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By | May 30, 2020


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The Thrive Theme Builder is a professionally designed WordPress builder that allows you to design your WordPress site to your style. With its drag and drop tools, you can easily and quickly design your website to suit your interest and needs.

If you have patronized WordPress, you will have observed that many of the themes that you have tried were okay as demos but when it is time to activate them, what you get is not exactly the same as what you saw in the demo.


Easy to Set Up

It is not so easy to customize themes and get the exact background and effect that you wish. Besides, many bloggers, even after several trials are still not able to understand how to go about designing and setting up themes for their websites.

Even for WordPress developers, a lot of time is spent on trying to manipulate the existing themes to get the best possible designs. This is why the Thrive Theme Builder came around. This Theme Builder is designed to assist the average user.

It helps you set up your themes in an easy and fun way. It comes with a visual front end editor that you can use to customize any aspect of your website. You do not need the knowledge of coding to be able to use it.

Ease of Use

The Thrive Theme Builder is not a WordPress plugin but a tool that helps you get the best out of your themes. It helps you with exploiting every aspect of your website. You can use it to create and customize your page layout and category pages, your headers and footers, sidebar, 404s, and other sections.

Just as Thrive Architect can help you make changes to a specific page on your website, the Thrive Theme Builder is suitable when you wish to carry out changes or updates on many pages of the website.
For example, changing your fonts and observing the effect on all of the pages on your website. Also, if you change your font color, it changes on all the pages you wish to see it changed on. It also allows you to control your WordPress theme pixel-by-pixel, as you design it.

It operates using the ThriveArchitect page building plugin to customize the theme-controlled elements. Beginners that have no knowledge at all in web design or coding affair will find it very easy to use as they design themes on their websites.

Small businesses that teach website design or how to design websites for other businesses, design consultants, and content creators find it very easy to apply the Thrive Theme Builders for designing websites.

What makes the Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect Different?

Many people see Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder as the same, but they are not. Thrive Architect is a plugin, while the Thrive Theme Builder is a theme. With the Theme Builder, you can do away with so many of the old themes such as OceanWP and Astra.

But you can allow plugins such as Thrive Architect to complement the theme Builder. Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect use the same editor so that there is no need for you to try to learn about using different editors for your designs.

But as you perform design activities, the editor works in different ways for the Architect and Theme Builder. While any changes made on the Architect only affects the current page you are working on, changes on the Theme Builder can affect as many pages as you desire it to, and create fascinating themes without the help of a developer.

Thrive Architect can also help create well-designed content for the satisfaction of users. So, the Theme Builder manages your site’s structure and layout while Thrive Architect manages your pages.
With the Theme Builder, you can build a site from scratch to finish. You can choose a suitable template and use the dynamic content customizer to design your site structure to fit with your niche of interest.

Why Should I Choose the Thrive Theme Builder?

Every webmaster cares to have their site look attractive, professional, and well designed for search engines. Using a Theme Builder, you can design and set attractive themes for your site. This Theme Builder is really suitable for WordPress users, content creators, online marketers, and bloggers alike.

Steps to Use the Theme Builder

To use the Theme Builder, just follow these simple steps:

Download the Thrive Theme Builder from your ThriveTheme Member dashboard. Log into your WordPress account and upload your Theme Builder in the same way that you upload other themes (Appearance> Themes> Add new).
Next, go to the Site Creation Wizard. Follow the steps to customize your site. Then you add your content and publish it. It is that simple to use.

Thrive Theme Builder and ShapeShift Theme

To many people, building a theme from scratch is quite uninteresting and time-consuming. Thrive Theme Builder has a support theme – Shapeshift that adds to the ease of designing your perfect professional theme in a very short time.

Shapeshift gives your site a professional outlook. It is lightweight and can be used for mobile devices. You get to choose from several home page templates in the library. There are many pre-built templates for your posts and page sections from which you can choose what suits you.

You can easily customize sections on your sites such as the author box, 404 pages, and category pages using the WYSIWYG function. More features keep being added to the Thrive Theme Builder.
Let us look at some interesting features of the Thrive Theme Builder.

