How to Send and Receive Money with Square Cash

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Under a normal circumstance, sending money electronically should be an easy task. Sad to say, that hasn’t been so even until now. As the case may be, Square Cash can make the procedure as simple as entering your card details in a small web page or sending an email.
Pros: It’s easy to use and free for users.

Cons: It’s nearly too easy to use – though not too many fraud reports have been heard about it – when anything goes wrong, there are limited options for help and support.

How Does Square Cash Work?

There are numerous ways to leverage Square Cash and the mobile app is easy to navigate. Just follow the instructions, which tell you to enter the contact info of the person you are receiving from or sending to and the specific amount. You can use $Cashtags – a branded name specific to this platform, email addresses, or phone numbers.

If you are using Square Cash with email, just send an email to the business or person you’re sending cash to. Payments are moved from your checking account through your debit card, and they go straight to the debit card of the recipient. Once your email is successfully sent to the recipient, send a Cc: (Carbon copy) of the email to in order to notify the platform that you are sending a payment. Here is the process:


  • Send an email to whoever you want to send cash to
  • State the amount of your payment in dollars in the subject bar
  • You can write whatever you deem fit in the message body or leave it blank
  • Hit the Send button.

If you’re using Square Cash for the first time, you’ll receive an email notification from the platform instructing you to supply your debit card details. The same will be sent to your recipient. In less than 48 hours, the payments will land in the recipient’s checking account. makes it possible to send and receive Square Cash payments using a secure web browser. Simply visit the site in respect of the business or person you want to send money to; type their $Cashtag following a slash, card details, and the amount of the payment – you’re good to go.

The Square Cash Appeal

There are a couple of P2P payment processing services, but why is Square Cash appealing to the users? Currently, it is the simplest and most cost-effective way to send and receive payments.


  • Using Square Cash doesn’t attract fees for personal payments, but businesses are charged 1.5 percent to receive funds.
  • You neither need to connect to a social network nor install a mobile app
  • No special advice with the most recent technology is required
  • You neither need to sign up an account nor keep track of a login detail – though signing up an account is necessary for additional features and for keeping an account safe and secure
  • You only need to enter your card details, which is likely available right in your wallet – checking account and routing numbers aren’t required!

Usage for Business

Square Cash first began as a P2P platform, but enterprises can as well leverage it using funds for business. While within the reach of everyone, $Cashtags are tailored to suit the needs of business owners. Receiving funds as a business user currently attracts a 2.75 percent fee from the initial fee of 1.5 percent.

If you want to use this service for personal use, create a separate business account and simply make personal payments using your personal account, so you won’t have to be charged any business fee.

If you intend to give your clients one additional way to make payments, Square Cash for business should do the job perfectly. They can enter their card details using the device you provide or their own device whenever they want to complete a payment. No change, checks, or cash required!

All personal accounts are tracked for any unusual or heavy activity. Some clients once reported that they saw their personal accounts automatically converted into business accounts by Square Cash. This only happens if you are suspected or caught using your personal account for a business purpose.

Potential Risk

Though it’s simple to use, it attracts a cost. Just be cautious of certain issues, so you won’t be having some bad experience using this service.


Square Cash is a new payment service and many people won’t be having issues using it for now, but it is restricted to specific locations. Except in some parts of the United States, international payments aren’t allowed yet. It’s being extended to international users soon.

Customer service

Though it isn’t clear yet what can be expected from this service in respect of support service for customers, Square Cash is a technology-oriented company that has come up with some amazing things to facilitate online payments.
The platform is designed to operate with little human involvement, and some users have had a hard time getting responded to when they have issues occasionally.


Square Cash lets you send any amount up $250 weekly, and you can receive any payment up to a thousand dollars weekly. However, if you need to send a bigger amount than the limit set, you’d have to provide more personal details and likely connect Square Cash to your Facebook network.

One card for each email

Only a single debit card can be linked to an email address. You can alternatively use different debit cards for the different funds, in case you are with multiple email addresses. You can edit card details anytime by creating an account.

Customer Service Options

Square Cash offers only a basic service, but it tries to make users happy by doing what they want well. If an issue comes up, there are a couple of ways to get them resolved.

Contact Support

You are not allowed to make calls, but you are free to send messages to the support team in trying to solve any problem you are encountering.

Errors Making Payments

If you commit an error in making a payment, you can simply cancel it so far the payee hasn’t redeemed the funds yet, or the payment can be disputed with this service. However, for payees that have provided their debit card details to Square Cash previously, payments are automatically received. So, if you mistakenly send an email to an address that isn’t set up with this service, you can cancel such a payment.

Utilize a Bank Account

If you would choose to use your bank account rather than a debit card, you’re allowed to do so. However, you won’t be able to send payments via a bank account, but only with a debit card. You can only receive payments via your bank account.


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