Scribie Review: Get Paid to Transcribe or Another Scam?

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Scribie review

Sometimes, making money online can seem like a game, whereas it shouldn’t be if you’re able to identify the scams you should flee from. You are here right now because you want to learn about Scribie and figure out if you can really make money typing online.

Anyway, we have the pros, the cons and the unpleasant things about the platform to help you find out whether it is a genuine deal or not. So, let’s dive on, should we?

What Is Scribie?

Scribie is a company that affirms to be able to reward people like you and I to transcribe audios into text. Scribie was started by Online Entrepreneur Poddar Rajiv in 2008 and headquartered in California, US.

How Does Scribie Work?

As a transcriber on the platform, you’re virtually in charge of listening to an audio and then typing in an on-site word processor what you’ve heard. The approximate duration for each audio file is within 6 minutes. Each job board contains a set of instructions that you must adhere strictly to.
This includes a two-hour turnaround time (TAT). After transcribing an audio file, it is then reviewed by a moderator before it gets transferred to the client. You’ll get paid for every audio hour once the job has been approved by the client.

What is Needed to Earn At Scribie?

Things you’ll need to make money at Scribie include a working internet facility, a pair of headphones, and the latest version of Chrome or Firefox installed on your laptop or personal computer. Besides these, you must be able to type with a good command of English.
In case you don’t have a laptop or personal computer, you’re allowed to use a Chromebook which can be ordered for as low as $200 on Amazon. The method of payment is PayPal; so, you must have a verified PayPal account to get paid. To get your PayPal account verified, you’d need to add a credit card or bank account if you have not done that before. You don’t need more than these to get started.

How Much Cash Can I Realistically Earn With Scribie?

Your level of expertise is a strong determinant in this regard. As you become more proficient on the platform, you’ll start earning as a proofreader, reviewer, transcriber or all of these. Payment ranges from $5 to $25 for each audio hour.
With a 30-minute audio file transcribed, you can earn anywhere from $2.50 upwards. Note that payment is disbursed per audio hour, not the real working time spent on the audio file.

If you aren’t satisfied with the transcription payment system, you can then try some paid survey programs like Toluna, Vindale, SurveyJunkie, and more. You can also earn lots of dollars doing what you love doing such as visiting sites, watching videos, and the likes at platforms like,, and InboxDollars.

How Do I Get Paid Transcribing at Scribie?

Scribie sends payments through PayPal on an everyday basis. There’s no minimum threshold and you can withdraw any amount of money whenever you wish to get paid. It only takes a 24-hour period to have the payment reflected in PayPal.

How Do I Become a Transcriber at Scribie?

Transcribers are allowed to join this platform from all walks of life. In as much as all requirements are met, getting accepted is guaranteed. Basically, joining Scribie requires obtaining Transcription training first.
The training process starts with you signing up an account and activating your account through email. After a 24-hour period, you’ll hear from them on whether you’ve been accepted or rejected.

You’ll be added to the waiting list once your application has gone through. And you’ll be sent an invite link once your waiting list has hit 0. If you are rejected, do not worry; you can apply again at any time and get accepted. You’ll simply create a Scribie user account using the invite link and resume the previous test once you are logged in.

You are free to resume the initial test once you are logged in to your user account. The test involves transcribing an audio accurately into text as much as you can. Once the test is completed, you’ll hear from them with the results of your test.

If you do perfectly well in the test, you’ll get paid even for the test and you will be made a Certified Scribie Transcriber. Whenever you log in to your Scribie user account, you’ll start making money transcribing. If the result of the test is woeful, you can simply choose a different file and do the test again. You are allowed up to ten trial tests.

What I Like About Scribie

Quick Payout

At Scribie, you can earn money and get paid whenever you want. There’s no minimum payout. This is rare in most work-at-home jobs.

International Acceptance

You are allowed to work as a transcriber from any location in the world. If you have a verified PayPal account and you’re able to succeed in the initial trial test, then you’re a certified transcriber already.

What I Don’t Like About Scribie

Having read down here, you seem to find everything about Scribie interesting and amazing. Since no organization is perfect without a deficiency, take some minutes to find out what is bad about Scribie.

The Pay Sucks

The pay seems to be the greatest challenge with Scribie. Experienced transcribers regularly complain that the pay isn’t commensurate with the volume of work you put in. Even if you are promoted, well-paying gigs aren’t enough to move around.

Jobs Are Available Though, Pay is Extremely Low

If these are real, then it implies you can’t earn a living working with Scribie. That is why you need to build a passive income stream. A great way to achieve this is by building a virtual real estate of your own.
What do I mean by your own virtual real estate? It simply means your own website or online brand. You set up a WordPress website, build out quality content on a consistent basis and earn cool money working from the comfort of your work space.

If you are really willing to build a passive income stream, then consider starting a website of your own. It only takes a period of 18-24 months to gain traction and start earning big commissions with your site.
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