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By | June 7, 2020


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I will be discussing, in this article, the steps you need to start your own podcast show. Starting a podcast is less difficult and less competitive than starting a blog site.
This article will take you through what it will take for you to set up your podcast station.

As I said, the people in the podcast business are not as many as those in the blogging industry. There are still less than 1 million podcast sites and over 600 million blogs. So, the competition is less with podcasting. How do you go about it?

Map Out Your Plan

For any business that you have on your mind, it is always good to begin with a plan. As you plan, you should also be able to take down jottings in order to be guided as you strategize.

Start With a Topic

You begin with a topic. Every time you choose a topic, it should be an area of focus in your niche of interest. You can decide on a topic that you generate many episodes from, even as many as a hundred episodes of podcasts.
For example, you can have a podcast that talks about traveling or people and their cultures. For each podcast, you can pick one group of people and focus on them and the different aspects of their cultures. As you go on with your podcasts, other interesting and associated topics begin to come up.

Have a Co-host

This has an immense benefit to your podcast. You should not try to do everything alone. It is more interesting when you have someone you talk to and share ideas with. You will find out that there are certain things you can learn from your co-host as you steer the podcast together.

Your partner can be your friend, a co-worker, a business partner, or someone you find it easy to relate with. With a co-host, your audience will find your conversations more engaging.
You and your partner can bring up points that you know about the topic and he will be able to help you keep your focus especially at points where you begin to digress. He can also help you with other tasks such as promoting your podcasts.
However, when getting a partner, you need to be very selective. Make sure that he is someone who can understand your goals and visions and be committed to them, and someone who will appreciate working with you, someone with whom you can brainstorm together and add value to your audience.

Name Your Podcast

You may decide to take a look at Apple Podcast charts to get an idea of how podcasts are named. You will find a lot of podcasts listed there, some with names that make no meaning at all, and others with names that even begin to give you an insight about what the podcast will be.

You should choose a name that will reflect your topic but which will also be able to accommodate other topics closely related to your topic. For example, I could simply name my traveling podcast – My travel experience.
It will be easy for me to expand the topic and bring in other experiences related to the travels such that it will not be about the travels alone.

The Format of Your Podcast

i. How long should it be?

There are differing opinions about how long a podcast should be. But ideally, a good podcast should not run for too long. Most people listen to podcasts as they drive or carry out some activities.
Thirty minutes is the ideal average length of time for most activities. Also, many people would hardly give you their attention for more than 30 minutes. Try not to hold their attention even up to the time that they will get tired of listening to you.

Your topic should be a factor to be considered when deciding on the time frame for the podcast. On average, 15 – 20 minutes should be ideal. You can look up the average time frame of different podcasts in your niche. However, make sure that your podcasts never run longer than necessary.

ii. What will be your style?

Will it run as an interview, say, between you and your guest alone? Or will you interview the guest alongside your co-host? Will it be part-interview and part-quiz? You will like your audience to have a great time on your podcast, so you have to map out a plan on how to achieve that.

You need to design how each episode will be presented. For example:
A teaser, followed by a piece of intro music, welcoming your audience, a music track, an ad spot, the main interview, a call to action, and outro music.

When the podcast is in segments, it will be easier to share short clips of it on social media. For each episode, there will be old listeners and new listeners alike. So, you have to plan each episode in a way that everyone will be carried along.

Cover Art

This is the image that will be seen as people come across the podcast. It is also the image that will be seen as you share it on social media. Try to be as creative as possible as you design it. If you have some money to invest, you can choose from professionally made designs.
See 99Designs to get your cover ATR created. You will be sure to get a design that will suit your needs and interests.


You can also decide to pay for a professional voice-over for your intro. Getting someone to introduce you makes you stand out and increase your value as the presenter.
Music intro: You can go to Premium beats and make your choice of an intro podcast music. You can also look for some other royalty-free music to choose from. You can choose one or two music tracks that will become your signature tunes during your intro and outro.

Use a High-Quality Microphone

To get a high audio quality, you need to invest in a high-quality mic for podcasting. One popular type of microphone for podcasting is the Audio – Technical ATR2100x-USB. You can take advantage of the equipment and use its USB microphone and XLR connection which upgrades automatically.

Reach Your Podcast Guests

If your show will be an interview, you need to prepare your guest list and reach out to them one after another and schedule convenient interview dates. You can use the service of Acuity scheduling so people can directly book convenient dates on your calendar.
This makes scheduling more convenient and time-saving. You can schedule your interview with them through Skype.

Record Your Podcast and Editing it

You can use Alitu, a podcasting software that can schedule your episodes for you. You can use it directly from your browser as long as you’re connected to the internet.
It simplifies the whole podcasting activity and builds your episodes. You can make your choice of music, put the segments together, and publish your episodes with it.

You only need to upload your recordings and use its foolproof podcast editor to edit mistakes. And you are good to go. As a beginner or experienced podcaster, you can go for the Alitu 7-day free trial.
It is really time-saving and worth using. GarageBand and Audacity are other software that you can go for if you want an alternative to Alitu.

Make Your Template

Before you begin to record, you should make a template that you can use every time you are recording a new podcast. You can place your intro and outro music at designated positions, indicate the space for ad spots, and add any other tracks that you use during the podcast.
The benefit of this is that any effects that you have added to the tracks will be maintained. This includes compressions and EQ.


You can record using the “record” button on your Alitu software. You can also decide to work with multiple hosts and even carry out remote interviews using Skype. For better audio quality, for recording separate files, or for more than two people, you may like to use Squadcast.


After your recording, you will need to edit. There are parts of your podcast that you do not need to record for each episode. After you set it up, you can save them as a template. To set this up, start by:

  • Selecting your intro track
  • Selecting an empty space in the Plugins box
  • Going to Dynamics and compressing
  • Adding EQ.

Choose Your Host

Look up a podcast hosting guide to select your podcast host. Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting is one of the best that you will find in the industry and it is highly recommended. After you have made a choice of your web host and signed up with them by supplying the relevant information, you can go on to upload your first episode.

If you are using Buzzsprout, you only need to click on the “upload” button. You will fill out the title of the episode, description, episode number, date of publishing, and summary. You can launch several episodes of your podcasts at the same time.

Submit to iTunes

In Buzzsprout, click on Apple Podcasts in the Directories tab and follow the laid-down steps. Each time you add a new episode, Buzzsprout will update your RSS feed.


Buzzsprout social sharing can enable you to make teaser videos and share them. You can strategize on how to promote your podcasts through social media.

Why Wait?

You can start your own podcasting today. You have learned about what it takes and what you need to take off. As I said earlier, the competition is less than in the blogging arena. Besides, podcasting can be so much fun.


While the podcasting industry is far less competitive than the blogging industry, you can still leverage podcasts to drive more traffic to your blog.
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