Review of Is It A Freelance Website Legit or Scam?

By | March 14, 2020




Freelancing platforms have existed for quite some time. You’ve likely come across freelance websites like Upwork, Gurus, Freelancer, and others. But some freelance platforms still exist giving freelancers another avenue to land better freelance gigs.

Chances are, you’ve likely read some reviews on the web searching for the pros and cons of this platform. If you haven’t found sufficient information yet about this site from those reviews, you would want to read this review down the page.

What is PeoplePerHour? is virtually a freelance platform for freelancers and folks seeking to hire professional freelancers for one or more of a variety of tasks. The platform was started by Thrasyvoulou Xenios in 2007 and has its head office located in the United Kingdom. has more than one million tasks/jobs and affirmed that freelancers from about 90 countries leveraging the platform have made more than a hundred million dollars so far.

How Does Work?

Buyers and sellers can post numerous jobs on the platform which enables freelancers to bid. Freelancers are free to post a variety of services (known as hourlies) together with their sell rates. A lot of job categories are available to choose from and these include Design, Writing, Tutorials, Social Media, Marketing, Administration, IT and Development, SEO, Translation, and Video.

Buyers make a deposit using an Escrow account whenever they create a job. A bid proposal is sent by a freelancer to the buyer when they show up an interest in the job. Users are permitted to reach out to one another via an instant messaging app within the platform which includes work stream and invoicing features. Payments are automatically disbursed to the seller’s account upon completing jobs.

How Do You Get Started With

Joining the site is free for anyone. Simply sign up an account on the company’s official portal. The account can be opened using a Facebook or LinkedIn account information. The next step is to set up an online portfolio on the site which consists of a job title, keyword-based expertise, About Me section, and a headshot.

If you desire, you may upload work samples and set an hourly rate. When you’re done with a job on the platform, all the starred reviews and ratings you’ve received will be listed on the portfolio to enable other users to see them.

If you are looking for opportunities, you can simply search the site and forward a bid proposal to any buyer you come across listing rates and skills. You can as well mention any other gigs you offer together with your rates. In order to generate more revenue working from the comfort of your bedroom, look for more work-at-home jobs online.

In case you don’t like subjecting yourself to bids and buyers approval limitations, you can try earning some money online by doing what you simply love doing like watching videos, playing games, taking paid surveys, and many more on sites such as InboxDollars, Swagbucks, SurveyJunkie, and FusionCash.

How Do You Get Paid Working on supports a myriad of currencies and provides services to an international market. Payments are disbursed straight to PayPal or bank accounts. Arrival of payments may take up to 72 hours.

What I Personally Like

Positive Client Feedback: A lot of freelancers testified that they earned a considerable sum of money through the website. You shouldn’t expect to become rich, but earning enough to settle outstanding bills and still have some little extras is guaranteed.

Earn What You Desire: You can decide to work as little or as frequent as you like and are free to set your desired rates.

Payment Protection: A good number of freelancers working at home can speak at length about customers who disappear into the thin air when it is time to get paid. On, buyers are enforced to make down payments beforehand using an Escrow account which is dropped upon completing jobs. In the occurrence of a payment issue, the platform has a process to deal with such disputes.


No single platform is accurate. Here are a couple of deficiencies I saw in the company:

Low-Paying Services: The Company allows you to post your desired rates and wouldn’t offer higher-paying jobs than related alternative platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and SEOCLerks. Most jobs listed on the website are low-paying.

The Company Does Not Have a BBB Profile: On the BBB (Better Business Bureau), has no profile listed. It’s possible because it didn’t emanate from the United States. Anyway, there’s no perfect way to admit that the platform handles support issues and customer disputes properly.

However, if you’d prefer sites with a considerable Better Business Bureau (BBB) rate, you can try out companies like,, and, where you receive payments for completing tasks such as giving reviews, listening to music on the radio, visiting web pages, and many more.

Horrific Client Support: Several freelancers admit that getting a hold of the platform with support and technical issues is extremely hard.

Managing Fee: Freelance sellers are charged a certain fee for using the site. A 20 percent handling fee is deducted from the first $600 earned every month and then a further deduction of 5 percent.

Restricted Free Bids: Only 15 free bids are allowed per freelancer monthly. Once this is exhausted, a freelancer can buy extra blocks of bids. As for the actual cost of these blocks, it is not published on the website yet.

Thus, is Legit? is a legit freelance platform for buyers and sellers. The site has a big list of categories for users who are in search for a variety of opportunities and allows sellers to post their own gigs. All payments are secured and made to pass through an Escrow account beforehand and you are to work as much or as little as you desire.


While you are hustling online working from home with get-paid-to sites like Upwork, Fiverr, PayPerHour, InboxDollar, FusionCash, and Swagbucks, you cannot get rich but only earn extra dollars to pay up bills.

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