Infolinks Review: A Great Way to Monetize Your Blog

By | May 2, 2020



As a blogger, you might have been doing research on how to conveniently monetize your blog. A simple Google search will pull up tons of information regarding how to make money as a blogger.

Google AdSense is mostly used by bloggers to monetize their sites. It works by displaying adverts on your site and you get paid for it.

Google AdSense, though the most popular way of earning money online among bloggers, is however challenging.
It has lots of stringent requirements and policies. Many bloggers find it somewhat difficult to either meet up with its requirements or keep up with its policies.

To this end, I decided to make a review on an alternative platform that also has some great features like Google Adsense. Infolinks is a good alternative if you want to monetize your blog.

What Is Infolinks All About?

Well, if this is probably the first time you are hearing about Infolinks, you are on the right page.
Infolinks is one of the most popular advertising platforms, famous for its in-text ad styles. This platform has many great features but one of the features that caught bloggers attention is its fast approval rates.

You don’t even need to have much traffic on your site to get approved. This is an offer that you can’t get on Google AdSense.
Infolinks provides advertising solutions that favor both the publishers and those advertising. Infolinks can easily pass as one of the best and most reliable alternatives to Google AdSense.

It provides innovative and high tech-driven ads that are targeted to the right audience and in real-time. Keywords are used to target a selected audience.

Infolinks ads usually get high view rates of up to 90 percent from the audience. This is connected to the mobile-friendly disposition of the ads. This ad network is fully customizable for ads, so you can easily display your ads in any font, color or styles that suit your website.

Infolinks Ad Units

Infolinks has some features that can easily capture your audience’s attention. Some of these features work based on what users are searching for online. Let’s see the intent-based ad units of Infolinks.

In-Article Ads: These ad units get the highest view rates; it expands between the texts as the site users are active with your content.
In-article ads are decent for brand ads because they are established on the site user’s purpose and also on the content shared through video or any native form.

In-Fold Ad Units: These types of ads are usually displayed above the fold. In-fold ads have a higher ad display than the standard display ads. The expected display of in-fold ads is as high as 30 times incomparable to standard network ads.
The principal targets of these ads are the search traffic; they are usually displayed as non-disruptive footers. They add SEO layer and navigational integrity to your site while delivering only ads that are in line with what people are searching for.

In-Text Ad Units: These groups of ads are highly effective. With a feature like in-text ads, the content of your blog can be scanned in real-time, thereby pairing ads with specific keyboard or content.
These ads only appear when a user hovers around a highlighted text or keyword. All in-text ads have the double underline feature

In-Frame Ad Units: In-frame ad units are usually displayed on the unused space of a desktop screen. The displayed ads are relevant and perfectly timed along with the published content.
They appear as skyscraper banners in an attractive way on the margins of desktop screens. With this, ad banners won’t disrupt your site layout.

In-Tag Ad Units: These ad units display keywords that are most valuable and relevant – usually, keywords that relate directly to page content.
These ads are displayed when a user hovers around a specific keyword. The in-tag ad matches different types of ad formats, thereby resulting in a 3 times increase in the ad performance when compared to other ads.
You have the option to choose the number of rows of links that opens when a user’s mouse hovers over a specific keyword.

In-Screen Ad Units: These categories of ads are the most intrusive of them all and are also referred to as the interstitial ads. They cover up to 90 percent space of the screen, thereby enhancing the engagement rates. They work best on mobile ads.

Payment Options of Infolinks

Infolinks has different methods of making payments. These include; Payoneer, Paypal, ACH, Wire transfers and eChecks.
The minimum payout is $100 which is exclusive to Wire transfer and Western Union. PayPal, ACH, eChecks or Payoneer each has a minimum withdrawal rate of $50.

The Adshop feature of Infolinks is another reason the platform is recognized as one of the best intuitive ad networks.
Adshop is a self-service platform for an advertisement that permits advertisers to get traffic on the publishers.
Infolinks is also ideal for business owners, site owners and affiliate marketers. You can instantly create campaigns for your target audience. And the interesting part is that you can track and manage all your campaigns without much stress.

Infolinks Dashboard

Infolinks has a simple and user-friendly dashboard. You can easily navigate on the platform.
Reports such as impressions, ad clicks, etc. are easy to access on the dashboard. In a nutshell, the dashboard is easy to use.

Sign Up Process

The onboarding process of Infolinks is easy. Just visit its official web page and click on the sign-up button, provide all the required information and wait for the approval.
The approval process is within 48 hours. When approved, integrate the platform into your blog/site and start making money.

Pros and Cons of Infolinks

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of Infolinks


  • Easy and Fast approval rates
  • Different variety of ad units
  • Supports referral earning
  • Higher revenue due to keyword targeting
  • Fully customizable as units
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to install and use


  • It performs better on the site that has traffic from the US or Europe
  • In-frame ads sometimes have technical issues


You can make decent money from Infolinks as a blogger or site owner.
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