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While the most emphasis is laid on website traffic, it is also important to talk about the loading speed of websites.
You put in all the efforts to get traffic to your site, only for the visitor to leave your site almost immediately because of the time it takes for your site to load. This is why a lightweight WordPress theme is very important because of its loading speed.

The 8 Fastest WordPress Themes

Apparently, there are tons of free and premium themes all over the internet. But one of the biggest problems is how to pick a suitable theme that is perfect for your website with fast loading speed as a priority.
To this end, I will be discussing 8 of the fastest WordPress themes. These WordPress themes are mostly lightweight with quality codes that speed up a WordPress site.

1. Generatepress WordPress Theme

Generatepress is a beautiful, highly-customizable, and a multi-purpose theme. It has both the free and paid versions, though the paid or premium version has more useful features than the free one.

The premium version of Generatepress costs $45.95. It is a lightweight theme and comes with a modular framework that allows the user to disable unwanted features.

This WordPress theme has 15 modules for a user to harness the functionality of the theme. As a user of Generatepress, you have the option to activate/deactivate any module that you are not using so as to get rid of extra loads on your website.

This approach is aimed at increasing the speed of your site all by yourself. The demo site of Generatepress loads in over 1 second, making this theme one of the fastest.


  • Enormous site library where you get ready-to-use demo site for your WordPress site
  • Generatepress has a responsive design that suits all devices
  • The theme supports translation into multiple languages
  • It has a lightweight framework, responsible for the fast loading of sites. And a lot more.

2. Divi WordPress Theme

This theme looks simple and easy to use, but is one of the most powerful WordPress themes you can think of. Divi WordPress theme has only the premium version and it costs $89 which is subjected to yearly renewal – while $249 is the cost for a one-time payment – no yearly renewal!

With Divi, you can build a beautiful website without hassle. You don’t even need to code or install plugins from a 3rd party. It has a very fast loading speed.


  • The theme has up to 800 pre-made layouts for websites
  • Upon sign up for a membership, a user gets full access to the Elegant Theme including Divi Bloom, Extra,
  • Monarch, Divi builder plugins with unlimited usage.
  • Divi users can use plugins and themes on different websites without the need to buy another license
  • Divi supports WooCommece integration, 30-day money-back guarantee and lots more.

3. Astra WordPress

This theme is a lightweight, page-builder-friendly, and a fast WordPress theme. Astra was designed by BrainStorm force and is regarded as one of the fastest loading themes. The loading speed is less than 1 second.

The theme is highly customizable and pretty simple to use. It is worthy to mention that Astra is completely free to download. You can download the theme and use it right away without any cost. It, however, has an affordable add-on that enhances the customization possibilities.

Astra pro-add-on costs $59; it extends and adds more features to the free theme. While the Astra Agency package costs $249. It contains all plugins that are useful in website building.


  • Astra is compatible with a page builder like SiteOrigin, BeaverBuilder, Elemetor, Divi, etc
  • It has beautiful designs that suit any type of business
  • Dozens of pre-designed and amazing starter sites ready to be imported
  • Very easy to customize, you don’t need to worry about code
  • SEO-friendly foundation, and many more.

4. Schema WordPress Themes

The schema also falls in the category of lightweight WordPress theme. It is fully customizable with a responsive design. The theme is suitable for all types of blogs; it loads very fast. The premium version costs $59.


  • Fully responsive design that is suitable for all screen sizes
  • It supports translation to different languages
  • It has an ad management panel for users to manage ads on their website. Plus more features.

5. OceanWp WordPress Theme

This theme is user-friendly and lets the user build amazing websites with WordPress. Users can also import ready-made demo sites with just a mouse click.

OceanWP has 7 extensions for the free version and 11 premium extensions for users to further extend the theme. The premium extension can be bought individually at the rate of $9.99 each or the whole bundle for $39. The license is for a single site.


