Review of PartnerStack (or GrowSumo) 2020

By | May 9, 2020

Are you a pro affiliate marketer? Or have you just started an affiliate marketing business? Then you might be on the lookout for high-paying affiliate programs to earn passive income.
A high-paying affiliate program is such that offers higher commission payouts and greater returns with factors such as coverage systems, cookie length, and minimum payout.

PartnerStack (formerly called GrowSumo) is one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms that link the companies with publishers. Below is an in-depth review of PartnerStack
PartneStack (previously known as GrowSumo) is one of the most trusted Affiliate Marketing communities that link the brands with the publishers. I gave a comprehensive review of GrowSumo below.

PartnerStack (or GrowSumo) is an individually-owned Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) product for strengthening affiliate marketing programs run by most major brands such as Intuit, Drift, and Asana, to grow their company and an affiliate marketing platform and to promote a broad range of giant brands in one single dashboard.
My Rating: 9/10
Price: $500

Overview of PartnerStack (GrowSumo)

PartnerStack (formerly referred to as GrowSumo) is one of the most recognized affiliate marketing platforms for the growing brands and Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) products lately. It creates a strong connection between the affiliates/publishers and brands making it feasible for them to grow their companies.

This software makes it possible for the owners and affiliate marketers to recruit, engage, and groom and also compensates their clients assisting them with marketing their companies.

It functions well with all the affiliate networks and customizes an influencer program.
If you’re a brand, you’d have to promote your company with the clients, and the PartnerStack network creates more awareness and campaigns.

PartnerStack is a reliable marketplace and is adopted by companies like Freshbooks, Crowdfire, and Evernote as well.

Features of PartnerStack

Auto-generated profile for partners

Prior to proceeding, you need to be acquainted with the social media performance of your partners or how it functions as a partner.
Your partner’s profile is auto-generated by PartnerStack, so you can easily keep track of his history. With this network, you can make the content available for your partner to brand and share it for your own program.

Assign your clients the particular pages to trigger their referrals and also coordinate messaging for them to operate on single dashboard.

Analytics & Tracking

If you’re into affiliate marketing, then it’s necessary that you analyze and keep track of your affiliate marketing endeavor.
PartnerStack keeps track of the analytics that’s crucial for overall success and monitors your dashboard.
PartnerStack monitors the partner’s link of each individual and gives updates of live activities for your program. It can be exported to a CSV file to display it to your customers if the need warrants.

You can draw the metrics for things that are significant to your success and also customize your dashboard.

Smart Segments

The segmentation created for the partners and the customers helps you ascertain which of the partners is giving back more conversions and sales to you.

Draw out and set up filters for the partners according to how they’re performing with a particular program.
Messaging and segment-specific incentives can be experimented and other helpful factors can be deduced.


Are you willing to offer incentives to your partners for taking part in an offline seminar? Of course, you’d want to keep loyal partners to yourself.

You can reward a partner for giving your brand a shout-out on social media or in a blog post. The performance of the partners can be tracked exploring the client’s dashboard and their activities tracked. Give the right incentives to your partners and as at when due.

Client Tracking

This is one of the most viable features I’ve ever experienced in an affiliate marketing platform. Consider what is generating the sales and the source.

In the meantime, you can keep track of your partners and the client’s activity as well. You can keep track of the links and where they are being shared. Also, monitor the global reach of your partners and reach out to them using a live map.
So, you can find out the link that is bringing more conversions and sales and the source.

Email Campaign Editor

Set up an ideal email campaign for your clients and begin to drive sales using the autoresponder campaigns. The autoresponder campaign editor is a customized one and it helps automate and keep track of your email to each of your clients.

You can send welcome messages or a check to the clients through the message tab. Through the message tab, the campaigns can be modified for automation.

With the PartnerStack network, you can keep track of the specific activities that your clients engage in and control your replies via the same message tab. Once the messages have been created, it can be launched within minutes.

Promotional Campaigns & Offers

Create the right campaigns for those partners and market the products using the right campaigns. Keep track of each activity via the single dashboard and give incentives to them properly.

