MaxBounty Review 2020: the Highest Paying CPA Network

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I’ve got this program to talk to you about and you would be excited after reading through. I’m talking about the MaxBounty Affiliate Program. And in this post, I would be giving a comprehensive review on all you need to know before starting out.

One of the greatest privileges of affiliate marketing is the wide variety of choices.
Think of it this way, a typical affiliate marketer can choose from the thousands of affiliate programs to join. So while some other industries limit their players, affiliate marketing gives you full room to grow.

I’m sure you already have at least one affiliate marketing program you are engaged in. Or maybe you are a freshman in the game and you need more information.

Why would any affiliate marketer want to leave his present program for MaxBounty?

Let’s go and find out if the hype about MaxBounty is true, or if it’s just a hype.

A Brief Intro to MaxBounty

MaxBounty is an affiliate network company that offers a bunch of benefits to advertisers and affiliate marketers.
Advertisers can use MaxBounty for promoting their offers while affiliate marketers do the promotions through their sites. As advertisers focus on increasing revenue through product sales, marketers focus on increasing their revenue through affiliate sales.

MaxBounty was founded in 2004 with a noble mission to create income earning opportunities for its users, but has since grown to incorporate more than 20,000 affiliate marketers and 250+ advertisers. The affiliate network also serves at least 20,000 offers in all niches.

MaxBounty is a preferred choice for affiliate marketers due to certain benefits they enjoy.

About MaxBounty Affiliate Program

The MaxBounty affiliate program is a platform for marketers to turn their traffic to cash.
Marketers have access to hundreds of merchants and lots of affiliate offers to choose.
MaxBounty offers a solid support for affiliate marketers through its support team. There are account managers to attend to all your needs concerning the program.

MaxBounty also offers web hosting services for marketers for their site hosting.
The security measures are top-notch ensuring that marketers’ sites are kept safe at all times.

Amazing Benefits of the MaxBounty Affiliate Program

1 – Dedicated Managers to Guide You

Whether you’re new to the affiliate marketing industry, or an oldie, MaxBounty makes it easy to use its platform by offering you dedicated account managers that will handhold you throughout the sign up process – not only that, but offer guidance that will prove helpful in navigating the waters of affiliate marketing.

This is a big plus that endears marketers to MaxBounty.
You will also receive tips to help you optimize the usage of MaxBounty affiliate program.

2 – High Payout for Affiliate Marketers

Whenever the topic of the highest paying CPA Networks is talked about, MaxBounty is one of those names that get mentioned.
It is one affiliate network that pays the highest rates compared to any company in its niche.
No wonder it is the acclaimed highest-paying CPA network in the world.

3 – Weekly Payouts

This is one of the most appealing things about MaxBounty – the fact that you receive your earnings on an ongoing weekly basis.
If this were the only reason to join MaxBounty, you would still have a ball taking part in it.

4 – Partnership with Global Firms

Talk about experience and you get all that in MaxBounty, including some of the most productive partnerships with reputable brands around the world.
Some of these brands include, Nielsen, McAfee, Norton and many more.
MaxBounty’s partnership with these brands tells you a lot about the reputation of the affiliate network.

Basic Features of MaxBounty

I – MaxBounty is an affiliate program that has been in existence for over 15 years – having partnerships with reputable firms around the world, plus hundreds of other advertisers.

II – MaxBounty offers hosting services for site owners on shared, WordPress, and cloud hosting.

III – MaxBounty is the highest paying CPA affiliate network in the world.

IV – Weekly payouts for affiliates who meet the payment threshold.

V – Broad range of campaigns such as CPA, CPL, mobile and PPC.

VI – Performance based bonus that entitles affiliate marketers to earn $1,000 – for new marketers who earn that much in their first three months.

VII – Easy-to-use dashboard that helps affiliates track their earnings and update all their earnings.

MaxBounty Affiliate Payments

MaxBounty is a high paying affiliate program that pays marketers weekly.
There is a bonus given to marketers who have earned $1,000 within the first 3 months of joining the affiliate program. The total amount received for the bonus is also $1,000 which is paid to the marketer after the third month.
The payment options available for affiliate marketers include PayPal, Intercash, check, ACH and Bitcoin.

Pros and Cons of MaxBounty Affiliate Program


  1. MaxBounty is one of the highest paying CPA affiliate programs globally
  2. Affiliate marketers in this program enjoy a high level of support from the assigned dedicated account manager
  3. Bonus earnings for new affiliates that are able to earn $1,000 within their first 3 months


No noticeable disadvantage of joining MaxBounty.


Affiliate marketing offers one of the best paying options for making money online. All you have to do is build up your site or blog with high quality traffic and you’re good to go.
As an affiliate marketer, there are thousands of affiliate marketing programs to select from. Some of these affiliate programs are personally run by merchants or online stores while affiliate networks exist to bring both advertisers and affiliate marketers under one roof.

MaxBounty is an affiliate network company that offers so many benefits for advertisers and affiliate marketers.
Affiliate marketers have the privilege of being a part of the highest paying CPA networks around. The company offers bonus pay as an incentive to new marketers, while it pays the marketers on a weekly basis.

MaxBounty is an easy-to-use platform that offers a very intuitive dashboard for its affiliate marketers.
There are no major requirements to get started with MaxBounty, so you can as well visit the site to sign up.
Do you want to be a successful affiliate marketer working from the comfort of your home? If yes, all you need to do is enroll for Wealthy Affiliate certification/training, and you’re good to know.

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