The SEO Significance of Utilizing WordPress to Make Your Online Publications

By | January 31, 2020



Starting up a well organized website is not 100% efficient to popularize your product or brand. For online presence to be enhanced there is a need to undertake a Search Engine Optimization procedure.

If you want your website to gain more popularity on Google and other major Search Engines, you need to accord priority to Search Engine Optimization. If you are fortunate to make use of WordPress for your Content Management System, there are some inner characteristics that will make utilizing your content for search very simple.
We will look at the distinguishing factors that make WordPress stand out as a reliable platform for Search Engine Optimization.
They include:

1. Permalink Structure

Permalinks can be described as Uniform Resource Locators that are constantly in use for your web platforms, several posts, tags, archives, and categories. It serves as the web link that can be used as a connecting factor to your personal blog posts and web platforms. Originally, permalinks have this type of resemblance –

The way this is shaped will give search engine crawlers tough time to understudy your posts and web pages. What it really entails is that you will endeavor to ensure easy accessibility for various search engine tools and visitors alike.
The good thing about WordPress is that it permits you to make your Uniform Resource Locator permalinks unique for each of your web pages and posts showing a visible explanation of what makes up your page including those important keywords. This will make your Uniform Resource Locator structure easy to use.

To replace your original permalink URLs, move to the settings and permalink. It can be replaced either by the use of |post-name| or |category| post name. It can similarly be structured by the use of date and name but it is more advisable to opt for “Post Name” to enhance the permalink structure for search tools. The personalized permalink Uniform Resource Locator structure has this resemblance;
Note: immediately you put up a custom permalink structure, ensure that all the necessary changes are reckoned with.

2. Birthing Search Engine Optimization Friendly Titles

The “title tags” or the heading of an online written article is an area one cannot neglect when aiming at appreciable rankings on SERPs. The title tags will not just inform the search engines what your webpage represents but it will further create a first-hand impression on those that will view the heading of your posts in search results.

Owing to the fact that search engines will highlight more on the original words of the titles, ensure that you put your keywords at the beginning of your title tags – Doing this will enable you to acquire good ranks. Surely, WordPress enables you to boost your title tags for search engine optimization making use of the All-in-one SEO pack plugin.
When you are done installing this plugin, it is necessary to go to your WordPress admin panel, then to settings, and then to All in one SEO pack and input the following letters:

  • Post Title:%post_title%
  • Post Title:%page_title%

It will enable you to come up with special, important, and search engine friendly title tags for your website. This will also boost your CTR and page views.

3.Making Very Special Meta Descriptions for Search Engine Optimization

A Meta description can be defined as small content that can be seen beneath a page link in a Google search result. It further shows what your web page or blog post is all about in a summarized way to search engine bots and web audiences. This will aid in securing good rankings on Search Engine Result Pages.
What it entails is that creating very special and search engine easy-to-use Meta descriptions for your web platforms and blog posts can boost your online presence across search engines and will definitely aid you in getting a higher click-through rate.

The original WordPress settings enable you to boost your Meta descriptions for Google and other related search engines.
A more viable option is the Yoast Search Engine Optimization pack to instantly make the SEO easy-to-use Meta descriptions for your WordPress website.

4. Generating a Makeup Language Sitemap in WordPress

WordPress is a less stressful approach to create and submit an Extensible Makeup Language site to search engine webmaster tools. An Extensible Makeup Language sitemap grants you the access to give Google and other search engine bots feedback concerning your web platforms and posts that are on your website.
It grants easy access to search engine crawlers to read and index your website. Another good thing about WordPress is that it grants several plugins that can aid you in creating an Extensible Makeup Language sitemap for all pages, tags, custom type posts and pages.

The Yoast Search Engine Optimization or Google Extensible Makeup Language sitemap can also be utilized to let search engine a more credible index to your WordPress site.
An instance is were a Yoast Search Engine Optimization plugin is utilized to generate an Extensible Makeup.

Language sitemap for your WordPress website. When you must have installed and activated the plugin, it is necessary to enable the Extensible Makeup Language sitemaps. The procedure for this is to move the SEO and Extensible Makeup Language sitemaps then click on the nearest checkbox icon to make it function.
Endeavor to configure it then save the setting. After this is done, the sitemap for your WordPress will be generated.

5. Utilization of Tags and Categories

The vital aim that the tags and Categories tend to achieve is to aid faster navigation of your websites or blogs and this will enable you to acquire a more credible search ranking (only when you utilize it well). Summarily, we can say that categories serve as the table of content for your websites/blogs while tags connote an index which aids a search engine in explaining what your blog stands for easily.

Tags and Categories will aid you in creating a more credible structure and enable Google to recognize it in the course of indexing the posts included in your WordPress. You have to ensure that you process all the sub categories and also map out a well organized post in order to conveniently allow search engine crawlers to go through your content.

In other to include categories, it is necessary to the posts, categories, tickets, and labels. Make sure you utilize the most viable trick to boost the categories and tags in WordPress for Search Engine Optimization.


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