Paydotcom Review – Is It Legit?

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Paydotcom is one of the popular Affiliate Marketing Networks in the industry. It is an affiliate marketing network that allows interested individuals to promote and sell their products to earn a commission.


Company Name: Paydotcom
Year founded: 2005
Founder: Mike Filsaime
Headquarters: United States
Products: Digital software and products
Users: Over 1 million affiliates and vendors
Mike Filsaime is an internet marketer and an online entrepreneur. This affiliate network has more than 10,000 products across specialties. This makes it possible for affiliates to have numerous products to sell in whatever niche they choose.
Mike, in 2018, decided to merge Paydotcom with JVShare for the new revolution and innovation marketplace. JVShare is owned by Andrew Darius. Adrew Darius owns many software automation tools, including the popular ‘Explaindio Video Creator’. His software automation tools help small online entrepreneurs and online marketers to automate their businesses.

How to Become a Paydotcom Affiliate

To become an affiliate of paydotcom, start by logging in to the site. Fill in your details. Make sure you provide the correct email and be conscious of your password. Paydotcom will send you a confirmation mail that your account has been verified. And once you receive this confirmation mail, you can log in to your Paydotcom dashboard and have access to thousands of products which you can choose from to promote.
To start promoting products and services, you will have to send the vendor, whose products or services you want to promote, a request to promote their products.
Your request will be granted sooner if you are an old affiliate marker than if you are a new affiliate marketer. This is due to the huge number of requests they receive. They want old affiliates who have affiliate experience to sell their products faster.

How Does Paydotcom Pay?

Paydotcom commission rate ranges from 5% to 75%. Paydotcom pays only through PayPal. If you don’t have a Paypal account and you want to become a Paydotcom affiliate, then create one.
You can follow how many people have made a purchase through you; or how many people have clicked on your link. It is the vendor’s decision that determines if you are paid immediately or your commission is pended until the buyers’ refund process period passes.

How Much Money Can You Earn With Paydotcom?

Everybody wants to know how much he can make in a business venture before he ventures into that particular business. Like in most affiliate marketing networks, you can make as much as you want. Your earning has no limit.
Affiliate marketing is a lucrative online business. It only requires you to invest your time and effort. You also need to attend training and acquire the needed tools to understand how the program works.


  • Tons of Products: You have thousands of products to promote in any specialty you choose.
  • Affiliate tools: You are provided with affiliate tools to aid the efficiency of your work
  • PayPal payment method: The PayPal method of payment is a generally accepted method of payment.


  • Payout by Vendor: Some vendors are greedy
  • Delay or no payment: This is caused by vendors’ delay in payment
  • Low-quality Product

Paydotcom Complaints

It is generally accepted that there is nothing perfect. Paydotcom is not an exception. Let’s look into the shortcomings of Paydotcom from their complaints.

Affiliate Request

Mostly, vendors do not want to do business with affiliates who are new to Paydotcom. They want someone who has been with Paydotcom for a while. Their belief is that if you have been with Paydotcom for a while, you would have gathered the required experience to sell their products. They thereby tarry to grant the request of the newbie. This, on the side of new Paydotcom affiliates, is a setback.


A huge number of affiliates have come out to lodge their complaints that their payments were delayed or they were not paid at all. This is due to the fact that Paydotcom vendors are responsible for payments. Some vendors are greedy and they might decide to hold hard-earned commissions of affiliates. And if you are a bit lucky, you may be paid after some time.

Poor Support Service

The Support service plays an important role in every business. This is an area where Paydotcom lags. They have a poor support service. However, they have a tutorial and question and answer section. They, with this, give you guide to what needed to be known. If you still have issues, you can write to them. This will take days for them to respond.

Is Paydotcom a Scam

You will want to know if a business is a scam or not before you venture into it. Paydotcom is not a scam. It is instead an affiliate marketing network with a wide marketplace containing a huge number of products to promote.
What I only don’t like about Paydotcom is their payment method. It would be better if payments are not made by vendors. Most vendors seize this opportunity to their own selfish advantage and delay paying affiliates commissions. You are only saved from this if you find an honest vendor.
If you are a new affiliate and you find yourself in the hands of a greedy vendor, you will be discouraged to continue. Therefore, my advice to the newbie is that they should rather start with the Wealthy Affiliate community. You will be given the necessary training and there’s no such thing of a vendor not paying your earned commissions.


To become part of the Wealthy Affiliate community, take your time to read my review in order to learn a bit more about the community. As a starter, you will be provided with 10 starter certification courses.  You will also have two free basic websites to commence a profitable affiliate marketing business.

With these mentioned provisions in place, I will advise that you give it a try. You have nothing to lose. Even if you decide, after some time, to quit the community, the two websites will be advantageous to you. As an affiliate marketer, you will always need a website. This is the basis of your online business. The certification courses provided are also a bonus for you. The courses will teach you how to build a successful revenue website.

6 thoughts on “Paydotcom Review – Is It Legit?

  1. Travis

    I was curious about joining paydotcom thank you for giving a review about it. It actually sounds like a decent opportunity, as I am a beginner myself. I am interested in the wealthy affiliate that you talked about, I have heard a lot of good things about it. As a beginner in affiliate marketing would you go with the wealthy affiliate or paydotcom? 

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Travis, thank you for visiting and commenting!

      You are most welcome!

  2. Phil

    My opinion of paydot com is that I do not understand what the benefit of me joining with them is

    I STILL have to apply to the manufacteror of the products, the same way I would have to apply on my own

    How much does it cost to have an account with them?

    I especially was turned off when you mentioned that they have some bad products, that will reflect on me

    1. admin Post author

      Hi phil, thanks for stopping by.

      I am glad you learned dome tips. You are most

  3. Eric Seil

    Before reading this review, I heard of paydotcom about a couple of years ago. I know someone who used it but didn’t utilize the service that much. I now understand why paydotcom is not as valuable as you wrote about in this post.

    It’s nice to have plenty of products to promote and sell, but if most of them are of low quality, it’s not worth it. The fact that the vendors are greedy is telling, especially if you end up getting low payouts (if you get lucky as you mentioned). Also, I wouldn’t want to work with the support team if they’re not going to provide exceptional service.

    I’m glad I came across this review. If I consider joining paydotcom at some point (likely not), I’ll have my research done ahead of time.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Eric for stopping by.

      I am glad you learned some tips.

      You are most welcome!


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