The Easy Design of Your Core Templates

You need to create a set of core page templates that will help you ease the process of designing your WordPress theme. These templates will be used to control how you set up and control how your site’s pages will be displayed.
The dynamic content helps you effect changes on repeating templates like the title, featured images, or excerpt text on blog reels. Thrive Theme Builder will have the following core page templates:

  • Blog list page
  • Standard post
  • Default page
  • 404 page
  • Blog archive page

These are the core type of templates that you need to set up in the Thrive Theme Builder in order to design your site’s themes. You will have to customize the pages to set up your website. Then you modify your designs using Thrive Theme Builder.

You can use the drag-and-drop editor or the template libraries for fast and easy designs. As you create multiple instant pages, you will need to have section templates of:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Top area
  • Sidebar
  • Bottom area
  • Content area

Click on the page section of where you wish to edit to get access to the dedicated page section template library lightbox. You can use the Thrive editor window or the main options on the left sidebar to achieve this.
It is easy to customize each of your core theme templates this way. Thrive Theme Builder also gives you the advantage of creating interesting designs both for desktop and mobile devices.

How to Set Up Basic Typography on Your Theme

Typography has to do with your font face, size, and placement. You have to make sure that they are interesting enough to get the attention of your audience. If they are not captivating, the audience may not take a second look at your content and will definitely not wait to read through before moving on to another website.

So, no matter how much value your content can add to your audience, they may not benefit from it. Thrive Theme Builder allows you to modify your typography by just clicking on the typographic box in the dashboard and editing it from there. You can easily edit these features from there:

  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • H4
  • H5
  • H6
  • Paragraph text
  • Hyperlink text
  • List text
  • Plaintext
  • Blockquote
  • Preformatted text

The Thrive editor interface will help you set upfront size, type, color, height, line spacing and hover effects. Whenever you update, it will automatically update across your WordPress theme.

There are features in Thrive Theme Builders that are similar to features in Thrive Architect. So, if you use Thrive Architect, you will not find it difficult to adapt to Thrive Theme Builder. As a Thrive member, you have access to all these features at no extra cost.

Building Your WordPress Theme with Zero Coding

This is a feature that allows you to customize your site without any form of coding. Many people really dislike the idea of having to write a set of codes before being able to set up their sites. So, you don’t need to use any codes. Just choose your desired template to use. There are many other features that you will love.

Benefits of Thrive Theme Builder

  • Thrive Theme Builder allows you to be able to create your theme in just 15 minutes. This gives you the chance to do other things for your website or pursue other interests.


  • Building a WordPress theme from scratch is very easy as you can just use the editor’s drag-and-drop tools.


  • The clear and attractive outcome of your themes captivates your user enough to convince them to become your subscribers and customers.


  • You will have themes that make your clients pleased with the user experience that they get.
    As said earlier, Thrive continues to add features that can accommodate trends and the needs of all online entrepreneurs.

How to Get Thrive Theme Builder

To get this interesting Theme Builder, you have to be a member of ThriveThemes. Although in the no distant future, it is expected to become a stand-alone product.

As a ThriveThemes member, you can access the Thrive Theme Builder in your themes section of your Thrive Product Manager.


Thrive Theme Builder is an important tool that helps you customize your WordPress themes very easily. Whether as an online entrepreneur or WordPress designer, you can use the tools offered with this package to build websites from scratch and have beautifully designed themes that will give your audience the perfect user experience.
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  1. Sheddy Ovb

    Hello over there, nice piece on thrive theme builder, build your website with ease. This is exactly what I have been searching for, I am actually considering building a WordPress website, I really think nthe thrive theme builder will be very useful. I love it features and specifications. Thanks for sharing, it helped me I hope it helps others. 

    1. admin

      Hi Sheddy, Thanks for stopping by!

      You are most welcome!

  2. John

    Great to find your review as I have been looking to switch to Thrive Themes but wanted to understand more about it first and whether it would slow down my website.
    Your review is really helpful in explaining exactly what Thrive Theme Builder does and also the role of Thrive Architect.
    I really love that these both allow you to setup a professional looking website with zero coding.  It all seems so user friendly with drag and drop.

    What has impressed me most is how many beautiful looking websites I see that use Thrive Themes.  The only concern I have is the website speed issues that I keep hearing about, so I would want to research that issue a bit more before taking the plunge and having the ongoing costs of being a Thrive Themes member


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