Top 9 WordPress E-commerce Plugins for Your Online Store

By | February 27, 2020



Wordpress E-commerce plugins
WordPress plugins are the top-notch in the blogging industry! What’s it online that cannot possibly be done with WordPress? WordPress powers over 10 percent of big e-commerce stores on the internet.

When it comes to building an e-commerce store, WordPress is the king. When it comes to customization, WordPress e-commerce stores are by far the best. Setting up a WordPress e-commerce store doesn’t take much time to get up and running; it can be configured over a weekend.

A lot of bloggers and internet marketers are aware of the vast popularity of e-commerce stores hosted on WordPress. However, there are so many businesses that haven’t yet recognized the benefits that WordPress plugins offer.

Why Opt in for a WordPress Plugin?

There are lots of benefits WordPress plugins offer:

Security Advantages

WordPress plugins offer a wide range of security features, amazing plugins that were developed as a result of sophisticated technology! It can provide maximum security for your websites and also secure your details and that of your customers.

Search Engine Optimization(s) Benefits

Due to the extensive variety of comprehensive and effective plugins on the web, it can be sometimes confusing when selecting the right WordPress plugin for your e-commerce website.
The widest number of SEO plugins can be found on the WordPress platform. SEO is vital among other important marketing tools available.

Social Media Share Buttons

These WordPress plugins enable website users to share posts and articles directly to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others. The most amazing thing about WordPress plugins is that they’re easy to install.
The idea behind social media marketing is sharing of posts and content. Social media sharing is very crucial for the growth of e-commerce stores, and WordPress offers a lot of plugins to make it a reality.

Creation of Booking Forms and Email

WordPress plugins offer a smooth experience to website users; it gives you the ease of creating booking forms and email. WordPress plugins can be very helpful, most especially to individuals who lack basic technical knowledge. It will also be helpful to small scale businesses with low funds to feature the necessary technological tools.

Live Chat with Customers

WordPress offers amazing plugins that enable e-commerce store owners to chat directly with customers. This can be very helpful to answer queries and discuss issues with them.
Choosing the right WordPress plugins is very important for the growth of any business. So many businesses encounter very huge losses due to the wrong choices made while choosing a WordPress e-commerce plugin.

What to Look for in a WordPress E-commerce Plugin for Your Site

There are many e-commerce plugins offered by WordPress. But not all of them have the right set of features required for the growth of an e-commerce store.
For instance, there are plugins made specifically for the selling of digital products like music, photos, e-books, etc. In order to choose the right plugins, below are lists of features to take into consideration:

Design and Customization

It’s a known fact that the design of an e-commerce store gives the customers the first impression. Therefore, this should be taken serious when selecting a WordPress plug-in.

Apps and Integration

Do proper checks on the integrations available for third party apps like: CRM software, email marketing services, accounting, etc.
These tools are crucial for the growth of any e-commerce store.

Payment Solutions

It should be ensured that the selected plug-in has full support for preferred payment gateways as a default setting.

Support Options

These shouldn’t be taken for granted. Good support will save money in the long run.

Top WordPress E-commerce Plugins

  • Shopify lite
  • Bigcommerce
  • PayPal
  • Ecwid
  • WP commerce
  • Cart66
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Jigloshop


Bigcommerce has functions that work for almost any kind of online business. Catalog management and payment processing can be done.

Bigcommerce Plugin Advantages

  • It has all bigcommerce features
  • It can be highly customized
  • It integrates real life shipping rates
  • It has better multi-channel selling

Bigcommerce Plug-in Disadvantages

  • It’s still new on WordPress
  • It doesn’t feature 1-click up sells
  • Subscribing to Bigcommerce plan is compulsory


This plugin has been in existence since 2011. Statistics has shown that it powers 20 percent of e-commerce stores.
There are many tools compatible with Woocommerce but the glitch is that it doesn’t look good on mobile; that should be taken into consideration while selecting Woo. Woo is free but there are paid subscriptions to activate extra features.

Woocommerce Advantages

  • It features many advanced design options
  • Social selling is in-built

Woocommerce Disadvantages

  • It has zero support
  • Many of its functions require paid extensions


Ecwid allows its users to add shopping cart to any website. It’s extremely easy to set up a store with EcWid. It also has an on boarding checklist to help new users know all they need to know. EcWid has special features installed to enable its users to sell on social media, Amazon, eBay. In-store POS is also available.
It allows users to sell digital products, but not exceeding 10GB. The abandoned cart category is also available. It features a very powerful tool with over 40 languages.

EcWid Plugin Pros

  • It offers free plans for simple stores
  • It has in-built real-time shopping rates
  • Multi-channel selling is also available

EcWid Plugin cons

  • It has a limited number of extensions
  • Phone call support is not available for paid plans

Cart66 Ecommerce WordPress Plug-in

Cart66 offers a lot of features. It supports the sales of physical products; accepts donations, digital files like: mp3, eBook, software. It also has inventory management.
Cart66 plugin is free but it offers more features for the paid version.

Cart66 Advantages

  • They have great customer support
  • They have many features built in for free

Cart66 Disadvantages

  • It has no extension store for features not built in

WP Commerce

This plug-in has marketing automation in-built. It also has features for cross selling products.
It has an in-built feature which allows users to set discounts on certain quantities. It also offers time-based coupons.

WP Commerce Advantages

  • It offers real-time shipping rates from major providers
  • It has no transaction fee and multiples processors

WP Commerce Disadvantages

  • There’s a serious issue with their support
  • It has limited extension stores
  • It’s rarely updated


Jigloshop focuses on setting up a quick store. It supports digital products, including physical products.

Jigloshop Advantages

  • It has good customer support
  • It’s good for simple stores

Jigloshop Disadvantages

  • Their free features are limited


Shopify Lite offers special features that allow the user to sell on Facebook. It also allows its users to manage inventory and marketing channels on the same dashboard.

Shopify Lite Advantages

  • It offers marketing discount codes
  • It’s very cost-effective for small and medium-scale businesses

Shopify Disadvantages

  • It requires coding knowledge
  • It requires payment processing fees


PayPal is a payment gateway. Customers can make purchases and pay with their PayPal accounts or credit card.

PayPal Plug-in Advantages

  • It’s a good choice for simple e-commerce stores
  • It doesn’t require a large hosting space

PayPal Plug-in Disadvantages

  • It doesn’t have many features
  • It’s not an e-commerce platform



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