Customize your program registration page and upload a business logo, select your favorite color or perhaps organize your programs and start sending invitations to your partners.


PartnerStack incorporates effortlessly with several platforms like the CRM or the payment processors.

  • Zapier
  • HubSpot (CRM)
  • Salesforce (CRM)
  • Stripe (payment processor)
  • PayPal (Payment processor)
  • Chargify
  • Branch
  • Recurly
  • Unbounce
  • Braintree
  • Shopify
  • ChargeBee
  • WooCommerce
  • SquareSpace

Getting Started with PartnerStack (or GrowSumo)

Begin by signing up an account with the referral program of PartnerStack. You can create an account right away or try a demo and ride on with your campaign.

  • Sign up your PartnerStack (or GrowSumo) account
  • After creating your account, head on to the marketplace of PartnerStack and search for the products you’d love to promote as a GrowSumo partner
  • A considerable list of brands will be displayed once you’ve signed in. The PartnerStack marketplace is loaded with a good number of products you can promote as a partner. Choose the product that you are willing to promote and sign up to the affiliate program
  • After signing up for the program, migrate to the dashboard and check the link to copy your affiliate links
  • You’ll be able to access your affiliate marketing material through the Assets tab. The assets tab has exceptional marketing tips that you cannot find in other dashboards
  • Under the Payouts tab of the account dashboard, you’ll find information about your commission payouts and keep track of each payout’s status


The dashboard is such that you can easily manage with all the features included and is navigable. However, you’re not automatically paid, but the payout is made on requests. You can request for payment once you’ve hit a minimum of $25.


PartnerStack lets the affiliate marketers access the Free Demo. There’s no free trial offer but anyone can get started with the Free Demo.


  • Payment & Tracking Gateways
  • Individual partner program
  • Automated Partner Onboarding
  • Support Promotion Partners
  • $500/month
  • Automated Partner Payments
  • Automated Campaigns & Emails
  • Customized Program Registration Page
  • $15 bill on partner payouts

Pro (With all Lite features included)

  • 15$ bill on partner payments
  • $800/month
  • Partner Segmentation
  • Referral partners & Support Marketing
  • Custom Partner Agreements
  • LMS Integrations
  • Lead forms with CRM Integrations
  • Detection of Fraud
  • Group Specific Invoices
  • Employee level attribution
  • Program Migration
  • CRM Integrations
  • Phone-based Technical Support

Enterprise (With all features of Pro & Lite Included)

  • Custom Bill on Payments
  • Custom Pricing
  • Partner Application Management
  • Support Resellers
  • PO Particular Invoicing
  • Wholesale Orders and License Management
  • Custom CRM Integration
  • Customizations Available

Conclusion: PartnerStack Review

PartnerStack (or GrowSumo) will offer technical assistance to you in growing your site or blog for your affiliate marketing business.
It also helps in monetizing your blog and does the same to those who are growing their business blogs. This is an advantageous deal for both the brands and the publishers.

It integrates properly with several helpful platforms such as Hubspot, Zapier, PayPal, and Stripe. You can forward the automated message and modify it once for all.

It’s now up to you to make a decision on whether to monetize your site or not. You can find PartnerStack coupons online and directly apply these codes while in the checkout process.
Do not forget to share your experience in the comment box below this post if you’ve used GrowSumo before.


  • LMS Integrations
  • Partner Segmentation
  • Custom Partner Agreements
  • Fraud Detection
  • Employee level attribution
  • Lead forms with CRM Integrations
  • Program Migration
  • Group Specific Invoices
  • CRM Integrations
  • Phone-based support


  • Several brands turn deactivated that could arise due to the lack of publishers
  • A lot can be done better for getting the companies onboard.

Are you planning to start a business website? I’d love to introduce an independent affiliate marketing clique that has all you need to build a powerful online business and promote it using the premium tools and resources installed in the community.
If you’re willing to get started right now, do not hesitate to read more about this affiliate marketing community and how you can explore it.

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