Review of Ibotta: Is it Really Worth it?

By | February 29, 2020



More requests have been made for a review of Ibotta than just any other money-making app out there – which sounds great since the Ibotta app is proven to be an easy channel to save money weekly on groceries. Is it really worth your investment? Let’s have a look!

Have you in a lifetime found something that you believed you’d reasonably admire but couldn’t find the money, time or enthusiasm to lay hands on yourself?

Once in a blue moon, I’d try something new that I’m passionate about and give this a try. I evaluate the cost, time, and effort, and come to a conclusion whether it’s really worth it or not. If you don’t have the time to read this review in-depth, simply skip through and scroll towards the concluding paragraph to find out if it’s worth it or not.
In this post, I’m putting together for you a comprehensive review of Ibotta to find out how much precisely you can save using this free money-making app on your groceries weekly.

A social media fan sent me a screenshot of his annual account balance with platforms like Ibotta, and the likes. Once in the past, he has earned $500+ in 12 months using grocery stores like this. The comments on his earning status were surprisingly pretty odd.

Most fans envisaged that he would have had to spend much more than necessary to have saved that amount of money. I was quite sure long ago that it was a genuine way to spend or save.
Obviously, there’s need for an Ibotta app review.

What is Ibotta?

It’s a completely free money-making app that allows you to get some cash back on virtually any store brand.
If you purchase any cheap product (usually a non-specific or store brand), then you’d be in need of this app. You earn some cash rebates (about $0.20) on items like apples, milk, frozen veggies, shredded cheese, eggs, bananas, tomatoes, pasta, and bread. You purchase any brand of such items and still earn the cashback.

There are a couple of rebates on public brands as well, including food produced by organic farming. Firms like Pampers, Ragu, Hormel, Seventh Generation and many more have cashbacks available. Often the public brands are worth much more (like $4 off a pack of Diapers).

Though it keeps getting better! You are also able to make some money from a cashback team. For instance, this month, if your team makes $12 every month, and you make $6, you will earn a $2 bonus. If your team keeps saving, you’ll be able to earn much more with time.
If you want to start earning from saving, you can try Ibotta out because it’s a promising app to help actualize your saving dream. I know a friend who has just earned up to $24 in rebates from the past 2 weeks alone! If you belong to a team, you can work towards earning the $2 bonus talked about.

You can withdraw your earnings anytime and you’ll be sure of having a buying experience. You can choose to have your earnings credited to your PayPal account and the funds will be available right in your account within a few minutes of cashing out the money from the app.

How Long Does it Take to Utilize Ibotta?

No review of Ibotta would be perfect without analyzing how much time you’d spend saving funds though.
There are people who use a good number of public brand rebates. A Pinterest fan said, “It took me almost 7 minutes to have the rebates unlocked. Though, really, I’d only account for 50 percent of that time since, I was just planning on my grocery list and only having enough pauses to hit the play button. I got the purchases verified in store (I spent less than 60 seconds for all – the app was just maintained and barcodes swiped as they were added to the cart). After a moment, I got the receipt uploaded and took a screenshot of it, which only took me less than 60 seconds. So, I spent a total of 8 minutes.”

How Much Can You Save?

You can actually save as much as you want, but my quoted Pinterest friend was saving an average of $4.20 every week on the generic brand offers.

He made it known that he was about to save up to $12.40 when he couponed last week because he spent less than usual on groceries via couponing with this app. He could rip $120 worth of groceries for a $60 trip and $150 for a $75 trip. So, he would just continue being fortunate with more cash rebates on stuff he purchases; let’s just assume it happened, he was able to save $720 in a year – not to talk of bonuses, anywhere around $75 a year in team bonuses (let’s say a prudent $6.25/month team bonus revenue!)

Assuming you do not coupon at all, but you only purchase some underlying groceries per week, a very prudent estimate of $3 weekly would accumulate to an annual savings of $156 ($3 x 52 weeks). You would qualify for team bonuses peradventure the remaining members of your team are leveraging the same app, even at that rate, so add in an extra $3 monthly and you’ll be up to $192 per year.

Review of Ibotta – Anyway, Is it worth it?

Absolutely, yes! This is a great saving app for those who are extremely busy to coupon!
Not that I’m striking couponers! Not at all! I cherish coupons and have already begun leveraging them seriously. But a number of you may not be willing for that. You may be satisfied controlling whatever you have possessed now and wouldn’t want to shoot up for more. I accurately understand that.

This is the Reason You’d Need This!

If you are a couponer, there’s no problem with that. You can add the Ibotta app to your list of apps meant for storing coupons and sales; thus, it’s a unique way to acquire free or nearly free items. If you left those receipts in your account to withdraw before Holidays, wouldn’t an additional $300 or more be embraced right before Christmas?
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