MailChimp Review: Set up a Landing Page in Minutes

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MailChimp is assumedly the most popular email marketing tool. Here in this review, we are going to look into full details of MailChimp as an email marketing tool and see if it can compete with new brands in the industry.

An Overview of Mailchimp

MailChimp is a popular cloud-based email management service. It was created by a rocket science group in 2001.
The founders – Mark Armstrong, Ben Chestnut, and Dan Kurzius – started working on the software as a minor hustle, but later gained fans. Though the group continues to develop other web applications, MailChimp is now The Rocket Science Group’s main focus.

What makes MailChimp amazing is its ability to merge this fun-and-games attitude with a serious program.
To be honest, MailChimp name and brand are the strongest in the Email Service Provider market, and the company’s free option seems to be the best around. Users that go for paid options get high-level marketing features. These features include autoresponders, spam filter diagnostics, list segmentation by time zone, and a variety of tools meant for social networking integration.

MailChimp oversees an average of five billion outgoing emails monthly with over six million users ranging from community groups to well-known companies, such as Vice UK, The Economist, and TED.
Despite being the most reputable in the ESP industry, MailChimp does not relent in iterating its services to make them easier to use and more versatile.


MailChimp does not relent in drastically simplifying its pricing plans. Below is how they have reorganized their pricing plan structure.

Free Plan: For New Businesses

MailChimp provides a powerful free plan for users with fair needs. With this plan, a user can have up to 2,000 subscribers and send up to 12,000 emails each month. Though users don’t get all the features of the paid plans, they still get a lot with this plan.
What makes the difference between the free plan and the paid plan is the absence of autoresponders, spam filter diagnostics, email client testing, delivery by time zone, and Social Pro in the free plan. With the free plan, you will also not enjoy the conversation-style replies, which filter out any out-of-office replies and threads conversations into subscriber profiles.

In addition to what you will be missing with the free plan is that there will always be a small MailChimp badge at the bottom of every email you send out. If you do not like this, you can decide to opt for the paid plan.

Growing Business

If the 12,000 email cap cannot satisfy your needs, you can decide to pay for the ‘growing business’ plan. The price ranges from $10 to $410,800 per month for between 100 and 102,525,000 subscribers and up to 1,230,300,000 emails.
With this “growing business” plan, you also get more advanced reporting features and segmentations than with the free plan. You will as well get MailChimp’s Mandrill, which creates and sends targeted messages to individual subscribers.

Pro-Marketer Add-On

With an extra $199 per month, MailChimp offers you access to their greatly intelligent marketing features. These include multivariate testing (with up to eight variants), advanced reporting, and more. You will as well get priority support, the ability to terminate email delivery when you run out of stock and more.

How Easy is MailChimp To Use?

Signing up for a MailChimp account is straightforward and easy. All you have to do to activate an account is enter your name and your email and you are free to start. More information is asked when you first sign into the program.
You will be asked to provide your physical address, organization name and details, and website (if you don’t have a company page, you can input a Facebook, Twitter page, or a personal page or blog).
If you would wish, you also have the opportunity to upload a profile photo and subscribe to MailChimp’s series of “Getting Started” emails.
The dashboard is not much to look at, but clean and simple to comprehend, even for beginners. Initially, you are given three main options, which are creating and sending a campaign, creating (or importing) a list, or building an audience (with sign-up forms).
Once you’ve got started, you will have a dashboard showing your recent campaign activities, list growth, and news feed of recent events.

Email Campaign Creation

You don’t need an established list to design a campaign. The software has a “send to you” option perfect for beginners looking to test the system.
You will be induced to enter campaign info and choose tracking options, social media settings, and other options.
The next is to choose a template. MailChimp has 23 main templates and hundreds of template themes. The template themes encircle a massive variety of industries and occasions.

Sending the Email Campaign

Sending the campaign is simple. Once you have designed your email, you will have the opportunity to choose the list to which you want the email to be sent, test your subject line, and make any last-minute adjustments. You can decide to send the email immediately or schedule it to be sent on a future date.

There are various ways to add a list to MailChimp. You can decide to upload an existing list, or you import your contact from a diverse program, such as Salesforce, Highrise, Zendesk, Eventbrite, Batchbook, and Google.

Customer Service and Support

MailChimp has an extensive support system. It is, however, important to know that the company does not have telephone support. They attribute this to cost control. Below are the support resources Mailchimp offers:
MailChimp offers live (one-on-one) support via the following means:

Email support: You can reach the MailChimp support representatives 24/7.

Live chat support: This is available only to paid customers due to rush in assistance request and it is available for 10 hours from Monday to Friday.

Social Media: MailChimp has representatives on Twitter and Facebook to attend to customers’ queries within a matter of minutes or hours.


With over 7 million users, MailChimp takes security and privacy seriously. The company has message transfer agents fixed throughout the United States. These centers are safeguarded by both physical and electronic safeguards. With DDO mitigation put in place at every data center, MailChimp seems to be unlikely caught off guard.


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  1. Nuttanee

    I love Mailchimp, the set up is so easy to follow and the layout for the email marketing landing page is so simple to make. The best part is, there is a free trial for mail chimp and once I get enough listing I can run a campaign. I do encourage all new online marketers to try Mailchimp out. 

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    Wow! Good post! I am indeed learning to make a landing page for affiliate marketing. However, I experienced difficulties in finding a website that provides services for this landing page for free. Most of what I get, always have to pay. Though, I think, I’m still in the beginner and learning stages. Therefore, the best choice is to look for one that can provide free services.

    And thank you very much for your review, so I can start learning about Affiliate Marketing and Landing Pages after this.

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    To me, MailChimp is a perfectly good tool for most English-speaking users, with its ease of use and range of features. It provides all the basics you need to add email marketing to your business. 

    Keep in mind, though, that their subscription plans are relatively expensive. And if you’re new to the email marketing game, it’s forever free plan does make a compelling argument for you to try it.

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