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Omnistar is an affiliate marketing program that allows you to get access to more customers through people you know. Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing arrangement where the retailer of a product or service pays a commission to a website for sales or traffic generated through it. This is by referring customers to the site where they can get the product. A company or retailer may advertise its product or services through several websites and pay according to the number of customers generated for it.

Businesses consider affiliate marketing as a system that is capable of increasing their sales exponentially and boosting their revenue. There are several marketing tools available in the market today that you can use to grow your business. Each of this software come with their unique features and strategies that you can use to increase your marketing outreach and your sales. One of such software is Omnistar.

Omnistar is an analytical Client Referral Solution that provides cloud-based referral marketing management services for online marketers and advertisers.
This referral marketing solution assists businesses in increasing web traffic and automating the affiliate incentives and commissions for its affiliates.

The main features of the Omnistar platform include referral campaign management, spam detection, affiliate marketing, generation of leads, tracking of leads, content marketing and management, and incentives distribution for referrals.

However, the tool is extensively customized and enables users to fine-tune everything based on their precedence. The lead management functions are boundless; these features make it possible to have a distinct lead generation tool and do most jobs automatically for its users.

Omnistar has an affiliate management tool that helps grow brands of all sizes. Any enterprise looking to expand its client base will find Omnistar useful in organizing and managing its own affiliate program.
Created for affiliate marketing novices and pros alike, Omnistar assists brands in realizing the marketing ability of their returning clients.

The affiliate software helps growing brands set up and control their affiliate program by providing them with all essential tools.

The Omnistar Interactive Affiliate Software (called OSI) makes provision for any brand that is looking for the most prominent way to set up and control their in-house affiliate or referral program.

About Omnistar Interactive Affiliate Software

The Omnistar Interactive Affiliate Software (OSI) is a pro referral marketing platform that enables you to effectively set up and control your own affiliate or referral program.

Spotlighting a flexible interface and strong affiliate marketing software, Omnistar Interactive Referral Software (OSI) lets you come up with the most viable in-house referral program that will assist in expanding and promoting your marketing funnels.

Major features include email templates, contest manager, coupons and discount codes, good incentives, feedback survey, social network widget, and auto registration.

Omnistar has become very popular as an affiliate marketing tool. It is a product of OSI marketing software and it the most trusted and patronized affiliate marketing software. This marketing platform leverages on your connections and social media to position your product favorably, to earn you so much traffic and customers. The software uses easy to use referral marketing to increase traffic to your website. You can also integrate your referral marketing with other commonly used apps like Amazon, Shopify, Mailchimp, Bigcommerce, and PayPal for more flexibility in running your business.

The software allows you to reach out to different customers and social influencers to help you to market your brand. It also leverages on customers that you already have, to reach out to other customers and increase traffic to your website and expand your market base. At OSI, they believe that people you know can go a long way in helping you promote your products and also reach out to customers on different social platforms.

In recent times, people are connected to one another using different media and networking platforms. You can use the connection of just one customer to reach out to over a thousand people as you promote your brand. Apart from that, products that come from friends and relations are likely to be more trusted and better appreciated by potential customers.

OSI comes with several tools that you can use to engage people on different social media platforms. With social media sharing, you can write posts about the benefits of your products and share on different social media platforms, and using assigned codes, your customers can also market to other customers, making it easy to share and promote your product from one person to another.

The promo codes make it possible to give discounts to all persons referred to your website, and even when those referred persons bring in other people. With the software, you can promote through customers and influencers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms. You can also promote offline using podcasts, television, and radio.

The survey tool that comes with the software can help you to generate information about your most n loyal customers that you can sign up to help you to reach out to other customers. You can send surveys to them through their emails.


Features of OMNISTAR affiliate Software

1. Auto sign-up: every referred person is a potential customer and also a potential affiliate. The auto sign-up signs up every referred person so that every time a customer makes purchases from your store, they are automatically converted into an advocate of your brand.

2. Every time a customer visits your store, you can engage them with the timed pop-ups and exit intent. The pop-ups help you to build your customers’ email list and also increase conversion rates while it reduces bounce rates.

3. You can reward your advocates with discounts, commissions, gift cards, or coupons or by any method that you deem fit.

4. On the platform, your customers are gradually converted to your business partners as they help you to promote your business, reach out to other customers, and boost sales.

5. Almost all internet users are connected by one social media platform or another. This makes it possible to leverage an individual’s social network connection to reach out to a large number of customers. And each of the customers can also use social media to reach out to other customers.

6. New customers referred by other customers can get a discount on their purchases through discount codes or coupons to be used at the points of purchase.

7. The program gives detailed analytics about the number of sales made, the number of clicks and impressions, and other necessary details.

8. Using the platform, you can upload posts and graphics for your product or brand on different online platforms, websites, and social media.

9. There are many email templates that you can use for your referrals. They too can use the templates to send emails to bring in other people.

10. You can organize a contest among your referrals to keep them more engaged and increase your customer base and also your sales.


Benefits of using the software

o You can use it to double or even triple your sales.
o It uses referrals to get more customers for your product as those that are referred also get to refer to other people.
o It has a social share widget that you can use to share posts on social media platforms.
o It allows you to generate traffic to your website.
o It uses coupons and discount codes to encourage buyers to buy your product, thereby converting leads to sales.
o It upgrades your customers to become affiliate partners.

The software also has a few flaws
 You cannot specify different commissions for different products.
 The customer care is not very responsive.


The different packages

First, you have the 15 days free trial after which you will need to upgrade to one of the plans. You can subscribe for a $47 monthly subscription which gives room to connect with 200 affiliate users. It also allows for tracking requests of up to 20,000, and you can build and use your Domain Directory listing.

The $97 a month package, however, offers you more. It allows for 1000 affiliate users and as much as 500,000 tracking requests. You can also access the exit intent and pop up tools. There is also the customizable thank you pages that you can use to appreciate and motivate your customers. It also allows you to use your Domain Directory Listing.
There are other packages that you can choose from if you operate a big business.

In conclusion, Omnistar an award-winning software gives you the opportunity to grow your business by leveraging on the contacts and social networks of your customers. It helps you grow your business and also helps your customers to earn as you earn. Omnistar has received many favorable reviews and is constantly working on innovative ways of growing your business.

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