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ShareASale is one of the most popular affiliate marketing networks in the entire industry today. It competes with other affiliate legends like Rakuten, Commission Junction (CJ), Linkshare and it stands on its own.

What are those things that people actually cherish about the ShareASale affiliate platform, and where is it lacking?
In this review, I’m going to have an answer to these questions and we’ll find out if this network is the right option for you.

Who is Responsible for the Management of ShareASale?

ShareASale has been in operation for almost two decades; they’ve tried so hard to have an edge over the common affiliate marketing networks in the industry. They’ve improved on different areas of their business, doing their best possible to satisfy both the affiliates and the merchants.

They have gained the whole reputation as a trustworthy and honest affiliate company, and they provide effective tools, awesome customer services, and accurate stats.
ShareASale was bought in January 2017 by Awin (Affiliate Window), a global affiliate marketing network! Presently, these two companies are operating differently.

ShareASale Review: Things I Love about the Network

Things I love include:

1. Trustworthy Company

When a company has been in operation for a very long time and is still performing, there must be a reason for its success. ShareASale has both offline and online credibility as a reputable company, and both affiliates and merchants testify to its greatness.
Besides that, ShareASale is currently associated with another giant company in the affiliate marketing industry. Since it’s been acquired by Awin, ShareASale has continued to wax stronger.

2. Easy and Free Signup

Joining ShareASale is a free, simple, and easy 5-step procedure that can be completed in the twinkling of an eye. The company has deliberately facilitated the signup process, especially for new publishers.

3. Affiliates with Multiple Sites Can Leverage the Network Comfortably

If you are an online entrepreneur with multiple sites and would love to make money out of these with ShareASale, you’re fortunate. This is one of the best and easiest networks leveraged by webmasters for monetizing their multiple sites with many affiliate programs.
You can incorporate all of your multiple sites into the program, adding them in order of priority. Through this channel, you won’t have to create multiple accounts for each of the merchant networks that you consider joining.

4. Astounding Variety of Merchants

Whether your niche is about health and fitness, astrology, online business, tech, or anything else not mentioned here, ShareASale has all you need to become successful as an affiliate. As a matter of fact, they are proud of managing more than 40 different categories chosen by nearly 5,000 merchants from all walks of life! That is an astonishing number, and it keeps growing day in day out.

5. Proficient Search Options

With roughly 5,000 different merchant networks accessible to anyone on the ShareASale platform, how would you find what your passion is about?
ShareASale has an awesome search function to talk about. You can as well filtrate searches depending on specific keywords, commission on sales, length of time spent on the ShareASale platform, or category merchant EPC.

Besides that, ShareASale is a network that helps you search through the pool of great, accessible merchants, known as PowerRank. This enables you to sort through the best 100 merchants available on ShareASale. These tools will help you find your ideal affiliate program.

6. Responsive Support

Most big-time affiliate marketing networks have always got issues with affiliates and merchants when it comes to providing an ideal customer support. But for ShareASale, the case is different completely. It’s been excellent with the network in that regard.

The network is proud of providing awesome and excellent customer support for both its affiliates and merchants. Are you in doubt? You are free to contact the support team anytime via email or phone between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time. The support team of ShareASale is always willing to provide answers to all your questions.

Incoming affiliates get a welcome gift in the form of a kit that helps them get started with affiliate marketing. New affiliates will also be able to watch videos and attend regular webinars that will walk them through the setups.
In addition, ShareASale has a Frequently Asked Questions feature on their site, which adequately provides detailed answers to most questions.

7. Personalized Deep Linking

No one likes to click on super-long URLs, and most times, those additional letters and numbers which form part of an affiliate link make visitors dubious to click.

ShareASale gets rid of this particular problem by letting you have your affiliate ID customized. You’re allowed to shorten your links, which are much more captivating to users. ShareASale also incorporates personal social tools into the system, which enable other users to share your ID with other people.

8. Consistent Monthly Payments

One of the advantages of belonging to such a big-time affiliate company is that you receive payments on the pay day exactly.
ShareASale pays affiliate revenue directly to bank accounts on the 20th of every month. They do send payments straight to banks in various locations of the world, and that’s also part of the advantages. If you like, you can request to get paid via Payoneer or checks.

Things I Don’t Love about the Network

9. No PayPal Payments

There are common issues with PayPal among several affiliate networks out there, but it’s worth noting that they do not like using it.

10. High Affiliate Payout

For affiliates on ShareASale, the minimum payout is $50. This is a bit much more on the high side when compared to other affiliate networks, and it can put newbie affiliates’ interests in jeopardy. Only big-time affiliate marketers won’t find this a challenge.

11. Threat of Account Deletion and Fees

It was stated that your account will be debited with $25 once you can’t reach the $50 minimum payout, and you can risk getting your account deleted once it’s found that your account balance is less than $25. For newbie affiliates, it’s a serious challenge, as they may not be able to generate enough sales from the onset. However, for big-time affiliate marketers, it’s nothing to worry about.


Would you want to turn your passion into a thriving online business by starting a profitable business website today? While ShareASale can be a great marketplace to promote your business website and earn monthly revenue in the lifetime, you’ll need to read my detailed review about the Wealthy Affiliate community whereby you’re allowed to host 50 websites for life without spending a dime on hosting and build a multi-million dollar brand using the amazing features and resources within the platform.

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  1. Feji ben

    Hello there,thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i have alot of history with sites like this although most of them were scams but SHARE A SALE is one of the good sites I have come across over the years and I would want everyone to try them out.

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  2. KOLAS

    it is nice for you to review this. ShareASale was started in 2000 and it’s a popular service for marketers to launch an affiliate program for their product or services. Affiliate marketers can find new Affiliate program & join them. Despite all the skepticism about affiliate marketing, I’ve discovered that you really can do it, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, and you don’t have to rip people off along the way. that is what i think

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  3. Danijel

    Hello, I must say that this review is very helpful and informative. I am promoting Shareasale products and I am very satisfied so far. The most important thing for me is that the company is legitimate and they really pay their affiliates, I definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to promote health products.

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  4. MrBiizy

    Hi there. I know other Affiliate Marketing programs like ClickBank, Amazon Associates, Rakuten etc but I never had an indebt knowledge about Share a Sale. Although I have been seeing some people sharing their earnings screenshot from Share a Sale. Now I have some knowledge about it. I love so many things about this program. You said they don’t pay through PayPal, I love the direct bank payment to anywhere in the world. It’s really nice.

    Thanks and compliment of the season.

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