  • OceanWP is fully optimized for mobile and can fit into any screen size
  • Fully ready for WooCommerce and e-commerce
  • Advance Mega Menu
  • Built-in features to customize WordPress

6. Studiopress Themes

Studio press themes are lightweight code and mobile-optimized, which ensures that the users’ blogs are fully optimized for speed. The demo page of Studiopress loads under 1 second. That’s amazing! The theme costs $99.95, it does not have a free version


  • Fast loading time with reliable security
  • Powered by Genesis Framework codebase
  • Full support and lifetime access to the support team of Genesis and other communities.

7. Skin WordPress Theme

In contrast to other themes discussed in this article, the Skin WordPress theme is 100% free. Though it doesn’t have many features as the other themes, it has some cool features.

Skin WordPress is fully responsive and can work well on all devices. It has 2 featured sliders and 3 content layouts to choose from. It integrates with WooCommerce and can be used to build an e-commerce site.


  • Support multiple sites
  • Has 4 header styles to use
  • It supports WooCommerce
  • It has 3 content layouts
  • Supports customization of the theme

8. Elementor Hello Theme

This is a starter theme; it doesn’t have any browser capability styling. But with Elementor, users can create amazing WordPress sites, fast and without hassle.
The theme is designed to be used by a page builder such as Elementor. This implies that you can’t use this theme without an Elementor page builder. So, you need to get an Elementor before going for this theme.


  • It’s one of the fastest, and 100% free WordPress themes
  • No excess codes
  • Only works with either Elemetor or Elementor pro
  • Users can extend the theme with a hook.

How to Test the Load Time of a WordPress Theme

Before you pick any theme to purchase, make sure you check if it is well-optimized for speed. You can do that by testing the demo site to see how fast it loads.
You can use a tool like GTMetrix to test the speed of the demo site. Simply visit GTMetrix and type the theme’s demo site URL into the search box and submit.
The tool will run some analysis on the website and tell you the amount of time it takes for the site to load.
If you want to test many pages at once, you can use the service of BatchSpeed. With this tool, you can carry out bulk speed testing of different URLs using the page speed checker of Google
Note that the amount of time it takes for the demo sites to load is exactly the same time it will take for your site to load as well.
Some studies have shown that most web users will move on if your site doesn’t load within four seconds.
Another thing to bear in mind is that running a demo test is not the surest way of confirming how fast the theme is. This is due to other factors like where the theme is hosted and the performance of the host’s server.
So, a better way to determine the speed of the theme is to look at the total number of requests and the page size it uses for the page to load. This method does not depend on the hosting company the theme was hosted on.

Another Important Factor to Consider

Yes, themes have a great impact on how fast your page loads. But another thing you shouldn’t look down on is your web hosting company. Your overall site performance is somewhat dependent on your Web hosting company.

In fact, a hosting company is the #1 factor in WordPress for a good site performance.
That is why you should not fall for the cheap hosting companies; most of their servers are not sluggish and not too fast.

As a starter, you may begin with them if you don’t have the financial capability at the beginning, but make sure you switch to bigger companies as your business grows.



I believe you have understood the importance of having a fast loading site which is achievable with a good WordPress theme as well as a good hosting company.

The WordPress themes I discussed here are very good and reliable, with lots of amazing features that look great on sites. You can pick from one of these themes and improve your site performance.

Do you still want to access over 2,000 professional and highly-responsive WordPress themes for free? If yes, don’t hesitate to try out Wealthy Affiliate. The online business community gives you access to 2,000+ WordPress themes that you can choose from to design a beautiful WordPress website.

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  1. Justin Eberly

    Thank you for your helpful review on responsive wordpress themes.

    I am understanding that the loading speed is very important, a slow speed can turn away visitors before the site loads, and we defiantly do not want that.

    I am actually using your #1 theme, the generatepress and find it suitable for my needs. It is great for desktop and mobile devices.

    Can I continue to use the free version or would you recommend I upgrade?

    1. admin

      Hi Justin!

      Thanks for visiting ! The free version can do , but if you want to upgrade feel free to do it.

      You are most welcome!


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