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By | April 26, 2020



The best screen recorder



In this post, I’ll highlight the best screen recording tools/software that we currently have on the market today; those with free and paid versions, and others without free versions at all!

I just finished the cleanup of my home office. I arranged the files on my table and threw away notes that were not useful.

As I carried out the cleaning exercise, I thought about how similar this was to today’s post. Over time, some apps that we work with become out of date. And we have to sort out alternatives to get our jobs done.
If you are in the video creation business, you can relate that to this reality. The developers of video editing tools may decide to stop support for their app due to a considerable number of reasons.

So what do you do when you find yourself in such a situation? You look for tools that will help you get the job done. After all, you don’t want to tell your client that the reason her job was delayed was that your video editor wasn’t working fine.

Today’s post offers you insights into 5 of my favorite screen recorders. They all fit into particular needs, budgets, functions, and features.

What to Look Out For in a Screen Recorder

As a video content creator, YouTube publisher, or online instructor that has the need for a new screen recorder, you may already have a checklist for what to buy.
For those who may not already have one, here are some important things to consider before shopping for that new screen recorder.

I. Free or Paid – The price is one of the first things to consider before buying. After all, you may have saved up some money for the purchase.
The screen recorder has to match your budget. There are also free versions (always come with limits) available for users.

Plan with a budget, and ensure that you do not exceed your budget with this purchase unless it is absolutely necessary that you make the purchase, even if it costs you more than the budget for it.

II. Supported Platforms – Some screen recorders work across major platforms, while some are limited to one or two platforms.
Supported platforms include OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Others are web-based, browser-based, or cloud-based.

III. Ease of Use – You don’t want to invest your money into a screen recorder, only to find out that it’s too complex to use. So make sure you carry out due diligence to know the required user level.
Is it easy enough for beginners to use? Do I need to have special technical skills to make use of the app? These are some of the questions to resolve before making that purchase.

IV. Functions and Features – Most advanced users focus their attention on what the screen recorder can do.
What sources can be used for input and output? How much customization can be done with the screen recorder?
These are the type of questions that have to be answered about the functions and features of the app. Some screen recorders have fewer features than others. Choose the one that best suits your professional demands.

V. Target Market – By this, I mean the market segment that the tool was designed for. Some screen recorders are best used for video tutorials, while others are ideal for gamers.
Now that we have a good idea of what to include in our checklist, let’s proceed to my 5 favorite screen recorders for 2020.

1. Bandicam

This tool comes in a free version (with limits, and places a watermark on your videos), and a paid version that costs $40. It works on Windows and is ideal for gamers and content creators who are into video streaming.
The screen recording is quick, easy to use, and comes with a lot of professional features. Users can select a recording, use the mic when recording, and add webcam overlay.
You can add a logo to your video, record from different devices, and use Bandicam to keep your recorded videos up to date.

2. ScreenRec

ScreenRec offers a free version that allows users to get a lot of tasks done. It is suitable for businesses that have large demands for videos. The app runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
It has an easy-to-use interface that enables beginners to produce quality looking videos. The videos can be saved on the cloud (this is only open to paid users).

ScreenRec is best used for tutorials, online training, and presentations.
Users can organize their files, share large videos at once, and find out who watched their videos.

3. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open-source screen recorder used for creating professional-looking videos.
It allows for multiple input sources for audio and video and lets you customize video and audio in real-time. The layout is designed for users to access tools with ease while working with everyday tools.

If you are new to screen recorders, this tool may prove difficult to use at first. You will have to practice with it before you can master its use.
For simple demands, I advise that you look for a less complex tool.

4. FlashBack Express

This app runs on Windows, offers a free and paid version, and is great for basic tasks. Users can capture from the webcam, record audio, and video, and add commentary through text and image.
FlashBack also makes YouTube uploads easy using any of MP4, AVI, and WMV file formats.

5. Apowersoft

This is a web-based screen recorder with various features for video editing and screen capture. There is an app version that users can download and install on their computers.

It is easy to use for new and advanced editors. Simply select the type of video you want to produce, and the region you want to record, and start recording.

There are various input sources to use, which includes audio and video capture from your webcam. You can edit videos in real-time, and produce the finished work in no time.


When shopping for a screen recorder to buy or use, make sure your choice fits your budget and preference.
I have listed 5 of the top video recorders with great functions and features. Choose the one that best fits the demands on your checklist, and get started with making that video today.
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