SlideJoy Review: Get Paid to Display Ads on Your Lock Screen

By | March 4, 2020




SlideJoy review


Having additional income streams that augment your current paycheck is a welcome development, especially for those who have financial dependants on them. The extra pay could help lift the financial burdens on you, enable access to the finer things of life, or come in useful for your retirement savings.

There are lots of opportunities that offer additional income streams both on and off the internet. Getting a second or third job is one of the most common options available to many people. Affiliate marketing, blogging, information product marketing, freelance, etc are some other options to earn extra income on the internet.

The idea of earning extra income can be taken further to include passive income streams. A passive income is a regular income generating source that does not require your active participation. Royalties earned from books or music, income from rented property, investment in bonds or stocks are all examples of passive income sources.

Another passive income source steadily gaining popularity among consumers is lock screen advertising.

Just as the name implies, lock screen advertising is run on your home screen or your phone’s lock screen. Users swipe to the left if they are interested in a particular ad displayed, or up for another ad to be displayed. Swiping to the right automatically unlocks the phone to its normal functioning.

These kinds of ads are common on Android phones and are usually caused by an installed app.

Businesses have taken advantage of this form of advertising to promote their products before consumers, and one of such brands using lock screen advertisement to promote products and also provide passive income earnings for Android users is SlideJoy.

Our review in this post is about SlideJoy and how beneficial or otherwise it is to you. As usual, we will highlight the features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages while you make the decision whether to use their services or not.

What we’ll cover in this post:

  • What is Lock Screen Advertising?
  • What is SlideJoy?
  • What are the Main Features of SlideJoy?
  • The Benefits of SlideJoy
  • How do you Make Money on SlideJoy?
  • Payments on SlideJoy
  • Pros and Cons of SlideJoy
  • Conclusion


What is Lock Screen Advertising?

Lock Screen Advertising is a means of promoting products by displaying them on the home screen or screen lock of mobile devices. Advertisers create apps that run on the background of the mobile device, while constantly changing the ads displayed on a user’s mobile device. Most lock screen ads I have come across are designed to run on Android phones.

The app for lock screen ads may be intentionally installed by the device owner, or may have been installed without the notice of the device owner usually by a free app.

The following apps have added lock screen ads to users’ phones at some point; these are: Peel Remote app, Photo Editor Pro, Xender, Battery Doctor, UC Browser, XBrowser, and Solo Launcher.

If you recently noticed any lock screen ad running on your phone, it may be the most recent app you installed or any of the free apps you may have downloaded from Play store or received from a friend. To have it removed, simply uninstall the app that caused it and the app and lock screen ads will be removed from your device.

There are other lock screen ads that are installed by the device owner solely intended for earning some income. A very good example of such lock screen ads is SlideJoy.

What is SlideJoy?

SlideJoy is a lock screen app that pays you for displaying ads on your screen lock. It offers a passive income earning opportunity for device owners who are interested in using it.

All a user has to do to start earning from SlideJoy is to download the app and install it on the device. The SlideJoy app is only available for users of Android devices. The app currently has more than 1 million downloads on Google play store.

Users of SlideJoy accumulate earnings from their activities on the app in carats with 1,020 carats equivalent to $1. The minimum payment threshold for users is $2 which implies that you must have accumulated 2,040 carats (1,020 carats x 2) with payments received every 30 days.

Other activities that SlideJoy users can earn from are installing apps, taking surveys and playing games.


What are the Main Features of SlideJoy?

The main features to expect from using SlideJoy are:

1. The SlideJoy app requires users to do virtually nothing other than to just download and install the app, and it starts earning carats.

2. There are no contracts needed for you to start earning with SlideJoy. You can uninstall the app to discontinue usage at any time you feel that the app isn’t right for you.

3. You earn income from activities in carats where 1020 carats is equivalent to $1. By implication, the following statements are true:

  • To earn a total of $2 you must have accumulated 2,040 carats (1,020 carats x 2)
  • To earn a total of $5 you must have accumulated 5,100 carats (1,020 carats x 5)
  • To earn a total of $10 you must have accumulated 10,200 carats (1,020 carats x 10)
  • To earn a total of $20 you must have accumulated 20,400 carats (1,020 carats x 20)

4. Activities that are available to SlideJoy from which they can earn carats are downloading and installing the app, taking surveys and playing games.

5. The SlideJoy app is quick and easy to install and start using

6. The app runs on the background of your mobile device

7. The SlideJoy app is currently available for only Android users

8. The minimum payment threshold for users is $2. A user must have earned a total of 2,040 carats before being eligible for payment of earnings.

9. Your earnings on SlideJoy can be redeemed with cash, gift vouchers or mobile/cable TV top-up recharge

10. SlideJoy offers 2 sign-up options for users – The Normal mode where you earn cash for all your activities on the app and the Hero mode where all your earnings from the app are donated.

