Top 4 CPM Advertising Programs to Monetize Your Site

By | August 6, 2020



top CPM advertising programs to monetize your site


Attracting high-quality traffic to your blog or site is always the first step. You will need to monetize that traffic in order to earn steady income from all your efforts.

While different options abound, it is important that you choose affiliate programs that offer the best opportunities. And to guide you in making that choice, we will be looking at some CPM programs.

If you’re wondering why I chose to focus on CPM ads programs, I’ll let you in very soon. But first let me take you through a brief intro on CPM ads programs.

About CPM

CPM (Cost per Mille), also referred to as Cost per Impression, implies an instance of ad displayed on a site.
In simple English, CPM is an amount of money you earn every time an ad is exposed to your visitors. For example, a CPM of $5 means that you will earn $5 every time 1,000 visitors view the ads

The average CPM you can earn from most CPM programs range from $1 to $10. And site owners who have high website traffic are likely to make more money from CPM ads.

The advantage of CPM ads is the fact that you do not need your visitors to click the ads before you earn.
To maximize earnings from CPM, it is best that you place the ads on very visible positions. A typical example would be to place the ads at the header section of your site.

To get the best out of your CPM ads campaigns, you need to choose the programs with the highest earning opportunities.

Top CPM Ads Programs That Are Best For You

You can take your pick from any of the top performing CPM ads networks mentioned here.

1 – HillTopAds

This is the ideal CPM/CPC (Cost per Click) network for bloggers, marketers and site owners who have high traffic.
A great advantage of joining this network is the ability for you to earn from almost all the traffic on your site. And that’s because of the anti-ad blocker technology used by this network to make your ads visible to all visitors.

In order for you to request payout on this CPM ad network, you must have earned a minimum of $50. And another benefit of HillTopAds is that the network doesn’t impose a transaction fee on its affiliates unlike many other networks that require some form of payment for transaction fees.

If you’re using this ads network, you will be able to access a wide range of payment options which include Payoneer and Bitcoin.
It’s pretty easy to get started on this network and you are allowed to submit more than one website. Once signed up on this network, there are lots of ad types that you can take your pick from.

2 – PropellerAds

This is another good CPM ads network for monetizing your website traffic.
One of the unique things about this network is that they offer ads for all screen sizes. You can find ads that fit nicely on web browsers as well as mobile and tablet screens, giving site owners so many options to play around with.
Another cool benefit is that site owners from any part of the world can join and earn money from this network. Since they offer a wide range of payment options, you are sure of withdrawing your earnings.

Signing up is straightforward and you will have your account created almost immediately. And once you are done with this, you just have to add your domain name and then verify that you own it.
The PropellerAds payment schedule is net30, which means you will receive your earnings 30 days after you qualify for payment. You must have earned up to $100 before you are eligible to request payment of your earnings.

From your dashboard, you can access real-time reports to enable you to track the performance of your campaigns. For payments, the network receives 20% of your earnings while you retain the remaining 80%.
As a member of this network, you will be able to access all the popular ad types and sizes, helping you choose the ad types that will give you the best results in your campaigns. For payments, you can choose between Payoneer and Wire Transfer to receive your earnings.

3 – Exponential CPM Ads

This is almost an acclaimed CPM ads network known for serving one of the highest quality ads. If you’re talking about an ads network with great earning potentials, this is one of them.
It is just unfortunate that new bloggers will find it almost impossible to join this network because the minimum traffic requirement is 500,000 unique visitors per month. But for those who have well established sites, this shouldn’t be so much of a problem.

This network runs a revenue-share system where its publishers receive 55% of the ads revenue while the network retains the remaining 45% of the ads revenue.
Exponential ad network payment is net45, while the total revenue of $50 qualifies you for payout.

4 – Conversant Media

Incidentally, this CPM ad network is owned by same people that own Commission Junction. And if you’ve been around affiliate marketing for a while, you should know about Commission Junction.
Conversant Media is a reliable brand that lets you monetize traffic on your site, mobile sites and mobile apps. You can trust this network to deliver the best in terms of ads services.

To join this network, you’ll need a site that records a minimum of 3,000 monthly impressions which is a far cry from Exponential network that requires their publishers to receive up to 500,000 monthly visitors.

So you can see this ad network is an ideal choice for bloggers who are just starting out in the affiliate world. There are different ad types and sizes for you to select for your CPM campaigns.
Once your earnings hit the $25 mark, you are eligible for payout via paper check or PayPal.


There are different options for you to choose from when you want to monetize traffic. One of my favorites is through CPM ad networks because they enable you to earn whether the ads are clicked or not.
I have covered 4 top CPM ad networks that will surely give you great rewards for your website traffic.
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