How to Use Zelle for P2P Payments

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Need to send payments to family and friends, but do not like dealing in checks and cash? Numerous P2P platforms enable you to send payments to friends. However, you should know that those platforms would ask you to download mobile apps and create a new account.
While trying to use Zelle, you’ll be required to download a mobile app and create a new account. Zelle performs excellently when it comes to transferring money quickly and is known as a payment service that you likely already have access to through your bank’s app.

How Does Zelle Work?

Zelle transfers cash between banks. If you are using a bank directly associated with Zelle, it is straightforward to set up, receive, and send payments via your bank’s app. To execute this, provide a mobile number or email address to help identify your Zelle account. Thus, you’re set to send payments.

Where to Send Funds

Provide the necessary details about the recipient you are sending funds to. You are allowed to use a mobile number or email address.

Notification to Recipients

Zelle will send a notification to the recipient regarding your payment.

Registration (If considered necessary)

If the person you’re sending money to doesn’t have a functional Zelle account, they will be required to set up one. They can as well do that by downloading the Zelle app or using their bank’s mobile app

Available Funds

Typically, Zelle payments are available for withdrawal/spending in a matter of minutes after executing the transfer. However, if the recipient leverages the standalone mobile app rather than a bank account associated with Zelle, the initial transfer may take a couple of days.


Zelle is distinct because the major banks across the United States are associated with it, so this makes it a feasible and most convenient way to transfer funds quickly.

Swift Transfers

Mobile apps like Venmo and PayPal have digital balance, but they do require an additional step to transfer funds directly into your bank account.
With this service, in as much as the recipient is a seasoned or enrolled user, incoming payments reflect in your available fund balance in a matter of minutes. Square Cash equally transfers funds instantly but it takes both parties to own a Square Cash account and supply debit card details.

No New Accounts or Apps Needed

More than 95 million consumers across the United States have already got Zelle in their bank’s app. However, you might not even know that you have direct access to this. To locate Zelle in your account, search for options to make personal transfers or payments. Certain banks or financial institutions utilize their company branding. Chase bank, for example, refers to the service as: Chase QuickPay via Zelle.

Completely Free to Use

Zelle doesn’t require any fee for withdrawals, and similarly, some banks provide the same service without charging a fee. One of the good ways banks benefit is by reducing the volume of checks and cash customers use, and they invariably attempt gaining market share from rivals like Popmoney and Venmo.

Other Perks:

  • Account type: Based on your financial institution, Zelle may facilitate things by leveraging your prepaid and savings accounts for transactions – not necessarily your checking account!
  • Split payments: If you are willing to share a breakfast bill with colleagues, you may split payment requests and payments in certain mobile apps.
  • Request funds: Besides sending funds, you can as well request to get paid by someone else through the Zelle network.

What if Your Bank Isn’t Associated with Zelle

More than 60 credit unions and banks associate with Zelle, which include the biggest banks in the United States. However, if your bank is excluded, you can leverage the Zelle mobile app to receive or send payments. In most cases, you will still enjoy swift transfers so far Zelle can zap funds directly to your bank account via your debit card (MasterCard or Visa, at this instance)


Like any other payment platform out there, it can be hazardous to send funds via Zelle. However, send money to those you trust and know. For your own share of the breakfast or rent bill, this service is an awesome choice.

Purchasing Online?

Zelle isn’t created for purchasing items on websites like Craigslist or eBay. Typically, payments can’t be cancelled once you’ve sent them out. Thus, you are unfortunate if you do not receive what you paid for. For sellers and sites unknown, use a credit card or leverage services like PayPal. As with services like Venmo, demands from con artists who ask for payments via Zelle may be ignored.

Security of Accounts

Your Zelle account is as secure as your checking account. Credit unions and banks use fantastic electronic systems to detect and prevent issues, but anything could happen. With that said, leveraging Zelle shouldn’t increase the possibility of hackers having access to your account. When you want to access your bank’s mobile app, avoid doing that on a public Wi-Fi network. Use your mobile data network or simply get home first before you access the app.

Consumer Protection

Though there’s no consumer protection for transfers, Zelle is likened to a bank material when it comes to operating an account with several automatic features. If you send funds to someone, you are executing an authorized transaction, which can be compared to handing cash over. You won’t get help from your bank if any dispute occurs or you get ripped off.

Top Rivals

PayPal vs. Zelle

PayPal is one of the strongest P2P payment platforms and is a more feasible fit for shopping online. If you want consumer protection in a specific circumstance (and you have an eligible transaction), choose PayPal. PayPal is universal and very useful for sending funds abroad. And Venmo is owned by PayPal; thus, the instant transfer and Balance features are the same.

Venmo vs. Zelle

The popularity of Venmo will make it difficult for Zelle to win. Once again, the key difference between these two payment apps is that payments sent via Zelle move directly from bank to bank. There exists a balance living at Venmo, which has to be transferred to the bank in case the fund is needed to be spent somewhere else.
Having the transfer completed can take up to 24 hours; whereas Venmo lets you perform instant transactions at 25 cents / transfer via your debit card. Venmo also has a social media feed.

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