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In this review of Peerfly, I’m going to reveal to you everything you’d need to know about Peerfly as a brand and as an affiliate program.

What Is Peerfly?

Peerfly is an outstanding cost-per-action affiliate marketing network. The network is custom-built so that users can depend on it to always provide them with genuine hosted mechanics.
With Peerfly, affiliates and advertisers come together from all walks of life to do transactions. It has helped many businesses to gain more customers. Also, both parties involved can leverage their partnerships to boost sales and revenue.
Moreover, Peerfly offers affiliates free training and tools that they need for their smooth undertakings. On the side of the advertisers, they can look forward to reliable support from account managers and the compliance department.

A Brief Background of Peerfly

The name came into the industry in 2007. Being in the industry for 10 years has earned it the “senior” status. As at the time of writing this review, the network has more than 75,000 active affiliates coming from 165 countries. PeerFly’s website has 2,444 offers for affiliates to promote and make money from.

Application Price

Applying for a Peerfly account can be tough for beginners, but simpler for experts. Aside from having to verify your email and submitting an ID, you will also be called by one of the affiliate managers.

The purpose of the call is for them to gather information on how you plan to promote their offers. It is therefore advisable that you equip yourself with information on your planned marketing techniques. Know what type of traffic you plan to utilize in promoting their offers.

If you have a website whereby you want their offers promoted, share this with them as well. Avoid pulling their legs. Be open and honest about your backgrounds. They would always know if you play smart. The status of your application depends on this call.

Therefore, be prepared. If your application doesn’t get approved, you will have to seek more experience in offer promotion elsewhere. You can reapply when you are sure you have all it takes.
Once your application gets approved, you immediately have access to the dashboard. The dashboard is pretty instinctive and straightforward to navigate, which means there is hardly any learning curve in using their platform.

Benefits of Peerfly

  • Cost-Effective Platform: Peerfly is a cost per action network. This means that advertisers only pay for every successful task. The fact that it does not have a monthly or annual subscription fee makes it easy for merchants to enjoy the benefits of the network without compromising their marketing budgets.
  • Custom System: The fact that PeerFly is custom-built gives its users the assurance that they are working with reliable hosted mechanics. This as well means that it can be seamlessly updated with new features and tools. With this, users can expect better ways of managing their ads and partners.
  • Global Network: Unlike some affiliate marketing networks that only accept applications from established influencers, PeerFly works with potential publishers who have minimal experience. This gives room to individuals from all over the world to promote brands, enabling them to reach different specialties.
  • Lead Generation: So far, PeerFly has recorded more than 8 million leads and sales. This is a method to let businesses understand that they are working with a trustworthy and effective platform in expanding their reach to find more audiences.
  • Dedicated Support: with Peerfly, users get assistance when needed. For this reason, a dedicated account manager is appointed to each advertiser, who they can reach directly if there are issues or questions. This eliminates the long procedure of having to go through a PBX that takes time to connect users to a member of the support team.


One of the major factors affiliates watch out for in any affiliate program is the payout. We should be right to say that PeerFly’s offers have either the same or higher payouts than other networks. This can be attributed to the fact that PeerFly has a smaller team, which means a bulk of the earnings go to affiliates.
Let’s now assume you have earned enough to get paid; how long do you have to wait? PeerFly’s payout schedules are as below:


  • Net 30
  • Net 15
  • Net 7
  • Weekly Net 15
  • Weekly

Since cash flow is important to affiliate marketers, especially the newbie, receiving your payouts regularly and quickly is substantial. Peerfly acknowledges this and, therefore, aside from offering the standard payments above, they also offer immediate payouts using their Cash Flow program for a fee.
The interest charges for payments range from five to twenty-five per cent with the actual percentage depending on how much you plan to withdraw and when you want the money to be sent into your account. As regards processing times, you have a choice of either one business day, three business days or seven business days.
Their methods of payment are:


  • Wire Transfer
  • ACH (available for US residents only)
  • Check
  • Payoneer
  • Paypal
  • Amazon gift card
  • Bitcoin

What Position Is Peerfly in Our Categories?

Because companies have different business requirements, it is only wise that they run clear of paying for an all-encompassing, ideal software solution. Just the same, one finds it difficult to find such an app even among recognizable software solutions.
The reasonable step to take can be to note down the several critical functions that comprise considerations like key features, price terms, technical skill aptitude of staff, company size, etc. The second step is to follow through your research exhaustively.

User Satisfaction

We have come to a realization that in making a decision to buy Affiliate Marketing Software, it is important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews but also find out if the real people and companies that purchase it are actually convinced with the product.
This is the major reason I’d suggest that you look for a character-based Consumer Satisfaction Algorithm that compiles clients’ comments, reviews, and PeerFly reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The data must then be presented in an easy-to-comprehend manner for showing how many people had a positive and negative experience with PeerFly. With that information at hand, you should be ready to make a buying decision that you won’t regret for.

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