The Good and Bad Sides of Buying Links for SEO

By | May 27, 2020


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Backlinks are links that are used to connect a page from one website to a page on another website. Your website can be connected to another website, making the backlink from you but if it is a website that links to yours, then the backlink is from them.

When you get backlinks to your site, it passes a message to search engines that your site is a recognized site and can be trusted and so it can be added to the top search engine result pages (SERPs). It is not only the number of backlinks you get that is important but the value of the backlinks to your site too.

What Backlinks Do for Your Site

There are three things that backlinks do for your website:

  • It helps your site rank: When your site has backlinks, it makes search engines to be confident about it. The more backlinks you have the more the level of confidence conferred on your website and the more chances of your site getting ranked higher on search engines. This increases the opportunity to get much traffic to your website.


  • Checking your site for new content: Getting the right backlinks can make your pages popular. This will make search engines visit it more than unpopular pages to know if it can find new content on it. Search engines discover content faster from pages with backlinks from other popular pages.


  • Backlinks also help your site with referral traffic: Backlinks can be used to show users where to get resources that are useful to them. When someone clicks on your link, it is a referral to your website.

Is It ok to Buy Backlinks?

Backlinks are important to all websites because it helps them rank well on search engines. But building quality backlinks isn’t an easy thing. However, there are SEO agencies that can help you build backlinks.

Buying backlinks is not a natural way of getting backlinks and it is not a method supported by search engines to get backlinks. So, it is important to know if buying backlinks is a worthy financial investment.

What Do You gain from Buying Backlinks?

  • It saves you time: When you buy backlinks, a lot of your time is saved. You can channel that time into getting more content for your website or working on other means of generating income. SEO companies use technology, so in a short time, they can build a lot of backlinks for your website. This can help your rankings improve on search engines.


  • You can write guest posts on sites with high authority: When you buy backlinks from an SEO agency, you can use the connection that you have established with them to secure the chance of writing guest posts on links with high authority. These guest posts also help to improve your ranking on SEOs.


  • Low cost of getting backlinks: Backlinks are not so expensive to buy. This encourages webmasters and bloggers to buy links instead of trying to build them. Buying backlinks help your site to rank higher because they contain relevant keywords that can help your site to be seen by the right audience and drive traffic to your site.

Buying Backlinks Also Has its Disadvantages

However, buying backlinks may seem like it has its unattractive side. As the popular saying goes – everything with an advantage has its disadvantage, buying links carries so much risk. Search engines make an effort to trace suspicious link building behavior and bring them down.

So, it is possible for you to lose the link that you have bought. If they are, however, not brought down, search engines such as Google may decide not to count the links as contributing to your page ranking.

This is usually the case when there is a sudden surge in the number of backlinks to your site. The search engine can decide that the links are not natural. When you lose your ranks as a result of the backlinks that you have purchased, you can get deindexed and removed from search engines.

Also, when you buy backlinks, it is difficult to know the type of backlinks that you will be getting from the backlinks agency. You may not be getting what you expected from them especially if it was very cheap to get.

When you buy backlinks, you do not have total control over them. The company you bought them from can decide to take them down at any time, especially when the links begin to run into problems with search engines. Some backlink companies also require monthly payments from you and whenever you stop paying, they take the link down.

The company selling the links may be doing it legitimately but Google algorithm may decide to deindex their site during their algorithm update which will make you lose the backlinks that you have bought.

How Do You Know a Good Backlink?

Not all backlinks can be said to be of good quality and not all of them can be useful to you. By what criteria can you tell which backlink will be of good use to you?

1. Relevance: Google shows preference for backlinks that have some relevance to your site because it is expected that people will click on them to lead to some content that they require. This means that it does not make much sense to have backlinks that will not add value to your audience.

2. Authority: Backlinks can be used to confer authority to smaller or weaker links. If you are getting backlinks, you should get them from sites with high levels of authority so your site will be able to benefit from their authority.
Studies have shown that there is a relationship between authority and the amount of traffic that patronize a site. When you get a backlink from a site with much authority but does not have too many outbound links, then your site is much likely to benefit from its high authority.

3. Traffic: When you get backlinks from sites with high traffic, you are more likely to get referral traffic from them than when your backlink is from a site that does not get much traffic.

Types of Backlinks

Dofollow and Nofollow links

Dofollow link was introduced by Google in 2005. This type of backlink helps to reduce search engine spam indexing for higher search results efficiency. All backlinks are do-follow links by default unless they are modified to become Nofollow links or if the setting of their website is automatically changed.

Nofollow links, on the other hand, do not influence page ranking so, considering the time and effort that is put into link building, much priority is accorded to Dofollow links over Nofollow links.

Build White Hat Links with Pinterest

  • While Pinterest is, inarguably, the most powerful social media platform for creating visual content, you can generate lots of referral traffic and high-quality links.
    Here are some things to note while exploring Pinterest:
    Your blog post should always have new and relevant content on it. As you get more shares from your pins on Pinterest and direct traffic to your blog, you should have posts of high and relevant interest that the audience will be able to relate with and enjoy. This will keep them often returning to your posts for more information. If you need to pay writers to help you out, then you should.


  • Know the types of pins that tend to go viral fast and get the highest shares. You should work more towards creating such similar content, especially content with graphics that can evoke the emotion of the users to share the pins. Look out for pins that have not performed well and stop reposting them.


  • Identifying with group boards in your niche. You can make a request to join them and repin content to the audience. Contribute to what the boards are doing. You can learn from the types of pins and repins of the boards.


  • Use automation to know how your users are responding to your pins. Have a projection for the minimum number of followers that you should have to get good repin counts.


Backlinks are a great way of improving your site’s profile on SEOs. When you have a backlink from a site of high authority, it is expected that some of the authority is transferred to you and that your site has something of importance or something similar to the other site to be linked to it.

Because of the tedious task of creating links, some people prefer to purchase links from reputable SEO companies. The good and bad sides of purchasing backlinks will help you decide if that is the right step that you should take.
Though the good and bad of buying backlinks have been said right in this post, some experienced veteran bloggers are using such an SEO practice to improve their DA, ranking, and traffic. Don’t try using the service if you’re not sure of where to buy links.

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  1. LeinaYMB

    I don’t think I ever heard of backlinks before this… And now I feel like a probably should have. I mean it’s a simple enough concept. Well technically I new of the concept I just had no idea that’s what it was called and that was my extent of knowledge lol. Thanks for this article, I’ve learned so much and I really think it is going to help me to be more successful going forward!

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    Thank you so much for sharing the pros and the cons on buying links for SEO. As I am sure it is all of the affiliate marketers dream to bring as many traffic as we can to our site so we can eventually convert them. However, I just want to know if it is worth paying the money yet at this state for my site or not, it is fairly new. 

    It made a lot of sense that it can save me a lot of time, well time is money am I right? After all, content is king in my opinion. I think that I need to create more content first and get my Pinterest game going first then I can start buying links. 

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    Thanks for the clarification as to whether or not we should be buying back links. I have never bought them myself, so it’s good to know that I’m not missing anything.

    So I will take your advice and just let backlinks occur naturally on my site.

    Do you know if a website or page can still rank if it doesn’t get a lot of backlinks?

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      Hi Michael! Thanks for visiting!

      Yes a website or page can still rank , but results are different with backlinks.

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