PopCash Ad Network Review 2020

By | March 27, 2020






PopCash is an advertising network that lets publishers earn consistent revenue through pop-under ads. A lot of helpful features like an everyday payment schedule and a ten-minute registration process make it feasible for websites of all sizes to generate revenue through this platform.

PopCash also provides full and custom built support via Skype and electronic mail, as well as an interface that’s intended for flexibility. Above this, the system establishes a referral program that pays you 10% of earnings generated by your referred publisher.

What to expect in this post:

  • Offer Types
  • Ad Types
  • Traffic Types
  • Payment Proof & Rules
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Technical Support
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Referral Program
  • Benefits of Advertising through the PopCash Platform
  • Conclusion

Offer Types

  • Cost per mille (CPM)

Ad Types

  • Pop unders For Desktop
  • Pop unders for Mobile

Traffic Types

Mobile & Desktop

Payment Rules and Proof

Publishers can withdraw funds from their PopCash account once they’ve hit at least a threshold of $10. Payments are processed on an everyday basis – only a few advertising networks do this – which is extremely below the bi-monthly or monthly schedules run by most ad platforms.

Publishers receive payment alerts within 24-48 hours of making withdrawal requests, though requests made over bank holidays and weekends usually result in slightly longer hours.
Payment methods include Skrill, PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, and Payza, all of which have their respective charge rates attached to withdrawals. You can withdraw earnings in Bitcoin, and also have an option to receive payments via wire transfer once you’ve hit a minimum threshold of $1,000.

Terms & Conditions

A span of terms and conditions are applicable to the program at PopCash. There are more restrictions here than on most similar ad networks out there; thus, publishers would have to reach out to the group to find out whether or not the platform will accept their activity.

  • Misleading, aggressive or fake ads, such as those meant for antivirus or Flash player installs
  • An automatic Exe/Apk download that isn’t delayed for a minimum of ten seconds and, apparently, a choice to prevent it from downloading
  • Squeeze pages with content that doesn’t suffice, such as 404 errors and others
  • Content that is prohibited in the home country. Incest and violence are stated amidst other types in the Cs and Ts at PopCash.

Refusing to abide by the PopCash terms and conditions could lead to a monetary sanction and an account suspension in the most horrible cases. Every account takes note of the frequency and extremity of the subject.

On a more neutral prow, every publisher leverages a self-service network that enables them to make modifications where necessary without having to go through an account manager. The live performance of a campaign is shown in real time through its dashboard that loads in live stats.

Another important fact to note is on the registration process. Getting a PopCash account doesn’t take longer than ten minutes, while publisher account approvals take not longer than 60 minutes provided they are made during weekdays.

Technical Support

The various ways publishers can earn support from the PopCash team of engineers is through Skype, Yahoo instant messenger, and electronic mail. The company states this is nothing but Lightning Fast and accessible at all times, which is instrumental in converging queries.

Referral Program

PopCash has an amazing referral program that enables publishers to maximize their revenue with the platform. This assigns every site owner the opportunity to refer fresh publishers and earn 10 percent of their revenue as a commission.


  • 24/7/365 technical support through Skype and Email
  • Considerable CPM rates
  • Being a self-service company makes it feasible to make modifications to campaigns
  • Everyday payouts
  • Referral system paying 10 percent of the referred publishers’ revenue


  • Only specified traffic sources are allowed
  • No back links offered for traffic unsold

Benefits of Advertising through the PopCash Platform


  • Advertisers can select Devices, Browsers, Operating Systems, GEOs, and some other parameters
  • Tightly keep track of the progress of your campaign by evaluating hourly-streamlined analytics in your account
  • The major benefit is that you’ll have your campaign approved and validated within 60 minutes (working days) and on weekends, it will take approximately 12 hours
  • Once a minimum deposit of $5 has been made, campaigns can be run by anyone through this network
  • Its built in-house advertising server is designed to suffice your topmost prerequisites
  • Higher returns on investment (ROIs) can be achieved by utilizing publisher blacklisting and white listing features
  • It has a very simple interface and is ultimately user-friendly. It will suffice for both desktop and mobile devices
  • PopCash leverages on both 3rd party and internal tools to suppress fraudulent practices
  • You have the total control of any campaign you set up in PopCash at a given point in time, meaning that you’d have to edit, manage, create, delete or Pause your campaign.


PopCash only allows monetization of websites for publishers via pop unders, but the platform has all it takes to account for the shortage of available inventory.
There’s technical support 24/7/365 through Yahoo Instant Messenger, Skype, and email, while the platform, being a self-service one offers live stats amidst other features, which makes it possible for most publishers to make modifications to all campaigns and get specific advice.

Payments are made on an everyday basis to publishers who hit the $10 minimum threshold, these being made accessible via a span of famous terminals such as Wire transfer, Paxum, and PayPal is nothing but a big plus!
Among other things, registration is superbly easy, with a ton of info required to start out. Account approvals only take less than 60 minutes, meaning publishers who get their websites approved can begin seeing revenue straight away.
While making frantic effort to maximize revenue with PopCash, you’d have to start building passive income alongside, as this is the only way to plan for a greater future.

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