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By | April 9, 2020

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Email marketing is simply the use of emails to promote or sell any product. Emails are strategically sent out to a group of people on a list. Potential or existing customers’ emails are obtained in a process known as lead generation.
The success of an email marketer is dependent on his lead generation strategy. This is the process of capturing potential and existing customers’ details.

Email marketing is a smart way of promoting your business and has been responsible for the good Return on Investment (ROI) of many businesses. With email marketing, your customers can keep buying from you anytime fresh products are launched.

Also, some visitors that visit your site without buying could buy from you at a later time. Email marketing should not be underestimated in business.
There are tons of marketing companies that offer email marketing services. Some of them include; GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, etc.

Today, we will be making a review of SendPulse, which is equally an email marketing platform.
SendPulse has a growing number of users all over the world; the platform has over 250,000 active users. Many bloggers, business owners, and even big organizations are users of SendPulse. This is expected because of the uniqueness of SendPulse.

Features of SendPulse

SendPulse has many great features that other email marketing platforms do not have. This is why SendPulse has been known as one of the leading email marketing platforms.

Artificial Intelligence System

While email marketing is a great strategy to promote your products, boost sales and all of that, sometimes you may not get the desired result due to the low open rates of emails. A low email open rate is a big threat to email marketing. Virtually all email marketers understand this.
When emails are not open, the purpose of sending it has been defeated, as the subscribers will not get the information you are trying to pass across.

This is where SendPulse makes a difference. SendPulse has an integrated Artificial Intelligence system which can significantly increase the open rates of your sent emails, up to 30%. This is enormous considering the fact that an average open rate of email is just 25%.
At this point, you might begin to wonder on the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and the open rate of an email.
The integrated Artificial Intelligence works by taking notes of some activities of the user. For example, the user’s time zone, the time that the user opens an email and lots of other activities are noteworthy. Artificial Intelligence gathers all the obtained information and uses it to suggest the best time for sending an email to a subscriber.

Push Notification

SendPulse is integrated with a Push Notification feature. Push notification is a special tool that makes it easy for a business owner to engage his/her subscribers. When you enable the Push notification feature, your subscriber will get an instant notification immediately you make an update.
This tool can also be used by bloggers to keep their site visitors coming for more. When a new topic is posted on your blog, they get notified immediately.

Bulk SMS Services

Apart from sending out emails to a list of subscribers, bulk SMS is a convenient way of reaching out to a potential or current customer. The easiest way to reach anybody is through their mobile phone. This could be one of the reasons bulk SMS generates more open rates than emails.

Resend Unopened Email

Just as the name implies, you can resend an unopened email. When emails are sent out and are not opened, they might be soon forgotten as more emails pile-up.
With this great feature, your email open rate could even increase between 30-70%. This is another feature that a business owner can leverage on for more sales conversion.

Analytic Tool

This tool gives different statistics of virtually all the activities of your email campaigns. You can practically see all the emails that were opened, unopened, the geographically location of your subscribers, etc.


Autoresponder is an email marketing feature that is used to send out scheduled emails to a target list of subscribers. This feature is indispensable in email marketing; it is the corner stone of email marketing.
Messages are sent strategically to subscribers. For instance, you have a welcome message for a new subscriber and follow-up emails which are usually sent in series. You can compose a series of emails which will be automatically sent to your subscribers.

Subscription Form

Subscription form is a very important part of email marketing, if this section is not done properly, you may not get desired results from the subscribers.
Some information a good subscription form should have includes; email address, name, and phone numbers. With these pieces of information, you can easily send out emails or bulk SMS to your subscribers with their names on the message.

Drag and Drop Editor

This feature makes it relatively easy to create and manage colorful templates. With this editor, you can easily choose a set of blocks and drag them to your desired place.

SendPulse Pricing Plans

Free Plan: This plan is meant for small businesses with less than 2,500 subscribers. You don’t have to pay for any plan if you don’t have lots of traffic coming to your site or blog yet.
This plan allows you to send up to 15,000 emails every month. As a struggling blogger, you can take advantage of this plan to boost your traffic using different features of SendPulse.

Pros and Cons of SendPulse

Let us quickly review some of the pros and cons of the SendPulse network.


  • SendPulse is integrated with an Artificial Intelligence system that enhances more email open rates
  • It has a well-detailed analytic reporting system
  • The platform contains a 3-in-1 marketing feature – email, SMS and push message service


  • Low email templates to choose from
  • Sending of newsletters sometimes has technical issues


SendPulse is an ideal email marketing platform that suits both big and small businesses. Its features are really great when compared to other platforms, which is what your business needs to grow. You can start with its free plan and see how your business turns around.
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