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The Quora Partner Program (QPP) rewards its partners for asking valuable and useful questions. A lot of people are willing to provide answers to those questions and quality answers can be requested from relevant competent writers.
By leveraging the Quora Partner Program, partners are enabled to ask numerous questions useful and relevant to the Quora platform and writers are expected to provide quality answers to those questions which most people are on the lookout for. After a certain period of time, you may receive an invitation to join the Quora Partner Program.

Countries & Languages

In case you weren’t aware, Quora operates in multiple languages, and its partner program was designed to feature all those languages and their corresponding nations. The following languages are featured in the program:

  • Italian
  • English
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hindi

One of the great challenges faced by the company in trying to incorporate additional languages for the program is that the partners would have to be paid legally based on their respective nations. It implies that only a specific number of nations can be supported for now. If you’re from any of the countries below, you’ll get paid:

  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Germany

Anyone that happens to be a partner in the Quora Partner Program is also a partner in the rest of the languages. Thus, being a multi-lingual user, you’re free to subscribe to additional forums and bolster them with your content.
Frantic efforts are being made by the company to simplify the process of asking questions in different languages. And as time rolls by, more countries and languages are hopefully going to be added to the list.

What is the Procedure for Joining the Quora Partner Program?

The Quora Partner Program is known as an online model whereby writers get paid extra dollars for asking questions. The partner program is instituted to instigate a frequent creation of interesting and fresher questions. As a result, many are lured into the game of spamming the system by asking too many insignificant and plagiarized questions in order to earn quick cash.

You can only join the partner program by invitation. The yardsticks used by the company to determine who is to become a partner are obscure. No one is allowed to understand these yardsticks. Additionally, you’re only allowed to take part in the partner program if you are a resident of specific countries where Quora payments are made.

Once the invitation comes, simply click to accept it. The next line of action is starting to think about good questions you can tenably post to Quora on an everyday basis. You don’t have to get baffled about getting paid. From the onset, you may only start seeing a few cents or nothing at all from your questions. But as time rolls by, if your questions resonate with people and captivate the populace, you’ll discover later that your earnings have started growing geometrically.

Obtain an invitation through this route: https://www.quora.com/partners/info

Joining the Quora Partner Program

Here’s what you need to know while becoming part of the Quora Partner Program:

1. Asking Questions

It frequently occurs that when a Quora partner posts a question to the platform, similar questions are posted by other users repeatedly. If it happens that a lot of people upvote and like the answers posted to these questions, you’ll definitely experience a boost in your earnings.
For answers to really be successful, they have to satisfy people’s appetites.

2. Help Questions Receive Answers

Partners in the program can request answers to specific questions from the numerous Quora writers. If those requests yield quality answers, partners will earn revenue. These categories of users will turn Quora a much-needed platform for others.

3. Getting Paid

Partners will continue to receive payments as their questions and requests yield useful and quality answers such that they become visible to most people both on the Quora official site and in search results.
Note that helpful and quality answers that are indispensable to people depend solely on well-structured queries and requests. As a result of this, partners are mainly concerned about sorting for the most useful information and adding theirs to it for the people, both on the platform and in the online world. If you want to learn more about the Quora program, you can refer to their Frequently Asked Questions.

Quora Partner Program: Do’s and Don’ts

After becoming a Quora member, you’d need to be tolerant with the partner program. You can generate revenue up to a period of 12 months from the very date those questions were posted. You actually need to provide a lot of helpful questions to earn a substantial amount of income and virtually everyone would strive to do the same. It’s daunting to come up with nice questions and getting helpful answers to these questions.

If you can’t ask a lot of questions, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. It’s quite the urge for those questions and answers that warrant much more importance for finding more quality advertisers.
Not the number of questions you can ask matters but how helpful and useful they are to the audience. You can ask as many questions as possible, yet without earning a penny. Fortunately, some of your questions could go viral and captivate tons of qualitative advertisers, which will of course earn you some good dividends.

Once you’ve resolved to get started, you can continue to learn more about the program. The Frequently Asked Questions section is there to be explored together with other terms and conditions laid down on the website pertaining this topic.

Quora Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions

For more in-depth information, click the profile tab, and then select the About the Program option. You must avoid spamming this platform with insignificant and useless questions in the expedition for cash as some users do. If you’re caught spamming this forum, you can be reported for that, and this could get your invitation withdrawn. So, you must leverage the forum productively.


You might be contemplating on your mind; how you can earn money from the Quora Partner Program! The most viable means to achieve this is to become a Quora partner. You must keep in mind to always ask meaningful and appropriate questions. Quite a number of users are literally abusing the forum by spamming it. The mentality should be to showcase your potentiality and curiosity to the people so you can be hired.

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