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TripAdvisor is the most whopping travel website in the world. It presents to you a hundred travel sites to access in order to secure the best travel deal.

Statistics has it that, on average, over 455 million visitors explore these websites monthly.
TripAdvisor is one of the best places to find deals on travel destinations. TripAdvisor brings together more than 200 varied booking sites to offer you the best deal on hotels, flights, restaurants, related events and many more.

This site has been proven and trusted by users and it promises to save you more spending on travel adventures around the globe. Also, it helps in choosing where to go by giving you enough reading data if you do not know the right location to go.
One question that should, by now, dwell in your mind is how you (an affiliate) will make money from this site when it seems they are devoid of products to sell. To find answers to this and more, read further.

How It Works

TripAdvisor does not follow the pattern of other affiliate sites where you sell products to earn commissions. TripAdvisor does not have products to sell.
They pay you a certain percentage of the revenue generated from a customer you have referred, who clicks on the several commerce links made available on the TripAdvisor site.


You earn 50% of the revenue generated from the customer you refer as a commission.
There are also attracting benefits for affiliates that attain a certain level of traffic. TripAdvisor considers the quality and level of traffic too. The traffic should be able to generate revenue.

Commerce Campaign Commission Structure

As we have said above, anytime a visitor clicks on an advert link, TripAdvisor gets paid for it. The amount paid for clicks on each link differs depending on the agreed amount between TripAdvisor and the commercial partners.
In the same regard, TripAdvisor affiliates earn their commissions. Affiliates are paid between 50%-80% of the revenue Tripadvisor receives per clock-out.

Instant Book Commission Structure

As an affiliate, you are paid a 3% commission of the hotel booking value on any instant booking made by a user referred by you.
Their site has a section where this commission is stated to be only available for hotels on TripAdvisor, and that there is no such commission on vacation rentals, flights, restaurants of attraction through the program.
The only thing we cannot clarify here is, if the said commission is pertaining to only instant booking or to the commerce campaign commission structure.
To avoid paying commissions on cancelled bookings, this commission is paid 30 days after the check-in. Commissions are not paid on booking made through the app.

Who the Affiliate Program Is Best For?

I would want to advise that this affiliate program is most suitable for an affluent travel blogger.
Though they do not state who their affiliate program is best suited for, they make it clear who is not eligible to participate.

How Do You Get Paid?

TripAdvisor affiliate is offered through Commission Junction – CJ. This means that you are paid directly by CJ.
Your commission earned in a month is paid the following month. Your commission must also have exceeded the minimum payout. Once this is met, they send you a check in your desired currency.
Your payment is not unnecessarily delayed. In fact, kudos to CJ for the payment processing rapid rate used!
You should also note that CJ may charge you a certain amount for offering the affiliate program. To know more about the rules, you can read their terms and conditions.

Ads Tracking and Reporting

To each TripAdvisor ad and link on your site, a unique identifier is attached. The identifier helps in tracking the activities performed on your site by a user. This will help avoid the loss associated with a customer deleting his cookie on his computer.

What You Can Promote As An Affiliate?

The CJ website does not clearly contain what you can promote as a TripAdvisor affiliate. But if we are not making mistakes with what their commission plan states, we can say that you earn commissions through clicks from the adverts and commercial partners on their site.
In this regard, we can boldly say that, as an affiliate, you earn commissions by promoting all they offer.


TripAdvisor relates the prices of over 200 hotel booking sites to make sure travelers are offered the best deals. Customers that use TripAdvisor averagely save up to 30% off their hotel bookings.

Things to Do

In case you are looking for the best excursion such as tours, day trips, activities, attractions; transport options; shopping centers and even classes to take; TripAdvisor is the best for you.


They have over 4.3 million restaurants on their websites for travelers who would want to eat.


If you want to travel by flight and you need the best service, TripAdvisor will help you find the best by comparing hundreds of results from various airlines and flight websites. Factors to be considered when suggesting the best flight include, travel time, price, layovers, and more.

Holiday Homes

TripAdvisor makes it possible for members of its community to rent out their homes, cabins, rooms, and many others.

Car Hire

If you need to hire a car, TripAdvisor will be of help wherever you are in the world.
Available TripAdvisor Advertising Options
TripAdvisor offers its affiliates a broad range of advertising options. This includes:


  • Banners
  • Text links
  • Widgets
  • Logos
  • Buttons
  • Badges

You are provided with advertising media once you’ve become an affiliate of TripAdvisor. You can add as many ads as you want to your site. It is even an advantage that your site has many pages containing the ads; the more the pages, the more the traffic you send to TripAdvisor.

Requirement for Eligibility

Though it seems there are no tangible requirements to be eligible as an affiliate of TripAdvisor, it is compulsory that your site is relevant.
It must also be added that your site should encompass travel-related content; it should also contain no unsavory content and materials. Your site must not contain duplicate or irrelevant materials. If any of this is detected, your site may get banned from the affiliate program.

How Do You Become Part of the TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Program?

To become an affiliate of TripAdvisor, you must become a Commission Junction publisher. To become a publisher of CJ, visit their website.


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