Paid Forum Posting Review: Is It a Scam?

By | January 12, 2020


Paid forum posting


Paid Forum Posting (PFP) emerges one of the most famous digital platforms that offer SEO Article writing services, standard articles, forum or blog posting, proofreading and editing, management, virtual assistance services, and resume services.
In 2005, the company was originally established and later brought under new ownership and management. The current owners of the company are now based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company employs writers from all around the world and it requires that writers take a performance test to ensure they have the required qualification to meet the current and higher standards of the company.

How It Works?


  1. If you’re interested in writing for this network, you are to first read the rules about the company before you apply.
  2. The company welcomes applications from only writers that are 18 years of age or older. This rule has no exception.
  3. You’ll need to register an account with the site. You are not allowed to have more than a single account.
  4. You are to create a username which you haven’t used on any other online account or registration.
  5. Since the company ownership was transferred, they’ve now requested writers to reapply to the site. However, if you’d like a second chance, you’ll need to get the admin of the site notified. They don’t want you to register for a new account but use your existing account. The site admin will thereby update your writer’s status before you are allowed to take the test a second time.
  6. Once your account is established, you’ll have to go to the Applicant Posting Area. There, you’re required to make 7 different posts on their forum. You can make this a combination of creating a new thread or a comment on an existing thread.
  7. Each of the posts made in this area should be at least 25 words in order to qualify for the test.
  8. You are allowed to only make 7 posts in this area. Once you are done making the 7 posts in the testing area, you’re to visit the Hit My 7th thread and get the company informed that you’ve made your 7 posts. By now, you’ll have to stop making any more post in this area. Your application will automatically be rejected if you continue posting in the area.
  9. You are advised to apply to this site using a computer or laptop. They allege that people who apply for this position using a Smartphone or tablet have a higher rate of spelling omissions and other mistakes in their test posts.
  10. Your 7 posts are reviewed by the site’s admin and you’ll be notified by PM if your application is accepted or rejected by the site. Sometimes, a writer is asked to make a few additional posts on the testing forum. If they do not ask you to make additional posts, the admin will warn you that posting additional content to the area will get you disqualified from the acceptance process.

Application Forum Posting Rules:

  1. In creating your 7 posts, you’ll have to follow the forum rules.
    The company doesn’t allow you to add any links to your posts. You should not try and advertise on this forum or get other members joining your referral program or becoming an affiliate of any program.
  2. Keep the language appropriate and simple. This simply implies you can’t use any unpleasant language when posting on this forum.
  3. Each post you make to this forum must be in proper English. The company doesn’t allow you to make use of abbreviations or informal language that you’d use when sending out a text message to relatives. They also prohibit the excessive use of emotions on your test posts.
  4. The topics which you write about shouldn’t be about illegal activities, terrorism, sexual content or drugs.
  5. You are not allowed to copy and paste the content in the testing area. All plagiarized posts will automatically get you disqualified.
  6. When writing your post or leaving a comment on an existing thread, you’ll have to be civil and polite to other site applicants or the PFP staff.

How the Company Hires Writers?

  1. Upon the completion of your 7 posts, the admin staff will assess your writing skills.
  2. Your application is judged based on how well you follow the instructions given before posting to the forum
  3. You’re judged based on your grammar, spelling, punctuation as well as your proper sentence structure.
  4. When creating your posts, be sure that they are informative; do not write outside the topic, and add information to the discussion. Avoid posting a simple response. e.g. “it is okay”. Each response you make must be at least 25 words.
  5. Be sure to proofread all your content before you submit. You are judged on your ability to proofread your responses before sending them to the forum.
  6. All posts are reviewed by the company during the week. If you post on the weekend, this means you will have to wait for a couple of days for the staff to review your content during the week. Likewise, the staff doesn’t work on holidays.
  7. If you are accepted, the company will send you a confirmation email with a link. You are to follow the link and get the company informed that you’ve accepted their terms before they can allow you to enter the paid forum posting area.

How the Paid Forum Posting Area works?

  • This area is where you’ll find all the jobs listed.
  • You can pick a job as long as it is not occupied.
  • Accepting a job is simple. All you’ll have to do is tender your request to take one of the available positions.
  • Upon accepting the job, you’ll have several hours to commence the job.
  • On the job thread, you’ll have to provide the username that you’ve registered your account with.
  • Each forum posting job comes with two numbers in the job description. The first number indicates how many topics are new, while the second number indicates how many comments the job requires. You’ll see a number in a format like 5/25. This implies that you have to make 5 fresh topics and leave comments on 25 existing topics.
  • Each job comes with a deadline for you to get it completed. You cannot complete the job before the deadline. This implies that you must spread your content out over the time period.
  • The site gives room to only make 3 posts a day in each forum you’re working on.


While it’s a good practice for a newbie blogger to write for others in order to earn extra dollars and meet some important budgets, writing for others at the expense of your personal business shouldn’t be encouraged. However, if you can cope doing both, it’s a good blogging practice and if you want to learn how to set up your own personal brand, don’t hesitate to learn more through this route.

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