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Skyscanner affiliate is a travel internet marketing program that was founded in 2003. It is very popular for searches regarding travel bookings, car hire, and hotel reservations. Every month, over 50 million visitors use the search engine for one travel service or another.

It has more than 1700 publishers marketing its brand and can run search queries in more than 30 languages. With Skyscanner, your visitors can be guided to make the right choices of flight travels, car hires, and hotel bookings.

It works with a team that has a lot of experience in traveling and e-commerce. After a customer makes his choice of brand to travel with or make their hotel reservations, Skyscanner directs them to the appropriate website to complete the process of booking.

It, however, does not sell tickets directly or make reservations but gives the customers options to choose from and redirect them to the website of the brand they have chosen.

Skyscanner makes money from its partners when it directs traffic to the appropriate websites. It also accepts traffic from any part of the world and it has different rates for its click-outs.
It pays £0.40 on the average. As an affiliate, you can monetize all stages of a customer’s travel plan even before they utilize their bookings.

Skyscanner can advertise using smart widgets with travel insights, text links, or banners.
As a partner, you are allowed to source traffic from:
Social media travel websites, forums and blogs, advertising networks, deals websites, price comparison websites, and from a host of other sites.

The platform is good for websites that have got high traffic. You can make use of banners or text links to get traffic to the site. Whenever you lead a customer to them, you get 50% of the revenue earned.

Small websites that do not make up to $1000 monthly have to link up with Commission Junction – an affiliate network used by Skyscanner and get their payment through them!

Skyscanner shows all customers available options of flights, hotels or car hires of their chosen destinations for them to be able to make comparisons and select what is suitable for them.

It is regarded as the best travel search site that explores a simple and fast search engine to display results that customers can make their choice from.
Benefits that you will derive from its program include fast and easy payments, incentives, and promos, and a ready-to-assist team of managers.

To be a part of this program, you need to sign up through one of its affiliate networks. These are Commission Junction, Awin, TradeTracker, and TradeDoubler.

Features of the Skyscanner Affiliate Program

It uses the CPC model, so you get paid each time your users click on the link that leads them to the website. So, the more users that reach its websites through you, the more you earn. But you have to encourage your users to link with their site because if they get low patronage through you and a low conversion rate, they could block you from marketing for them.

They also do not accept some practices and ways of sourcing for networks such as teaser networks, disruptive ad formats, SEM bidding, toolbars and browser extensions, and domain buying websites.

Skyscanner has marketing tools that you can benefit from such as:

  • The travel widget that you can simply add to your site through plug and play. A lot of people prefer such simple affiliate marketing tools.
  • The white label that gives you the option of customizable tools.
  • You may also decide to use the travel API to build a travel search capability. The API will be well suited for that purpose.

If your site has a high volume of traffic, you will be paid a commission through Bank Transfer or PayPal. However, if you are a small website with moderate-to-low traffic, then you will be paid through its affiliate networks.

Earning on Skyscanner

You can calculate your earnings by multiplying the traffic quality score by the default exit click price. You can earn as much as $0.15 to $0.25. It tracks the links that produced clicks and pays them by the 20th day of each month.

The traffic quality is scored between 0 – 1. If more of the clicks from your website lead to transactions, then it is regarded as high-quality traffic
Affiliate publishers have to accept the terms and conditions of Skyscanner.

Publishers are not allowed to bid on any of its terms in paid search ads such as Facebook ads and Google AdWords. Publishers are also not allowed to use the Skyscanner name or any of its variations in pop-ups.

They are not allowed to associate Skyscanner with political controversial or negative content, violent materials, sexually explicit materials, or illegal activities.

It welcomes different categories of affiliates to the program including bloggers, social media influencers, coupon sites, price comparison and review sites. Affiliates are able to earn using affiliate links or codes provided to them by the DCM network.

To join them, you have to register after which the DCM publisher team will review and accept or reject the website. After approval, you can log onto your dashboard to view available offers and commissions.
If your website was rejected, you can evaluate the reasons it was rejected. It may be due to reasons such as:

  • Not having a permitted traffic source
  • Having inappropriate or offensive content on your website
  • Having a website that is still under construction
  • The website may not be relevant to Skyscanner or travel industry

It may also be due to some other reasons not mentioned above.
If your location is not listed among its locations, you may sign up for the Global program in Commission Junction or Trade Doubler.


Skyscanner is a travel affiliate marketing program that you can earn some good passive income from by directing traffic to their site. When the customers run search queries, they are provided with options relating to their search from which they can make choices that suit their needs.

Customers can carry out searches for flight bookings, car hire, and hotel reservations. As a publisher, they pay you for clicks that lead to their site and you earn higher when the lead converts into a transaction.

You can easily reach out to them for more information and clarification as you make plans to join their program.
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