Skimlinks Review: The Most Prominent Affiliate Tool Ever!

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Admitting that Skimlinks is the best affiliate marketing company would always be contentious. Skimlinks truly competes easily with Commission Junction, AWIN, ShareAsale, and from my own viewpoint, can be the strongest tool in your affiliate weaponry.

Here’s my review of Skimlinks humbly compiled, how it can help turn your blog or website into a thriving online business, and why Skimlinks should be your call port when deciding which affiliate program to join.
When Skimlinks first got started back in 2006, it wasn’t named Skimlinks. Its founder set up a social website known as Skimbit (meant for decision-making). So, it was through this website that the founders decided to boost their income streams via affiliate marketing; eventually, the born technology led the platform into what everybody desires and refers to as Skimlinks today.

This is a lovely history and from that you can really say whether it’s genuine or not. There are a lot of services, technologies and companies out there to be utilized by affiliate marketers but barely will any give the peal for your buck that the Skimlinks platform does.

How Do You Register with Skimlinks?

The process of joining Skimlinks is pretty simple. It’s completely free to get started.
All you need to do is visit the company’s official signup page and fill out your details including your affiliate site and business/personal information.
Once you’re done submitting your application, you will then wait for the company to verify your website, ensuring that it satisfies the criteria below:

  • Does your website drive most of its traffic from Australia, Europe, and North America?
  • Is your website an online app, forum, blog, or a content website?
  • Is your business well-built and do you get tons of traffic to your business website?
  • Does your site content focus on products?
  • Do you produce unique and original content for your website?

It only takes 48-72 hours to hear from them on your approval.

How Do You Utilize Skimlinks ?

Now, Skimlinks has 3 distinct technologies (that is, the system of directing your audience to affiliate merchants, and for them to buy an item in exchange on the merchant’s site, you get a percentage of the sale amount in commission) for the use of affiliate marketers.

1. Skimlinks: This particular technology is the company’s namesake and it ensures that all normal links are automatically converted to affiliate links. No quest for hiding affiliate links and for taking a lot of hours on typical affiliate linking!

All you need to do is keep to the standard site address that you intended to connect to and the magic will happen when a visitor clicks the link. That visitor is seamlessly and instantly redirected by Skimlinks via an affiliate web page and Skimlinks returns to the original page you got linked to.
The awesome thing is that the affiliate redirect URL can be installed on your subdomain for an increase in redirect speeds.
To get Skimlinks up and running on your site, try installing the proprietary software. For Content Management System sites, this is super-easy. When you register an account, there’s a detailed tutorial.

2. SkimWords: SkimWords is another technology accessible by affiliate marketers. What this technology does is that it explores words from your blog or site content and have link these to affiliate merchant products or affiliate merchants.
SkimWords is a prominent way to add a small unnoticeable income stream to your blog content with little or no effort on your side.
3. Showcase: This is the last technology distributed to affiliate marketers by Skimlinks. Showcase is represented by a small javascript code which you install into your site and it will display the most relevant items in a banner format based on your choice.

Skimlinks Performance

Almost all affiliates are stats addicts prior to starting up affiliate marketing, and if not prior, they become stats junkies soonest. Affiliate marketing is nothing but a breakable relationship condition. Skimlinks does a wonderful job at coming up with uber-volume of stats in order to dig deep in extracting every last bit of potential from your clicks, pages, and sites.

There are two intuition subdivisions and four analytics charts, all available from the Skimlinks Performance link that will prompt an instant flow of your juices.

1. Merchants Analytics Stats: This link enables you to access your affiliate merchants breakdowns and reports.

2. Everyday Analytics Stats: This link allows you to access your everyday breakdown of your conversion rate, sales, order value, EPC, clicks, and earnings.

3. Unaffiliated Impressions Analytics Stats: This link allows you to access all the routes that are not referral links but pass through Skimlinks. If the tab is properly utilized, you can identify links that could virtually be converted to affiliate links or have them swapped for a rival which is a referral link. I haven’t personally yet got conversant with this tab, but with time I’ll begin optimizing my affiliate business on the Skimlinks platform.

4. Sites Analytics Stats: This link allows you to find out how your site is doing.

5. Page Insights Stats: This link allows you to access all the web pages you sold to your referrals through your affiliate merchants.

6. Product Insights Stats: This link allows you to access all the items that your affiliate merchants sold to your referrals. It’s not certain that all these items are from the affiliate merchants but the data can be statistically crucial to how you advertise your affiliate links now and in the future.

Conclusion: Skimlinks Review

This review has almost covered most fundamentals that I personally considered vital when searching for affiliate programs – though there is still some information I thought I’d add but will surely do that with time. I’ve just tried putting together a clear look at what Skimlinks does, is about, and can do in your affiliate business.
It’s a strong affiliate tool and if you want a quicker affiliate linking, better analytics and intuitions, automatic and immediate registration approvals to over 17,000 affiliate merchants, Skimlinks should be your choice. It facilitates things when it comes to affiliate marketing.
Yes, there are drawbacks like a small commission rate but I believe that isn’t anything compared to the advantages of utilizing Skimlinks as an important tool for your affiliate business. Efficiency and speed is an added benefit for me as it saves me a lot of time I would have spent on affiliate marketing. So, I’d give Skimlinks a powerful rating of 9/10.
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