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By | March 28, 2020



I came across this new platform and guess what; it was worth giving a try. It’s called Ezoic.”It’s a platform that gives you so much more than AdSense does. Let me tell you a little about it.

What is Ezoic?

Publishing with Ezoic gives you the chance to make more money from different ads that are tested across your site. It’s a platform that’s got so much to offer. I kept hearing quite good reviews about it then; even though I was a little skeptical at first, I decided to give it a try. And I’m so thrilled about my earnings.

Why Switch to Ezoic?

I’m sure business is good with AdSense. It was for me. But I assure you, Ezoic helps you make much more money than AdSense does.

How Do You Make Money with Ezoic?

Ezoic partners with Google Certified Publishing, a cloudflare certified partner, JW Player, and the Flippa website exchange. Infact, it is a super support for publishers.

Once your niche is cool, Ezoic gives you a 40-50% increase over AdSense. What an edge! On the average, everyone moving over to Ezoic gets a 50% increase. Cool right?

Okay. Let’s see how it works

EPMV! This means Earnings per Thousand Visitors. On Ezoic, you earn per thousand visits. Once you are on the platform, more and more people get to know about your website and that means more visitors and more earnings for you. Hey, take a look at this formula:
EPMV = Total Earnings/ (Visitors per Thousand).
Just like me, you can double your EPMV and even triple it in a couple of months. In fact, in less than two months, my earnings moved to 4 digits – much higher than I did with AdSense.
Here’s how the EPVM has grown (for all websites):
Ready to be part of it?
I didn’t want to try it. But as I was not expecting to make losses, I decided to try it. So I followed the steps. Just do the same. But before you start, ensure the following:

  • Make sure your website gets at least 10,000 visitors every month.
  • Turn up original content
  • Comply with Google’s policies (look them up)
  • Write in AdSense supported language
  • Get AdSense approval

(see Ezoic website for more details).
Once you meet the criteria, moving on to the platform becomes a piece of cake. Their customer support will take it from there and what they need from you is the read-only access to the Google Analytics of your website. Then you get approved.
You will also be assigned an account Manager to help you set up your ads. My manager helped me with the placeholders and he sure keeps an eye on the ads, so that any problems are effectively managed.
What next?
You’ve got to do some add-ins on your website too. If you use cloudflare, just activate Ezoic on your dashboard but if it’s WordPress (not fast enough for me and can interfere with other catching plugins), you need to use the Ezoic WP plugin.
Just install, activate and set it up. The third option is Nameservers. The Ezoic website will guide you on setting it up. You can then add the Ezoic placeholders to your website. You can use Quick AdSense to do this or Ad Inserter plugin (free version available).

NOW, what’s cool about Ezoic?

  • The earning per thousand is considerable (40% to 50%).
  • Once you meet the requirements, you get accepted.
  • Just 10,000 visitors per month –little requirement compared to some other platforms.
  • The AI understands the behavior of visitors and collects data for enhancing visitors’ experience.
  • I really love their customer support – All out to help publishers succeed.
  • And their analytics are a good guide as to what type of posts stimulate your revenue.

The “Buts” I Noticed with Ezoic

  1. The ad set up takes up a bit of your time because it has to be set up manually, but with your account manager assisting with the ad holders, you won’t fare badly. I didn’t.
  2. Also, Ezoic speed is not the best, but the site accelerator does help out.

Here are Some Tips

If you want to replace Google AdSense with the Ezoic code, you need to have a new placeholder on the Monetization page of your Ezoic dashboard. Next you copy its code. Go to your website, open the plugin for inserting ads, locate the previous one you would like to wrap and place the code of the old ad between the div-s of the Ezoic placeholder and save the settings.

You can also add multiple sites by clicking on the website name next to the Ezoic logo in the menu, and on the popup sidebar on the right, click “Add a site”.(The website I added really boosted my earnings).
On Ezoic, you will be eligible to be paid after you have filled out your payment preferences and your tax information or you’ve earned at least $20 in the previous earning. Ezoic pays on the last day of each month.

I mean it when I say Ezoic is much more profitable than AdSense. Remember that you can double and even triple earnings. Just patiently get the set up right. And as your website grows older on the platform, so does your chances of increasing your income. Remember to follow the steps as I have advised and you’re good to go.
You can use this…

Pinterest traffic works real cool with Ezoic. I tried it using Tailwind and it was super. The posts really went viral and what… more traffic and more earnings for me. A hit for Ezoic advertisers! I still enjoy the traffic and the earnings. Yes, it hasn’t stopped coming.

Just like I did, take the step. Look, if you’re not going to make losses, what stops you from giving it a try? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Just go ahead so you too can earn as much as I do now.

Do you currently have a blog that you build and monetize with Google AdSense? Were you, at one time or the other, frustrated by Google AdSense? Then it is time to give Ezoic a try!
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