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If you’ve heard of LMS, Thinkific is just like one of them. To be specific, it is a cloud-based platform that operates as a Learning Management System.
What do we mean by this? We do mean that Thinkific enables you to build, market, distribute, and manage your courses online. It hosts all your web pages and the corresponding course content. It also offers you tools for connecting with learners, selling your courses, and controlling the distribution process.

In other words, we would be right to say that Thinkific is much like an e-commerce platform for hosting and managing online stores. What only makes the difference is that the only type of “store” you can establish is an e-learning school, whose “products” are entirely online courses.

Having said this, Thinkific was created for online educators who need a simple system for creating and marketing online courses. Among the available LMS plugins out there, some of which even come free of charge, Thinkific seems to be one of the simplest you can employ.

You do not necessarily need coding experience; Thinkific saves you from all that by making it easy for anyone to set up and manage online learning programs. To use Thinkific, you do not need advanced tech skills or any experience at all.

Thinkific Main Features

Drag and Drop Course Editor

All things being taken into consideration, the most excellent feature on Thinkific is the drag and drop course editor. This is the single feature that sets Thinkific apart from its adversaries.
The nicest thing about it is that you do not need coding experience. The whole course building process is graphical, and at the centre of it, is a simple drag and drop editor.

When it comes to the course content, Thinkific is creative. Apart from the normal text and videos, you could introduce other files such as audio files, PDFs, quizzes, type forms, surveys, Google Docs, and more.

Your students are still provided with all the resources they need as they advance through the courses. Thankfully enough, all the files you upload are hosted by Thinkific. This means that you don’t have to go over the stress of compressing files to save memory space.

Site Builder

As said already, Thinkific is pretty flexible in web hosting.
For instance, advanced tutors can set up their domains and websites on third-party hosting platforms and decide to leverage Thinkific for its online learning management functionalities. The only thing is that it would need to integrate your existing site with Thinkific and voila.
However, if you are a novice, it would be advisable that you consider building your site from scratch using Thinkific’s editing tools.

Course Payment Options

Considering the fact that most tutors get into the online learning business for money, you would be extremely enthusiastic on the course payment options on Thinkific.
You could even decide to deliver your courses for free. This is a helpful strategy when you are trying to build momentum for a massive launch.

You may later introduce a one-time payment system or a subscription-based model on the real deal. This will be essential single fees to access the course content, while the latter option includes recurrent payments over a period of time.

But, do not misconceive this for “Monthly Payments”, which is another course payment option on Thinkific. This is barely different because the course fees are split over several months and subsequently paid in installments.
And for transaction processes, Thinkific has several payment gateway integrations. Most people would want to consider using PayPal or Stripe because of their extensive coverage. They appear to support all the major credit and debit cards you can think of.

Otherwise, you could also consider Quaderno for its smart EU VAT management capabilities, or Stunning if you are thinking to avoid failed payments with Stripe.

Marketing and Selling Your Thinkific Courses

Thinkific clearly sets itself apart from academic and corporate learning platforms by including helpful tools for marketing and selling courses. So, you won’t be shocked to bump into a collection of features for promoting and selling courses to your target audience.

As a matter of fact, the whole platform is like marketing and selling the mechanism for online courses. You would notice that the tools are spread out in various areas for quick access and increased convenience. But in case you have issues with that technique, you can always find the bulk of the functions in the “Market and Sell” section of the dashboard.

Connecting With Learner

On Thinkific, interactions between educators and students go beyond the basic course content. The platform makes it quite easy for you as a tutor to engage your students and give them a chance to provide important responses.
Course reviews are extremely helpful when you’re trying to smoothen your game as an online tutor. Activating this feature grants your students the privilege of commenting based on their learning experience.

If you are nervous about negative reviews, the best thing about this feature is that it gives you the right to approve each review. Thinkific won’t publicize them automatically. With this, you have the authority to publish the positive ones as course testimonials and withhold the negative ones.

Aside from the course review, you can enable general discussions on each course. With this, students can make contributions or seek clarifications while you react to them on your side.

Thinkific Pros and Cons



  • Thinkific is one of the few LMS platforms that offer a perpetually free package. One that is adequately suitable for experimenting the features available in the premium plans.
  • Thinkific does not charge transaction fees on the payments made by students to access course content.
  • Without any coding skill, you can easily customize your website and course pages based on your desired style.
  • However, if you have great coding experience, Thinkific permits you to dive deep into the underlying theme HTML and CSS for complex tweaks.
  • You can influence Thinkific as an online course host and link it to your own custom domain.



  • You won’t get a course marketplace for promoting and selling your courses to an available audience. You are to build your audience. In fact, marketing your online courses is entirely up to you.
  • Although Thinkific has various third-party email integrations, it does not possess its own default email marketing tool.
  • Thinkific does not have quick support options like live chat. They mostly utilize email support.
  • To beginners, Thinkific can be costly.


While you are aiming to leverage Thinkific for the purpose of managing, marketing, building, and promoting your courses online, you should consider building a personal website alongside as this will help you achieve your online marketing goal in no distant time. To find out how you can set up a profit ready website of your own, check in through this route and learn more.

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  1. Douglas

    As I have always been in the search of a good place to make some extra money online I came across your site.  I am not sure about the Thinkific as it sounds like it could work really well but also looks like it can cost a lot of money for a new learner online.  I clicked on that link at the bottom of your article and was wondering if you know of anyone who has used that Wealthy Affiliate that was linked from your site?  I have heard about both of these and wondering since you said that the Thikific was or can be expensive is it the same for Wealthy Affiliate.  I just want to find a great way to make some extra money and I have found two ways on your site just wondering which you would recommend helping me make some money.  Thank you so much for all the great info.


    1. admin Post author

      Thank you Douglas for stopping by!

      I am so grateful!

      My first recommendation is this platform , because you can start for free and you have a great community to support you.

      You are most welcome!

  2. asmadi

    Wow! Interesting review! I am always happy when it comes to your website to read. Because your website always presents quality and useful content for me.

    Speaking of thinking, I was once a teacher who provided online courses like this one too. However, during the trip, I failed and just wasted time. Thinkific is a good platform for online courses, however, it has limitations like other platforms I’ve worked on. The most challenging thing about being an online teacher is promoting the “type of course” you have. Especially if the platform has no way to promote your product. So you have to build your own audience (exactly as written above).

    Just imagine, if you have a business selling your own courses, why don’t you create a business and promote it yourself? Why do you have to depend on third parties and in the end you also promote it yourself?

    So it’s true that you have a WEBSITE! Maybe after this, you can join the program offered by the author. Because there is absolutely FREE to create your own website. Believe me!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Asmadi, thanks for visiting!

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      I am glad you found something useful!

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  3. PurpleLioness

    Hiya Gain from Home

    Thanks for the great Thinkific review, I’d never heard of them before and I like the sound of what they’re doing but I’m not sure if it’s too expensive or complicated for me. I have bookmarked the article so I can go back and try to understand it further. It sounds like it might be a useful tool for a website you already own, to be able to provide training videos if your website teaches something. 

    Does it use WordPress? Is it really simple enough for a ridiculous noob like myself to operate? The drag and drop feature sounds fairly straightforward, does it produce professional enough lessons for sale? 

    Thank you for providing an insight into something new and useful for me to get my teeth into, krs PurpleLioness 

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Purplelioness, thanks for stopping by!

      I am glad you found some good tips.

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