Mailigen Review: An Advanced Email Marketing Tool

By | May 17, 2020





Mailigen is an email marketing tool that supports the sending of emails, importing email addresses, building campaign lists, and lots more.

Mailigen was established in 2010; its goal was to create a cost-effective, flexible, and simple-to-use email marketing service.

In this post, we will be making a review of the Mailigen email marketing provider. We hope this article will give you all the information you need about Mailigen.

Features of Mailigen

Although Mailigen is relatively new when compared to other similar email marketing platforms; it has grown tremendously to become one of the key market players. It delivers outstanding functionality and it’s quite easy to use.
Let’s look at the features of this email marketing software.

Send Out Unlimited Emails

This particular feature makes Mailigen stand out among other email marketing platforms. You can send an unlimited number of email messages to your campaign list, regardless of the plan that you are on, whereas, this feature is not so in other email marketing software, as it is not applicable to all plans.

This implies that Mailigen is suitable for both small and large businesses. You don’t have to worry about exceeding the email limits of a plan.

A/B Split Testing

With this feature, you can create and send several email messages of a particular campaign while adjusting some elements to see the one that performs better.

The aspect you can test with this feature is the email content, subject line, sender’s name, just to mention a few. You can also add some dynamic content to an email of a recipient that meets a particular rule.

Email Automation

Mailigen has an automated feature that is easy to use. For instance, you can use the autoresponder to schedule and send messages at a future date and time.

You can also decide to auto-post a campaign to either your social media or, you can add different RSS feeds to your campaigns. Once you set and schedule the RSS-to-email newsletter automation, your subscribers will automatically receive email updates on your new blog posts.

The automation feature is particularly important to small businesses. This is because, as a small business owner, you will be able to use and maximize your limited resources.

For example, you can create an email campaign to educate your new subscribers on the benefits of your products or services. This simple act can potentially increase your sale rate.

Double Opt-in

When new subscribers want to sign up, they have an option to single opt-in or the double opt-in. The difference between these two options is that the latter requires the subscriber to both signups and confirms it while the former does not require any confirmation.

The double opt-in feature is important to a business because your subscribers won’t accuse you of sending out spam messages. This feature is also in compliance with GDPR.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach your subscribers. It’s no brainer as most people can’t do without their mobile phones.

Mailigen understands the power of SMS and fully supports it. As a user on Mailigen, you can add the SMS option to your subscription form so as to collect the phone numbers of your intending subscribers during sign up.

This option is exclusive to only premium users on Mailigen. It also comes with tools such as mobile marketing reports, integration of SMS campaigns with Google Analytics and email marketing as well as SMS audience segmentation.

Templates and Forms

Mailigen does not offer pre-designed template forms which are typical to other email marketing networks.
Nevertheless, the creation of a form is pretty simple. You just need to specify the design elements for your sign-up form. They include background color, button position, title, form field and the label or name to be on the signup button.

Mailigen has the ‘WYSIWYG’ editor and uses it to generate a preview of the form you are creating. When you’re done creating the form, click on the “save changes” button to save your design.

You can then copy the link and code, which you will integrate into your website, social media profile, forum, or anywhere you desire to put your sign-up form.

Contact Management

You can easily grow and manage your campaign list on Mailigen. You can add email addresses to the list individually, through the signup form or can be imported in TXT, XLS, or CSV files.

Unlike other email marketing platforms, Mailigen automatically detects and deletes any repeated email. You also have the option to segment your subscribers on the basis of their activities such as opens, clicks or opt-in. The segmentation can also be based on the contact information.

Mailigen can be integrated with different CRM software systems that help you easily track your clients.

Reporting Tools

Mailigen’s reporting tools are restricted to the basics. The tools are used to generate reports and activities such as bounce rates, link clicks, open rates, number of subscribers and forwarded emails.

This information will help you know how your campaigns are doing. You can make some changes in line with the generated reports.
You can even download these reports in a PDF format or as an Excel spreadsheet. This email marketing network integrates with Google Analytics; it, therefore, gathers many detailed reports incomparable to the built-in reporting tools.

In addition, the real-time tracking is also supported by Mailigen. Data such as location, link click, open rates, etc, can be tracked in real-time. Small businesses depend on these data to enhance their email marketing.

Help and Support

The Mailigen customer care agents can be reached through live chat, email, phone and through their resource centre.
The resource centre is stocked with lots of valuable materials like video tutorials, marketing planning tools, white paper, data sheets, etc.

A small business owner that wants to grow their brands can explore and harness the resource centre to get valuable materials for their campaigns.

Simple Email Creation

Mailigen has fewer email templates when compared to other email marketing software like Aweber and Connect. Mailigen has about 130 email templates and 5 basic layouts.

You can customize a pre-selected template with the drag-and-drop feature. For unique messages, you can customize the design of a template in HTML. You also have an option to import email templates directly into your account.

You can use the marketing application to create emails that have social media buttons. It also supports creating emails with pictures; it has lots of free images to choose from.

The email editor feature on Mailigen allows users to save messages for future use. Although it’s not too convenient to use since it does not have features such as inbox preview, spam checking and demographic segmentation as obtainable in other similar marketing platforms.

Perform Online Surveys

The online survey feature makes it possible for users to get feedback from their audience. With this information, you can create better email campaigns. You might even decide to segment your emails so as to send out more targeted and personalised emails.

Integration and APIS

Another interesting feature of Mailigen is integration and APIS. As a Mailigen user, you can integrate it with the e-commerce software such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Magento or CRMs such as ZOHO, Batchbook and Strip. Mailigen also integrates with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Mailigen Pricing Plans

Mailigen has a variety of plans which are based on the size of your campaign list or number of email credits you wish to buy.

The payment for a plan is made through email credits or credit card.
Mailigen has a 30-day trial version, which is free. You can sign up for this free version without giving out your billing information.

With the 30-day trial, you can judge if the software meets your business needs or otherwise. A 30-day period is enough for you to see the effectiveness or downside of the software.

Although you might not get the same experience as the premium users do, you should be able to have a general understanding of the platform.

Pros and Cons of Mailigen

Now that we have discussed some of the features of Mailigen, let’s see its pros and cons. You should consider the pros and cons to decide if the platform really suits your business.


  • Flexible and scalable premium plan
  • Supports A/B split testing and Google Analytics integration
  • Integration of both email and SMS marketing
  • Easy to create an online survey
  • Customers can also become their affiliates
  • The system automatically detects and deletes double email entries to eliminate redundancy
  • Mailigen can be integrated with over 100 CRMs


  • Mailigen doesn’t have pre-designed signup forms and has just few email templates
  • The built-in reporting tools are not that efficient


Mailigen is an autoresponder to build your campaign list. It is easy to use and permits its users to send unlimited emails. Users can perform a lot of functions on Mailigen.

The platform offers a 30-day risk-free trial for potential users to test the effectiveness of their service before upgrading to any of the premium plans. This gives the customer ample time to make an informed decision about the software.

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