SE Ranking Review: A Prominent SEO Tool for Your Business Site

By | July 3, 2020



se rankings review

The most coveted spot for any online business is the top 3, page 1 of Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).
It’s a position that gives you thousands of free traffic hits, more leads, and possibly increased sales. However, getting there is an uphill climb, one that will require so much effort, grit, and time. And one more thing – the right SEO tool for the climb.

While you may have heard about different SEO tools, or even tried some out, I’ve got this software I feel obliged to share with anyone serious about improving their search ranking. It’s called SE Ranking, and we will be going under the hood.

My goal is to offer detailed insights about SE Ranking, its features, benefits, and pricing as well as help you decide if it is the right tool for your search engine optimization.

About SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a valuable SEO tool that enables users to improve their search ranking. It is a subscription-based solution with lots of great features and benefits.
SE can be scaled to meet the needs of any business size, from small scale to large business enterprises. With SE Ranking, you will be able to track keyword rank, perform a website audit, and carry out backlinks checking.

Benefits of SE Ranking

1 – Get Great Keyword Ideas

One of the most prominent ways to create fully-optimized content is to use profitable keywords.
Finding these profitable keywords will require so much energy and time doing research. But with the keyword suggestion tool on SE Ranking, finding the right keywords is made much easier.
You can target keywords based on your industry, filter keywords by popularity, or locate long-tail keywords.

2 – Stay Ahead of the Competition

To remain relevant in your industry, you need to know what your competitors are up to. Know what strategies they are implementing for their online marketing campaigns, and the results they are getting.
Using SE Ranking, you can get a glimpse of how the market is responding to your competitors.
These insights can help you improve your online marketing campaigns and keep you competitive within your industry.

3 – Support for Full Branding

As a marketing or advertising agency, you can brand SE Ranking to align with your company. That’s because it offers you white label features to aid your lead generation efforts.
SE Ranking also enables you to personalize your communication with prospective and existing clients.

4 – Flexible Pricing Model

Using a monthly subscription plan, you can pay for SE Ranking services based on your unique requirements.
No matter your budget size, you will find a comfortable plan on SE Ranking.

5 – Cloud-based SEO Solution

This cloud-based solution only requires you to connect to its service with an internet connection. You are not required to perform any kind of installation, whether hardware or software.
Even with all these SE Ranking benefits, there are still features to explore:

I – SE Ranking Keyword Rank Tracker

The SE Ranking Keyword Rank Tracker enables you to track keywords across major search engines. The search engines that can be tracked include Google, Bing, YouTube, and Yahoo.
Keyword tracking is not restricted by the location or the device. This feature also allows you to add 5 competitors whose keywords you can also track.

The results from the keyword tracking include such details as keyword competitiveness, search volume, and KEI. Other details from the keyword tracking are the number of search results, relative traffic forecast, and suggested bid by Google.

II – Website Audit

Using this feature, you can perform a comprehensive review of all the pages on your website.
Receive a detailed report on the health check, showing any kind of errors that need fixing. You will also receive reports showing the optimum word count of every page, duplicate contents if any.

III – SE Ranking Backlinks Tool

This feature enables you to check, analyze, and monitor backlinks on your website. These backlinks are analyzed based on certain parameters which include Domain Authority (DA), backlink URL, anchor text, and domain trust.
You can monitor your backlinks to discover the links that are harmful to your domain and then remove or disavow such links.

IV – SE Ranking Marketing Plan

This feature gives SE Ranking users a comprehensive marketing plan for executing their SEO strategies. It’s easy to follow a step-by-step guide that helps you streamline your marketing activities.
The marketing plan is similar to a shopping checklist in which every item is clearly spelled.

V – SE Ranking Social

This tool allows you to manage everything that has to do with your social media marketing from a single dashboard.
You can plan, schedule, and distribute your social media posts across different social networks.

SE Ranking Pricing Plans

SE Ranking pricing plans are designed based on usage and the frequency of ranking checks that you make.
The pricing for SE Ranking Optimum plan starts at £23 a month, with discounts when you pay for a longer time period.
The Plus plan starts at £53 a month while the Enterprise Plan goes for £112 a month.

Pros and Cons of SE Ranking

As we grind towards the tail end of this review, it is reasonable that we consider the pros and cons of SE Ranking.


  1. Very affordable pricing plan that allows you to scale based on your budget and particular SEO needs
  2. Full branding options that enable users to customize their communications with prospective and existing clients
  3. Access to a marketing plan that helps keep you in line with all your plans on marketing.


  1. The SE Ranking social media management tool doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary
  2. API access is only granted to users on the Enterprise Plan.


More than half of the new visitors to your website will come through search engines. And if your website isn’t search engine optimized, you will be losing that much traffic.

SE Ranking is one SEO tool that can help you boost your search ranking. It comes with features that enable a review of your site’s health, performs keyword and backlink analysis, and track your progress.

The pricing plans are quite affordable and flexible depending on your SEO needs.
When it comes to powerful SEO tools, you can find all that you ever need to be successful in the business world on Wealthy Affiliate. So, why don’t you give Wealthy Affiliate a try today.

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