Leadbit CPA Affiliate Network Review

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Affiliate marketing assigns a great opportunity to publishers to earn a whole lot of money by leveraging online platforms like Leadbit. In recent years, affiliate marketing has grown so big and famous that more than 70% of the brands around the world today go on using this medium to boost sales.
However, leveraging affiliate marketing requires that your monetization methods go in line with the latest technologies and trends. Moreover, your focus should be on the interests of your readers.
The existence of CPA Affiliate Networks is a valid testimony to these trends in online marketing, particularly affiliate marketing.

Today, I’ll be reviewing the Leadbit CPA Affiliate Network – a network that serves the leading publishers and advertisers from around the world.

This review exhibits why you should take a look into the benefits offered by the Leadbit CPA Affiliate Network.
As a matter of fact, the Leadbit affiliate programs deserve a good mention as they have established a system with a huge money-making opportunity.
As an online marketer, you want outcomes. Leadbit takes care of that for you as it sets up a perfect ground for you to fully benefit from affiliate marketing.

An Introduction to Leadbit

Leadbit is one of the most reliable and skilled cost-per-action Affiliate Networks we have in today’s world. It is a London-based CPA Network that has been operating successfully since the last half-decade.
Most of the time, CPA Networks would be found with one issue or the other. These possible issues include either not being legit or delaying in making payments.
There are other issues as well like some Networks not having direct offers but wholly depending on brokers’ offers plus not having an adequate team to manage their affiliates.

However, none of such issues could be found with the Leadbit CPA Network.
In fact, Leadbit turns out to be one of the few CPA Networks that make payments on time. Moreover, you will not come across any difficulty in receiving payments.
Unlike most CPA networks, they don’t wholly focus on brokering offers from other networks. Instead, they deliver various complete offers for Asia and Europe GEOs, including countries like China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, as well as Vietnam.

Leadbit is an immediate advertiser in Asia, Europe, Latam, and worldwide affiliate networks. They provide the best performing campaigns on their network. Also, the maximum part of their offers is not resale, but their own in-house campaigns. They established a powerful brand and can help you make a substantial profit.

Moreover, they maintain a support system with affiliate managers who take care of their affiliates. At Leadbit, they focus on supporting rather than selling to their affiliates.
Leadbit works with some successful and lucrative verticals. The major ones comprise Nutra offers by Cash-On-Delivery Model and Trials.
Also, they provide Gambling, 1–Click Flow & PIN Submit, and Sweepstakes offers. They also own a betting platform of their own.
Below, we have the list of their verticals:

  • Adult
  • Nutra COD
  • Gambling
  • CPI
  • Sweepstakes
  • 1-Click Flow & Pin Submit

The network has daily updated exclusive affiliate offers. Leadbit is a leading CPA Affiliate Network with well-experienced and qualified affiliate managers skilled for blogs and websites of different niches.
The network possesses thousands of registered international webmasters allowing you to work with any type of traffic from various countries. Leadbit gives offers in more than 50 countries across Asia, Europe, and CIS.

What Are You To Expect With Leadbit?

Brands and websites linked with the Leadbit network services have witnessed huge success and improved sales.
They as well offer exclusive offers with different conversion types that can be run immediately. There is something about Leadbit that you have to know: it often pays for confirmed requests.
This means that once the client completes the simple form, the order is assessed by phone. However, there is no reason to provide any credit card details. Also, there is no need to wait for any repayment order. The Leadbit CPA Network makes payment through ePayment, Paxum, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, or debit/credit card transfer.
Some of the other features of Leadbit are:

  • High Payouts
  • Payouts are made weekly
  • Payments are made on time
  • It offers free comprehensive tracking & analytics platform
  • Daily updated exclusive offers
  • Always available technical support
  • Skilled and qualified affiliate managers

Why You Should Sign Up to Leadbit?

One of the biggest benefits of Leadbit is that it provides simple payment terms. Besides, the payments are always paid out without unnecessary delay. Unlike most other networks that have a payment threshold of $50 or above, Leadbit offers a low payment threshold of only $25. Moreover, they offer on Demand payment frequency.

So, joining Leadbit is a step towards success for every affiliate. You will find it difficult to come across many affiliate networks having exact payment terms like those of Leadbit.
Joining Leadbit ensures that you have the cash flow running for your affiliate campaigns.

As Leadbit also delivers services to advertisers, they run a series of offers that you wouldn’t find on other networks. So, affiliates working for the Leadbit network can make a request for customer initiatives & landing pages from their affiliate managers. This enhances affiliates’ efforts to earn a huge amount of money.

Few of the outstanding offer types include:

1–Click flow offers: These are highly paying pin submit offers. With 1–click conversion, users have no reason to wait and receive a billable SMS message before they can do a PIN submit.
Also, Leadbit runs global offers from countries like Russia, China, and other Asian and European countries, thereby giving you access to unsaturated offers from GEOs. In fact, numerous affiliates are not conscious of these. So, it implies less rivalry and more conversions.

Since 2013, Leadbit has been in the market and has established an admirable reputation for itself. It is being run by very committed people who have taken it as their duty to help their affiliates.
Leadbit provides a tremendous supportive team of affiliate managers who are always anxious to support you in case you have an issue or problem.

They are always engaged in affiliate marketing conferences and meetings. For instance, they have achieved the Moscow Affiliate Conference and STM Forum.
Also, they provide tools for affiliates, which include the in-house tracking platform. So, you can go on utilizing this tracker provided by the network. Thus, you can make use of your money on purchasing traffic rather than purchasing expensive trackers.


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