The Benefits of SlideJoy

The benefits of SlideJoy to its users have been grouped into 5 categories which broadly cover what you should expect from this lock screen app.

1. Easy to Get Started Earning

Access to SlideJoy is free and can be downloaded from Play Store. Downloading takes the same process like any other Android app and installation is straightforward.

As a new user, you are rewarded with 20 carats upon completion of the sign-up process, after which your earning begins

2. A Great Way to Earn Passive Income

Passive income involves earning money from activities that require little or no input from you. SlideJoy fits this description since it does not disturb your normal daily activities or prevent you from carrying out your day job.

Technically, you don’t have to do anything to earn from SlideJoy. The earnings may be very little compared to other passive income streams, but participating in one that pays you for just installing their app is a great passive income earner.

3. No Contract Required

There are no contract agreements required to sign up and start earning on the SlideJoy app. As a member, you are free to uninstall the app anytime you wish to without attracting any form of penalty. Uninstalling the SlideJoy app means you no longer want to continue with the program.

4. Boost Earnings from Additional Activities

Your total monthly earnings from SlideJoy aren’t likely to amount to much. The average total monthly earning for SlideJoy users fall within the range of $2 to $5. There are other activities that can further help boost your earnings. These activities are taking surveys and playing games.

These other activities require a more hands-on approach to using the app.

5. You are dealing with a Legitimate Company

SlideJoy is a legitimate company with a proven track record of paying out earnings to its users. There are current users on the platform who have been with the company for more than 2 years.

It is very common for users to be scammed of their purported earnings from organizations in this niche. People are asked to perform simple tasks for money yet the promoters of these schemes have neither the means nor the will to compensate these people.

SlideJoy has been able to distinguish itself from this bunch. Payment on earnings is regular, and their affiliation with PayPal is proof that the business is legit.

How do you Make Money on SlideJoy?

You can make money on SlideJoy in the following ways:

1. Downloading the App

The primary way of making money on SlideJoy is just to download the app and start using your phone as you normally would. You can get the app on Play Store, install and have the ads displayed on your lock screen until you are able to accumulate enough carats for pay out which amounts to 2,040 carats, or $2.

2. Complete Surveys and Play Games

You can earn more carats by playing various games and taking surveys through the app. You would eventually find that these activities aren’t a good use of your time because the extra earnings are so insignificant. Your time is better spent on more profitable ventures.

3. Referrals

Every SlideJoy user receives a referral code after signing up, which can be shared among their networks. Your referrals help boost your earnings as you earn extra 100 carats for every 500 carats earned by your referrals (within the first 3 months of registration).

Although referring others to SlideJoy will help boost your earnings, you have to continually get new referrals to enjoy this opportunity.

Payments on SlideJoy

The minimum payout threshold on SlideJoy is $2 and it takes 30 days before your accumulated earnings are available to be withdrawn as cash.

Payments are in PayPal cash, gift vouchers and mobile or cable top-up recharge.

Pros and Cons of SlideJoy

Our review of SlideJoy isn’t complete without consideration of the merits and demerits of the lock screen app.

Pros of SlideJoy

  • SlideJoy lets you earn money for practically doing nothing other than displaying ads on your screen lock. SlideJoy pays you for displaying the ads on your mobile device regardless if you swipe your mobile device to the left or right.
  • There are other features of SlideJoy that help you boost your earnings.
  • SlideJoy offers different payout options for users to redeem their carats earned. You can redeem as a cash or gift voucher.
  • Registration on SlideJoy is simple with the option of either using your Facebook account or providing your personal email during sign up.
  • The payment threshold is quite low and can be achieved on a monthly basis.
  • Cons of SlideJoy
  • The earnings on SlideJoy are very little. You can hardly meet any of your basic needs with a monthly earning of $2 to $5. SlideJoy is not for those who want to make good money off their screen lock ads.
  • The SlideJoy app is only available for Android users.
  • The SlideJoy app runs on the background of your Android device while it drains power from your battery.
  • There are no fixed earnings from SlideJoy as carats are earned in proportion to what the company earns from its advertisers.
  • The SlideJoy app requires internet connectivity to keep changing ads on your screen lock. This may significantly increase the data consumption on your device.
  • Users who are new will have to wait for 3 months before redeeming their first earnings.


What is your verdict on SlideJoy, is it a scam or legit? I would not refer to it as scam due to the obvious affiliation SlideJoy has with PayPal, and the fact that users have been receiving payments from SlideJoy.

SlideJoy isn’t a good option for those who are after making quick money from the ads. The average earnings range from $2 to $5 a month, which is barely enough to meet your basic needs. Still it is an income stream that requires little or no effort from you.

If you are comfortable with ads displaying on your lock screen, even after learning about the effect it has on your mobile phone battery and internet connection, you can proceed to download the SlideJoy app and start earning today.

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