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By | May 10, 2020



Raven Tools


Setting up an online marketing campaign is far easier than tracking it. A lot of things get cumbersome when you are freelancing. Online marketers are constantly on the lookout for the easiest, most prominent and efficient way of measuring data, since accounting for your data isn’t a kindergarten play.

A few tools would be required for this task; particularly, you need to distort from one account to another to obtain vital information. Getting a one-stop tool for the whole research is daunting, but Raven Tools are much easier.

Raven Tools make it easy to gather all the clients’ data in one place. You can have the whole of your social media campaigns put together like Facebook, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Google AdWords. Raven Tools will help you manage every area of your online campaign.

Price: $99
Rating: 8/10


To be specific, Raven Tool is a search-engine-optimization tool that provides multiple ways to monitor research and improve your SEO campaign. This software is accurately a cloud-based system; you can leverage it from all walks of life.

All that is required is your ability to keep track of your advertising campaigns and have access to a strong internet connection.

Raven Tools are endowed with numerous features and software to assist you with managing your PPC and SEO activities, content marketing, social media marketing, offline and online occurrences, and email campaigns.

You can coordinate the entire team, allocate tasks to members of the team, and review activities. Using Raven tools would be highly-productive for your own customers and website, which makes it the best search engine optimization tool.

In the online marketing world, you can criticize your competitors. Raven has several prominent tools that are instrumental in creating a working SEO campaign for your online business.
You can find keywords that rank; you can compare and contrast your website and that of your client with niche-related competitors and obtain rankings, reports, etc.

When you are dealing with a new customer, Raven stands in for you. You can watch your competitors’ strategy and implement it. You can trigger your client’s website and that of your client’s competitors using the Raven’s research area.

Components like ranking, social metrics, etc, give you an equitable concept of the trials you’re likely to face while freelancing.

What’s Inside the SEO Toolkit?

Keyword Rank: This delivers a report about your search rankings on numerous engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You get the search volume, page impressions, etc.

Site Auditor: This tool will enable you to check content images and links, page loading speed, search engine visibility, etc. It serves as a virtual auditor that brings an accurate report of your overall progress.

Site Finder: This feature helps you find web pages that are getting ranked for a specific search phrase, helping you strategize more and more.

Link Manager: Links are an extremely-crucial aspect of digital marketing, a powerful tool for blogger outreach! It tracks ranking, grouping, and tagging.

Campaign Management Using Raven

Once you begin a campaign, you’ll need to customize. This will help you figure out all the customers thrashing your account.

Nowadays, managing campaigns isn’t complete or feasible with social media networks alone. The Raven’s toolkit provides the social media tools needed to manage the social networks.

Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are incorporated into single account dashboard with a proper and beautiful design.

The tool makes it possible for you to schedule, reply, post, and like updates. As a team working for a deadline, distributing social networking campaign activities is done.

The persona manager helps in keeping track of your social media accounts and viewing metrics and intuitions for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks.

The social network tool keeps track of the keyword and shout-outs on communities, social media, blogs, social bookmarking sites, etc. It delivers positive and negative remarks and resolves social campaign issues.

Digital Marketing with Raven

The content marketing tool helps you manage a network of editors and content writers, and mobilizes your strategy implementation.

  • Integrate with multiple WordPress sites
  • Create more insightful and informative content with pre-programmed SEO reader and adapter
  • Purchase SEO tutorials for textbroker, write a review of them, and post to your sites
  • A built-in WYSIWYG editor to create and publish articles, control a network of content writers and keep track of their performances

With a team of content writers, you’ll find the tool indispensable, rest assured.

Leveraging More of Raven

When you start exploring Raven, you’ll find numerous features and options. Everything is integrated in one dashboard. And efficiency is the overall focus. At the same time, you’ll find a powerful sync between multiple projects.

Raven helps in organizing customized reports such as interactive web reports, recurring reports, etc, using drag-and-drop interface.

It has a PPC (Pay-per-Click) tool that keeps track of your AdWords campaign. And aside from that, it has even a tracking tool that enables you to keep track of offline and online campaigns and events.

With the aid of a competitor tracking tool, you are able to track or store data having to do with your competitors. The client manager tool enables you to have a close watch on your customers’ social network accounts and assign tasks to your team.

Easy to Use

Prior to checking out the comprehensive review, you would be wondering how complicated it is to use this tool. Meanwhile, the real fact about Raven Tool is that it is a very insightful tool.

Using every single menu of the software is easy; you quickly grab all that you need to do and the way it is done. On every tab, you’ll find a knowledge base section. You’ll easily understand all these options.

You are allowed to create customized designs that will just display the information you want to show; and on each design, you can add your own intuitions that will help the customer assimilate what they are on the lookout for.

In addition, you can incorporate your brand’s logo in order to add professionalism to your service. Raven Tool is extremely fast; however, data may take a couple of hours to generate, but reports are delivered so quickly.

The Raven Tool Dashboard

Start first by adding your site URL:

  • Add your social media (specifically Twitter) to get intuitions
  • Add your Global Meta Tags (Google Analytics) to fetch data

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does Raven Tool cost?

The Pro account of Raven costs $99 per month. An Agency account comes at the rate of $249 per month. Other services (like Textbroker, etc) cost extra fees. You must be aware of advance charges and abide by it.

How do I Enjoy the Free Trial Offer?

All accounts at Raven begin with a limited, free trial. Whenever you are set to upgrade to the premium plan, just add your credit card details to your account. At that instance, you will get billed instantly and have instant access to all the pro features of Raven.

How Do I Make Payment?

The only mode of payment accepted is Credit Card. PayPal isn’t accepted neither is check payment allowed.

Do I Get Discounts?

If you pay for 12 months of Raven in advance, you’ll get a month for free. Or better still, you’re required to make upfront payment for 11 months and receive a full year of access instantly. Want to make an advance payment? Send an email to the address:

Is a Contract Involved?

No! You only make monthly or yearly payments with no contract. You are free to cancel or change plans whenever you want. What does this look like to you, Salesforce or Adobe Marketing cloud?

What Comes Up if I Change or Cancel Plans?

Refunds are not given for partial months or years. Your data is stored for a complete month in case you decide to have a change of the mind. All of it will then be deleted for security purposes.

Can I Obtain More Reports or Users than what it’s allotted to me?

Of course, yes! The system tracks any additions on your account dashboard and charges them at the month ending. You can figure out the estimated cost of additions in your account dashboard.


If you explore internet marketing for multiple clients, Raven is the most viable tool for you. Beginning at a purported price of $99, it’s a prominent investment opportunity that allows you to invest some money and time.


  • 20,000 Potions & 8 Users check
  • Up to 80 Domains Campaigns
  • External Link Search Reports
  • Simple & Clean Stats
  • 100% free email-based training and support
  • Infinite marketing campaigns
  • Potentiality to incorporate your own line of text


  • Functionality of ranking could be made a bit more viable


If you deal in team management, Raven would save you a lot of time by spreading the workload among the team members and keeping every team member organized. Eventually, you won’t remain the same again after exploring Raven, the most viable data management tool for SEO.

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