compared to similar tools.
First of all, there is a free trial period for new users to test the digital marketing tool. If you are impressed with it, you could then proceed to upgrade.

The pricing is quite reasonable with a free plan for individuals who want more traffic while a Pro plan for companies and freelancers go for $29 a month.
Available features include Rank Tracking, Site Audit, and Keyword Research. Also included in the plans are Competitive Analysis and Backlinks Analysis which can be found in both plans.


To produce optimum results in any field, you need the right set of tools. That also includes the digital marketing and SEO industry.
You need a tool that can help you save time, effort, and still enable the best results.

UberSuggest is a great tool that every digital marketer needs for their tool kit. The tool enables you to perform site-wide research on keywords, content, and domains in particular. Some of the features that you will find in the tool are keyword overview, site audit, and backlinks analysis.

The tool is produced by Neil Patel, one of the most trusted persons in the SEO space. He offers you the opportunity to replicate his kind of success using UberSuggest.

There is a free plan, and a chance for trial testing before upgrading your plan.
This tool has greatly benefitted lots of marketers as I know it would benefit you.

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