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By | March 7, 2020




The ride-sharing business model introduced into the transportation sector was the exclusive reserve of the transportation network companies and the drivers who provided their vehicles. Drivers operated as lift-providers to lift-seekers and in turn received payments for their services. Uber acts as the intermediary to ensure that lift-seekers pay for exactly what was consumed.

The network has expanded to include affiliate marketers who are interested in promoting Uber’s services. This post highlights the different opportunities available in Uber’s affiliate program, taking a lok at the commission structure and how to drive traffic towards it.

What we’ll cover in this review:

  • About Uber
  • Uber Affiliate Programs Options
  • Uber U.S. and Canada Driver-Partner Affiliate Program
  • The Uber U.S. and Canada Pay Per Call Affiliate Program
  • The Uber Eats Courier U.U. Affiliate Program
  • VigLink and Uber
  • Uber and Lyft Affiliate Programs
  • How to become part of the Uber Affiliate Program
  • How to Acquire the Affiliate Link
  • Pros and Cons of the Uber Affiliate Programs
  • Conclusion

About Uber

If you have lived in this world within the past decade, you are bound to have come across the name “Uber”. It is a name that is synonymous with disrupting the traditional transportation business, and replacing its services with the shared economy concept.

Car owners were turned into service providers for cab-hailers who gladly embraced the speed and comfort that ride-sharing brought. At the center of it all is Uber – the revolutionary ride-sharing app that has ensured that the system remains transparent for both cab riders and cab hailers.
Uber recently introduced a program that rewards its affiliate partners for their efforts in referring drivers for the U. S. and Canadian traffic.

Uber Affiliate Programs Options

Uber offers different options for its partners to earn from referring new driver-partners and new delivery partners to Uber.

Uber U.S. and Canada Driver-Partner Affiliate Program

The Uber affiliate program allows affiliate partners to earn commissions for referring new driver-partners to Uber.


You will be paid an amount ranging from $30 to $40 for generating leads in participating cities. Payment is made after the driver’s license of the new driver-partner has been approved by Uber.

The Uber U.S. and Canada Pay Per Call Affiliate Program

Participating in this program entitles you to earn whenever you refer a new driver-partner to Uber using its call center.


You will be paid $3 by Uber if your lead referred to the Uber call center talks to an Uber representative for longer than 30 seconds.

The Uber Eats Courier U.U. Affiliate Program

You earn from the affiliate program for referring new delivery partners to Uber.


Uber pays you $50 for delivery leads who own cars while for delivery leads that use motorbikes and scooters, Uber pays up to $35. Before paying you for the leads, Uber has to run a background check on the documents after which it gives approval.

VigLink and Uber

There is an available partnership for publishers to earn from users whose links convert. You are entitled to earning a range from $15 to $200 for their first drive and from $0.10 to $5.00 for new driver sign up.
VigLink works by changing the links from your site to affiliate links for Uber if they aren’t affiliate links already.

Uber and Lyft Affiliate Programs

This program offers earning opportunities for publishers to earn money from new referrals to Uber’s platform. There is no limit to the amount you can earn from participating in the program. Your earnings are dependent on how many new drivers you are able to refer to Uber.
You could earn up to $5 for each driver referred to the system by you.
The system uses the client’s ID to track referrals who join the system. Publishers receive their client IDs after initiating a new app and signing up for Uber’s affiliate program.
Affiliates are however required to earn a minimum of $250 from referral fees before receiving payments.

How to Become Part of the Uber Affiliate Program

There are a number of options available for joining – either through RevenueWire which is an affiliate network or directly through the Uber’s website.
You will have to navigate to the developer dashboard on Uber and to Settings, scroll down and click on the box that indicates your agreement with the terms and conditions.

How to Acquire the Affiliate Link

You would have to first create an account after downloading the Uber app on your mobile device.
Then login to your developer dashboard to create an affiliate link that would back-track to the Uber site. Uber expects you to create the affiliate link yourself, which makes it a little tough for newbies.
Copy your client ID from the authenticating tab which should appear on your screen as red text. Then place your client ID immediately after the link provided by Uber to generate your Uber affiliate link.
You can now place this link within the content of your blog pages and posts.

Pros of Uber Affiliate Programs

Publishers get the opportunity to earn up to $200 for rendering new drivers to Uber
The affiliate program is free to sign up for

Cons of Uber Affiliate Programs

It is not clear what cities fall under the participating cities under the U.S. and Canada Uber affiliate program
It is clear that publishers are paid for their referrals based on geographic regions but the details of this region are not very clear.
Uber is a niche and this restricts the publisher to this niche. The fact that publishers are paid based on geographic region also means that your blog or website has to be geographic-themed.
If your major traffic source isn’t from the U.S. or Canada, you will not be paid by Uber even after referring drivers to its platform


Uber is a reputable brand that has successfully disrupted how humans and resources are moved from place to place. We’d see it from the level of success recorded in major cities around the world.
The Uber affiliate program is worth participating if you meet the qualification requirements. It might be restricted for your country right now, but I see it expanding across major cities around the world in the near future.
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