Simple steps to Make Money through Pinterest and Clickbank

By | August 30, 2020




make money with pinterest and clickbank






Many internet users search for simple ways to earn side income. I have seen claims of bloggers who earn so much money from the internet. Some earn as much as four-figure income monthly and you will even find those who earn as high as six-figure income all from internet business. 


This means it is possible to earn a lot of money online. If you are one of those seeking a means to earn from the internet, then this post is recommended for you. 

There are so many ways to make cool money online and one such is by blogging. Bloggers are very popular in the online world and what they do is create content that will attract traffic to their blog.


Now, if you have no blog, can you still make money from the internet? Sure you can. With or without a blog, you can make money marketing products online. You do not need to have your personally-created products before you can market on the internet. 


You can help promote the products of other companies and you will earn some commission from them anytime the product is purchased through you.


If you have a blog, you can sign up with affiliate platforms or networks where you will get products from different companies to promote. You will advertise these products to your audience, and those that are convinced and interested in buying the products will get them through the links on your blog. You will be paid a commission for every customer that purchases the product through your link. 


If you can recall, I said you can market products on the internet whether or not you have a blog. Yes, it can happen. Let me tell you one way that this can happen. Have you heard of Pinterest?


Pinterest is a popular platform where people connect and share photos on their Pinterest board. When you join the Pinterest platform, you get a Pinterest board where you too can pin interesting pictures for people to see. 

If your pins can get the attention of other Pinterest users, they can re-pin your pins. When you see other pins that interest you too, you can also re-pin them on your board. One cool thing about Pinterest is that you can use photos to tell stories or give instructions and descriptions. It is also a search engine where people go to get information.


I will now tell you how to use Pinterest to make money.


Much of the money earned online is through affiliate marketing. You can get products from different affiliate marketing companies and promote on Pinterest. 

When you get products through an affiliate platform, you will be given an affiliate link that you can place on your blog or in the description of your pins if you will not be marketing the products through your blog.


 Whenever people reach out to the vendors and buy a product through your link, you get paid a commission. But it is not enough to get products to your blog or Pinterest account; you will have to take certain steps to get much traffic, some of which will be interested in the products. 

If you can convert much of your traffic into buyers, then you should be sure to earn much in commissions.


Setting up a Pinterest profile


You can set up a business account if you are only using Pinterest to market your products. Business accounts can easily be monetized, so you can promote your products and earn with ease.

Choose a Niche for Your Marketing


You will need to focus on a niche or interest. This means you will focus on that niche when you create your content and most products you market will be related to that niche. You will need to grow your audience through the quality of pins you post and your contributions to group discussions. 


You should post relevant content and use the right pictures. Get a lot of the audience to like and share your pins. You can automate when your pins are posted, so you can reach out to the right audience at the right time.

As you grow your audience on Pinterest, you should also reach out to vendors, so you can market their products to your audience. Always remember to include referral links in your profile and posts, so you will be able to earn your commission when people purchase products through those links.

I will tell you about one interesting platform where you can get products to promote.




One affiliate network with lots of great and interesting products to promote is Clickbank. This is an affiliate network where people can earn money when they promote products. When you create your Clickbank account, you can easily get products that suit your niche or interest. 

Look at the products carefully before you make your choice. Be sure they are products that will be of interest to your audience. Make sure you have a convincing landing page for your product and test it to be sure it will not prove difficult to funnel your customers. 

With the funneling process, you educate your visitors with the right information that will be necessary for them to know more about your product. And guide them through each sale funnel until they take action.

You will need to work on increasing traffic to see your products. Creating SEO content is one way to boost traffic for your products. You can also invest in paid advertisements to get your products to reach a wide range of audiences at a time. You can make people see your Clickbank accounts through social media networks.




There are lots of people making cool money online. You too can join them with or without a blog to make money from the internet. Affiliate marketing is one great and interesting way to make good money. 

You can join an affiliate marketing network such as Clickbank and get the right products to market in your niche or interest. There are many ways to reach out to the right audience and make them buy products through your link.


The Pinterest platform is a sure place to reach out to a large number of audiences at a time. You only need to create relevant and interesting pins with your links in the information and strategize on how best to reach out to the audience and get them to buy products through your link. You can give it a try and begin to earn money from internet marketing today.


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