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skyscanner review


Our review is on Skyscanner, one of those websites involved in flight bookings. Travel is a fun experience for many people, except the part where you search for travel deals.
You have to make countless checks online looking for the best deal, going from one travel deals site to another.

In fact, an average traveler visits 38 flight booking sites before getting the right deal. Think about all the time, the energy and effort spent on researching travel deals.
Wouldn’t it be better if there was a go-to website for everything about flight booking? Well, I’ve got some good news for frequent travelers who need a dependable flight booking website.

About Skyscanner

Skyscanner is an online flight aggregator that offers numerous travel deals to users.
The company doesn’t sell flight tickets but it aggregates flight deals from every nook and cranny online. In other words, Skyscanner makes the process of flight booking a much better experience for you.

On Skyscanner, you can search for cheaper flights, receive price alerts, and book your flights with ease. Skyscanner is a great travel resource that offers great benefits to everyone.
Here are the benefits that Skyscanner offers:

1 – The Best Travel Deals

Skyscanner gives you the benefit of being able to access the best travel deals from one location. If you have ever searched online for travel deals, you will understand how frustrating it can be.
While there are lots of flight-booking websites online, most of them offer limited benefits. You will hardly come across a website that gives you everything that makes for a great flight deal.

That’s why Skyscanner is a flight booking resource – you can get all the benefits from its website.
You can get up to 40% savings on flights, access flights from anywhere in the world while enjoying great user experience on its website.

2 – Well Organized Interface

If you have ever had the opportunity of going through different booking sites, you will find differences in their designs. Some of the sites are well arranged, while others are just muddled up.
With Skyscanner, you will find the website well organized with different page elements in its rightful place.

The flights are categorized based on the best flights and not just by the flight’s cheapness, so the users don’t get to book cheap flights only to discover that the flight has a 10-hour delay.

3 – Sign Up For Price Alerts

Skyscanner offers pricing alerts for those who sign up for it – meaning that you can receive alerts immediately as good offers come up.
This is a great way of keeping abreast of current travel deals even when you’re not on the Skyscanner website.

4 – Transparent

Skyscanner offers a very transparent service that clearly shows you what you’re expected to pay for each travel deal, not like some flight booking websites that include other costs when you are set to make the booking.
With Skyscanner, you will be paying the exact amount disclosed on its site. The only downside to this is that baggage fees are not included in the price that Skyscanner displays on its site.

5 – A large Number of Travel Deals

The sheer amount of travel deals that Skyscanner exposes to you is quite amazing. You can access flights to almost every part of the world.
If you’re still undecided about whether to opt for Skyscanner, then you need to check out these features:

I – Monthly Overview of Flights

On Skyscanner, you are presented with lots of data to search through for the best travel deals. These features allow you to filter the search options based on cheapness, date, and destination.
This feature is especially suited for flexible travelers who can adjust their travel date and time. Also, prices can be reviewed from month to month depending on which month offers the best travel deals.

II – Map Feature

This is a Skyscanner map feature that enables you to search for flight deals across a world map. The map shows different destinations, including the price details of all flights that are aggregated by Skyscanner.
You can find the prices for any city in the world from your current location.

III – Wide Range of Options to Choose From

Skyscanner has one of the largest collections of travel deals you can find on the internet.
And this collection is available for users to search based on the return date, one-way and multi-city options. Other options that can be searched for are different classes of flights, and direct flights only.

IV – Skyscanner User Ratings

When any search is performed, the results also include third-party booking sites, which are Skyscanner’s partners. Also included with these search results are user ratings of these booking sites.
And through these ratings, you can assess the quality level of the booking sites before deciding which to use.
Even though the search results show the cheapest travel fares, users may opt for the user ratings to decide which booking sites to use.

Skyscanner Pros and Cons


  • Through Skyscanner, you can access lots of cheap travel deals
  • The travel deals website has an easy-to-use interface through which anyone can search for the best travel deals
  • Skyscanner offers price alerts for those who sign up for the service.


  • The prices that are featured on Skyscanner do not include baggage fees, so you have to make extra provisions for that.

In Conclusion
Searching for the best travel deals can take up much of your time because you have to keep searching from one travel website to another, looking for the best deal.

However, Skyscanner helps reduce the time and effort you spend in search of the best travel deals.
That’s because the company aggregates travel deals from all over the world and presents these deals in a neatly-organized manner on its website.

I hope this review has given you all the details you need in order to make the right choice whether to go for Skyscanner or not.
What I can assure you is that the next time you need to travel, you can check out Skyscanner for a very good deal.
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