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By | April 3, 2020



People go into blogging for different reasons. While some do it out of their passion to write and enlighten or entertain a perceived audience through their writing prowess, others go into blogging because of the financial rewards involved. In other words, they blog to monetize it.

Regardless of what led you into blogging, I believe it makes sense to receive some financial rewards for the time and effort you spent to put up a nice and educative content on your blog.
One popular way of earning from your blog as a blogger is to display ads on your sites. You simply sign up on an online advertising network so as to display ads on your sites. There are tons of advertising networks that offer these services; I have done a review on some of these online ad networks in some of my posts before. So today, I will be making a review on yet another advertising platform known as Monumetric.

So, What Is Monumetric?

Monumetric works similar to other online networks like Google AdSense, Ad Trive etc. Monumetric is an online advertising network that receives ads from different companies willing to advertise their products or services.
As a blogger or site owner, if you have been searching for an alternative ad network to monetize your blog or you don’t know the right platform to pick from the tons of advertising networks, look no further as Monumetric might just be what you are searching for.

The Monumetric ad network uses a system known as, the Pay per View (PPV). This simply implies that, you get paid for an ad impression on your site or blog. Simply put, you do not need to worry if your blog visitors click on your ad or not.
As a blogger, you can be earning huge from the Monumetric network because of their unique PPV integrated system. Achieving this feat is not a rocket science. You just need hard work and determination to increase the number of visitors otherwise known as traffic, to your blog or sites. That is all you need.

So, if you are having problems with getting traffic to your sites, I recommend you make quality blog posts that will keep your site’s visitors spell bound. You should also look up on different strategies to get more traffic to your sites.
You will get a lot of great information from the internet. When you have good traffic on your site, it increases your ad impressions which translate to more earnings. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Then read on!

So, I am guessing that the question racing through your mind right now is – how much will you earn from Monumetric? Your earnings on Monumetric is not set on stones. The platform has a great feature of PPV already; for you to earn big from it will solely depend on how interesting and engaging your blog post is.
To leverage on the PPV system, you should take time to create an intriguing and educative posts on your blogs that will keep your visitors returning for more. The key here, is great content will translate to more earnings. You cannot go wrong, if you choose Monumetric ad network today, because you’re earning potentials is in your hands.

Requirements to Register on Monumetric

Monumetric has some minimum requirements for bloggers and site owners who intend to monetize their blogs – the requirements are not that difficult to achieve. However, one of their requirements which demand that, for a blog or a site owner to be accepted by Monumetric, the site or blog must have at least 10,000 monthly page views. This seems to be the only hurdle, most especially for new bloggers. With determination and hard work, you can easily scale through this hurdle.
This is where the thought of Google AdSense and other similar ad platforms could come into your mind as it does not require a huge amount of page views in order to be accepted. Every online advertising platform performs have their pros and cons.
For instance, Google AdSense has stricter rules compared to Monumetric. Again, you can easily get the 10,000 monthly page views.
Keep In mind that you only need the 10,000 page views just for the sign up process, once you are in, it doesn’t matter if your page views decline or increase. Although, it will be in your favor to maintain a huge number of page views for more earnings. Hope you got it!

How to Register on Monumetric

Registration is simple. Just get to the site, click on the sign up button and follow the process to the latter. You will need to submit your website address for approval to their advertisers, which takes up to 1-2 weeks. You will be assigned an account manager who will discuss with you on how you want your ad to be displayed

Pros and Cons of Monumetric

Like I said earlier, virtually all online advertising networks have their pros and cons.


With the Monumetric ad network, you are guaranteed to have a steady earning. This is due to their unique Pay-per-View (PPV) earning system as discussed earlier at the beginning of this article review. Other online ad networks such as the famous Google AdSense and many other similar platforms do not use the PPV system, but rather, a pay per click. Finally, Monumetric has an efficient support teams and have a timely response.


One factor that usually turns off potential publishers on Monumetric is their $99 setup fee required during the registration stage. Another factor is that their signup process takes long to complete. Some publishers complain of how stressful and difficult it is to become a publisher on Monumetric. This experience is however not the same for everyone.

Monumetric Payment System

Monumentric pays through PayPal and direct deposit. Payment made via Paypal is applicable to publishers who reside outside the United States, while the direct deposit which usually takes up to 10 working days is exclusive to citizens of the United States.
In conclusion, Monumentric is a great advertising network which could be exactly what you have been searching for.


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