Six Powerful Techniques to Building High-Quality Links

By | February 2, 2020




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Links are extremely crucial for search engine optimization (SEO). And you should make link building a tremendous part of your SEO tactic. More significantly, you should make link building part of your growth tactic. The essence of building links is to improve your Google PageRank score and then earn a steady flow of real, targeted traffic to your site.

In this tutorial, I’ll discuss six powerful techniques to a successful link building tactic, the ideal SEO way!
Never stop researching the topic, “Link building strategy” for it essentially a must-implement strategy for building Google rankings and having heads up quickly in the online world.

Link building – Your Growth Tactic

Besides helping your PageRank grow well in Google, there are still other ways in which links can help you achieve milestones in the business world.
High-quality links will drive tons of referral traffic to your blog. Once you’ve figured out your link building tactic, you shouldn’t forget that the essence of building links is to enable you link out to pages you might well cherish. Grow your blog using link building as a tactic and ensure to place links on blogs that will drive lots of traffic to yours.
In the first place, a quality link brings traffic to your website.
Here are the six techniques to building high-quality links:

  1. Shortlist a number of sites that appeal to your ideal audience
  2. Identify your audience
  3. Match up content to blogs
  4. Create helpful content
  5. Create connections with niche-related bloggers
  6. Spread the work using social media

Step 1: Shortlist a Number of Sites That Appeal to Your Ideal Audience

If you’re sure you have a clear depiction of your cherished and present audience in mind, you’ll be able to shortlist a number of sites that would likely help you reach members of your ideal audience.
Identify those sites that already interest your ideal and cherished audience. Links from these sites could potentially make it feasible for you to reach your prospective audience.

Step 2: Identify Your Audience

If you really want to grow your audience, you must focus on finding a potential audience or expanding your existing audience. Therefore, you need to figure out two certain things:

  • Who are members of my audience?
  • What’s the look of my prospective audience?

For instance, if you’re an affiliate marketer, you could be keeping an audience consisting of newbie entrepreneurs and bloggers while, at a later time, add another set of audience members consisting of freelance writers.
You could acclimatize your content to this new set of audiences, but to ensure you reach out to this potential audience, you need external backlinks. Identifying your audience warrants doing some research.

Step 3: Match up Content to Blogs

If you’ve created an amazing blog post, you should plunge into the list you’ve got as part of the tactic for growing your business. Select blogs from the list that could likely link to the post you’ve created.
If you do implement the long tail keyword strategy, there will be a limit to the number of blogs that can link to your content.

To really find those blogs that are relevant to the specific topics of your content or site, you need to make concerted efforts. These blogs will likely be ready to link, as your content really fits their own blog posts. More significantly, readers that will visit your blog through that link will be passionate about the topic of your content (making possibilities of recurring visits and conversions much greater).

Step 4: Create Helpful Content

To make other sites link to your blog posts, you must learn how to come up with great content. And more significantly, it should occur to the audience that you’re trying to satisfy their appetites. Ensure your content is well-structured and awesomely-created.

Step 5: Create Connections with Niche-related Bloggers

If you’ve truly made frantic effort at both creating content and looking for blogs that fit your blog content, you should get in touch with the site you’d want to link to your own blog. Spell the product or content and instruct them to make a post about it and link back to it.

Most bloggers would be glad to create content about your brand or product if it seems they’re going to get it completely free! You could make use of email but, in most cases, a phone call or even Twitter is an excellent way to get in touch with people too. Ensure to contact in an individualized way; do not try sending automated emails out.

Step 6: What’s the Look of My Prospective Audience?

If your written articles are properly-structured and unique, you can reach out to prospective audiences and obtain external links by leveraging on social channels also. Ensure to tweet and retweet about your content, or perhaps post some specific tweets to particular people who are likely to admire your content.
Facebook is equally an excellent way to gain some traction for your content, probably… get it promoted and viral! And you’ll continue to receive more links also, as more audiences share and tweet your content.


A prominent link building tactic should constantly be focused at bringing a potential, passionate audience to your blog. A greater outcome of that would be a higher search engine ranking. Once you can consider it necessary to use link building as a growth tactic to reach out, you’ll drive more potential visitors from the external website.

Aside from the steps written above, there are still a ton of link building steps you can follow to get your blog visible, exposed, and viral in search results. These include posting to high PR industry-related forums, answering niche-related questions on Quora, posting useful content on social media and social bookmarking sites and lots more.

While some people out there do not regard links to be instrumental in improving rankings, I need to make it known that links and content are the two most crucial factors for rankings. Google looks into the quality of blogs or sites that link to your site and figure out how much it can trust your brand and determine your right position in search results.
Content is King as mentioned and visualized by Bill Gates over 12 years ago in one of his blog posts. While it remains King, it works hand-in-hand with links in metrics that determine your PageRank.
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