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By | April 29, 2020

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One of the major investments that a business has to make is in B2B (Business to Business) communications software.
The B2B software enables the sharing of data and ideas within and without the business organization.

When shopping for the ideal software to use, what are the things to look out for?
I would suggest that first of all, you factor the purpose of the software. What is the specific need for the software? Is the need peculiar to just your business organization or to your industry?

You would also want to look at the features and functions of the software. Your budget, the technical skill level of your team, your business size, and integration needs are also factors to consider before any purchase.

Does the software come with free trial so you can test it? What about the need to customize the software to match your brand? These are all vital aspects that must be satisfied before you make a decision for the communication software.

After you have gathered all the required details, there’s one more step that you need to take – which is reading reviews on your shortlisted options on the internet.
My contribution to this discussion is bringing you an objective review on Screen Recorder Pro, to guide you in making informed decisions about the product. It’s B2B software with lots of features and benefits for your video recording.

You will find in our Screen Recorder Pro Review, the following sub-topics:

  • Overview of Screen Recorder Pro
  • The Main Features of Screen Recorder Pro
  • Benefits of Using Screen Recorder Pro
  • Screen Recorder Pro Pricing
  • Pros and Cons of Screen Recorder Pro
  • Conclusion

Overview of Screen Recorder Pro

Screen Recorder Pro is an easy-to-use screen recording solution for high-quality audio and video. It allows an easy means for users to save their recorded videos in different file formats.
It is a kind of software that is suited to both new and advanced users of screen recorders. The user dashboard is designed and well-arranged for ease of moving around.

If you need a tool that exports your finished work into different file formats, then Screen Recorder Pro is a great choice. The exported files still retain their quality even after you convert to another format.
Users can use this tool to record all activities on their desktop. These include the capture of live feeds, video streaming, and tutorials.

Other features that come with the screen recorder include the ability to display video in the content using a video stream captured from your webcam.

The Main Features of Screen Recorder Pro

I. User-Friendly Interface

There are so many power-packed features in this tool, yet it has a friendly interface for users. You do not need to be an advanced user before finding your way around Screen Recorder Pro.
Users can start making high-quality videos from the very first day of using the tool.

II. Multiple Video Formats

You can save your captured videos in any number of video formats. Save as AVI, MOV, Mkv, WMV, VOB, and WebM.
The great thing is that your videos retain their quality no matter the format you save them with.

III. Various Modes for Recording

There are various modes to choose from while recording with this tool. The full-screen mode allows you to record everything on your desktop.
While custom area mode allows you to select a specific area of the screen for recording, the mouse model allows you to follow the mouse tracker in the process of recording areas that surround the mouse.

IV. Capture Audio from Different Sources

You can capture audio from internal and external sources with this tool. Sources such as external mics, music players, and other audio devices feed Screen Recorder Pro with audio.

V. Works Fine With Other Communication Platforms

When on other platforms like Skype, MSN, or Google Talk, you can record audio and video using your webcam.

VI. Real-Time Editor

Edit videos in real-time with Screen Recorder Pro, or when the streaming is over. You can also include annotations or other information while the video is streaming live.
If you’re wondering how these features improve your work, let’s look at my favorite benefits from using this tool.

Benefits of Using Screen Recorder Pro

1. Record Streamed Videos For Later Viewing – Capture videos from any platform and save for later viewing.

2. Great Tool to Record and Distribute Tutorials – If you are in the business of online learning or coaching, you will find this tool of great value.

Do a screen recording of any online training and publish it through platforms that your audience can view.

3. Schedule Records – So you’re always busy at a certain time, and want to have a live video recorded? Simply schedule the recording while working, and return for your video later.

4. High-Quality Video – If you’re keen on making high-quality videos, Screen Recorder Pro gives you that, plus various formats to save them.

5. Capture Direct From Your WebCam – There is no need to install a new camera as you can capture videos into Screen Recorder Pro with a webcam. Enjoy the video in video feature using your webcam on Screen Recorder Pro.

Screen Recorder Pro Pricing

The pricing for Screen Recorder Pro Enterprise can only be accessed via a quote from the company.
All inquiry has to be made to the company support for details on the pricing plan.

Pros and Cons of Screen Recorder Pro

Pros of Screen Recorder Pro

  • There are multiple file formats to work with and export videos
  • The videos still retain the high quality despite the file format used
  • Choose from various working modes to use
  • The tool is designed to meet the needs of any business size

Cons of Screen Recorder Pro

  • There is no free trial available for testing the screen recorder
  • There are no pricing details on the company’s website. You will have to request a quote before pricing is sent to you


To make the right choice for a good communication tool, consider your budget, ease of use, and Industry-specific needs.
Screen Recorder Pro comes with great features for live stream recording, webcam capture, and multiple video formats.
You can schedule a video recording, record with different modes on your desktop, and do a load of pieces of stuff.

The downside is that there isn’t any pricing displayed on the company’s website and no free trial. So you have to make use of this review and any others you can find.

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