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By | April 3, 2020




InMotion is one of the most popular web hosts on the market, recognized for its unrestricted features and amazing support. InMotion is an excellent choice for any blogging buddy or entrepreneur.
While it’s not equal to DreamHost, Bluehost, and other powerful hosting platforms, it still offers quite a lot. And based on your business needs, InMotion may be the right web host for you.

The common challenge with website hosting services is that they are many out there. It’s difficult to find out which of them is right for your business at the most considerable rate.
Having done relative research of the most powerful web hosts online, weighing up a lot of things including security, cost, speed, reliability, power, and support, I’ve written what you should know about InMotion.
In my InMotion hosting review, we’ll have a deep look into the key features of InMotion hosting and compare these with some other web hosts online. Consider how InMotion piles up against the rivalry, and whether or not the hosting service it provides is appropriate for your business needs. InMotion is most suitable for VPS and shared hosting.

Pros of InMotion

  • Offers a free SSL certificate and unmetered disk space on its basic package – It’s nearly uncommon for a web host to offer an unmetered disk space on their basic package, but this is precisely what you stand to get at InMotion
  • Trained technical team of engineers – A 160+ hour specialist training is given to the InMotion customer support staff. This leaves them in an unparalleled position, providing you with expert advice and guidance

Cons of InMotion

  • No Linux or Windows servers – You’ll see most web hosts operate on Windows or Linux servers, but in InMotion hosting, none of these is used
  • $5 price promotional sub – In InMotion hosting, you can opt in for an under $5 per month shared hosting package, but this is only on a yearly renewal. The cost-effective subscription after this is $7.99 per month

Performance & Reliability

If you’ve gone through my reviews, you’d find out that one of the pioneering things you’d need to work on is what type of uptime is offered by a provider. This is instrumental in as much as you want to see your site go viral gradually.
Uptime means the length of time your site is live on the web for visitors to surf. Most web hosts tend to record a 98 percent to 99.99 percent uptime.

What isn’t feasible is 100 percent uptime – even older websites occasionally go down. That mentioned, an almost 100 percent uptime rate should be focused upon.
From research, the uptime rating of InMotion is 99.97 percent at the moment. That’s an amazing uptime rate, equivalent to not more than three downtime hours each year.
InMotion also boasts of server speed. It’s known with 2 United States based data centers, situated on either coasts, that are pioneered to 1,000’s of servers.

InMotion typically has a faster response time if you’re US resident, though its server speed is pretty superb internationally.
The only locations where its server speed lags behind the benchmark of Google are in Australia and Asia. If any of these locations is where you emanate from, you’re then likely to consider other providers.
Bandwidth is the sum of data you can transmit at once. Consider bandwidth to be a bridge; only a specific number of vehicles can pass through at any given point in time. If vehicles aren’t limited to use the bridge, then many vehicles will be able to cross over at once.

InMotion offers a completely free SSL certificate, which adds the HTTPS feature to your website. It’s rare to come across this offer at the same pricing level, but it’s a major feature for enterprises in as much as websites secured with the HTTPS feature are more favored than the insecure HTTP websites.

You can get up to 2 free sites with its basic plan, while most major web hosting companies only offer just a single site on their basic plans. Like most hosting services out there, you are entitled to one free domain.
You’ll also enjoy free malware protection tools, free DDoS protection, and free backups. As most web hosting companies offer the backups at a cost, you’ll enjoy really amazing backups for free. It has an interesting DDoS protection feature, though most giant hosting companies are designed to resist any major retraction of service attacks.

Like most hosting services, InMotion also offers its drag-and-drop site builder feature for people who are not going down the WordPress path.
From the InMotion’s cPanel, you can manage your hosting. This is a broadly managed, insightful dashboard that is easy to handle.

Customer Support

InMotion covers the fundamentals using a support center forum, with resolutions to FAQ at the very top. This is the content created by the company, contrary to the well-known crowd-sourced answers composed by forum users.
Some web hosting companies hand over technical support to their forums. InMotion comes up with prominent documentation itself.

However, there’s a regular community, where you make inquiries from other InMotion users for assistance or obtain answers from others who have experienced the same challenge or issue.
Above that fundamental level of DIY technical support, InMotion offers phone, live chat, support tickets, and email through your user account dashboard. InMotion also offers chat sessions on Skype, in case you’d prefer to use that platform instead of a mobile device.

The staff members at InMotion undertake more than 160 hours of technical support certification prior to getting posted to assist you. No web host can boast of such proficient certification for its staff, and the value truly comes out.
InMotion doesn’t offer a one-on-one technical support feature for its loyal hosting clients. The support staff members are always at work to help you fix your website online, and are 24/7 available to attend to any question you may want to ask.


When it comes to giving the best of technical support to users, InMotion is one particular web host to mention amidst others, but I know about a hosting service provider that offers more integrated features than almost all other hosting companies. It offers 24/7/365 full and interactive support, live chat, privilege to host up to 10 websites, free malware protection features, 500,000 visitors/month bandwidth, and lots more. Read my in-depth review of this trending online business community.

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