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The area of promoting a blog is where most bloggers experience failure. There are hundreds of prolific bloggers out there that nobody has ever learned about, all because they don’t promote their blog, or just do not know how to go about it.
The most vital tip I would love to give you regarding blog promotion is ensuring that you don’t feel shy when it comes to broadcasting your blog to the people.
I’ve seen some veteran struggling bloggers who say they do not promote their blog all because they feel it isn’t worth promoting. They lodge numerous complaints like, “I haven’t created many posts yet”, “I must perfect my blog design first”, and many more.
Do not treat yourself or business this way. If you’ve taken your time coming up with an awesome website and some good content, then do not hesitate to start telling people about it. Feel bold enough to boast of the work you’ve put in place so far.
Thus, how would you promote your blog? Anyway, it follows that the most prominent techniques of blog promotion are completely free.

Tip 1: Email Marketing

Most of the other tips to promoting a blog as listed here are strictly about getting more blog readers. But if you want to build an ideal blog audience, you need not fresh readers alone; you also should ensure that the one-time blog visitors are turned into returning readers.
This is precisely where list building (email marketing) comes in for your promotional campaigns. By building lists, you can then automatically send out notifications to them when you create some fresh content on your blogging portal. Once they’ve found your blog an information portal, they won’t be able to resist visiting again and again.
By collecting people’s email addresses and sharing blog updates with them regularly, readers will get hooked up with you and they will keep coming back to read posts more and more on your blog alongside building stronger bonds with y.
When it comes to email marketing, it’s just a blogging concept I cannot cover deeply in this guide. So, in the future, I’m going to write a detailed guide to email marketing for those who need it to improve their blog performance and boost blog traffic.

2. Social Media

It’s feasible to believe that you already have a Twitter, and probably a Facebook account. When you create a new blog post, ensure to spread the word by sharing the post through your social media profiles.
It also ensures that other bloggers who have interests in your niche can connect with you. From there, you will continue to build blogging buddies and gain more exposure in the blogging world. Follow some authority bloggers in your industry on Twitter and Facebook and ensure to promote them by sharing their blog posts on your social media accounts.
You wouldn’t imagine how many veterans will find your blog post helpful and amazing and then share those links on their own social media profiles too.

3. Leaving Comments on Other People’s Blogs

When you visit some other industry-related blogs, do not forget to offer your comments regularly and leave a link directing back to your blog home page. Why just a link to your home page and not to other posts on your blog?
When you drop links to other posts on your blog, the authority blogger will see you as someone trying to tap from their traffic juice. But with just a link to your home page, you will look natural to them and gain some friendship or connections in turn.
While commenting on blogs, make sure to offer quality, attention-grabbing comments on niche-related blogs and you’ll succeed in bringing your blog right before your ideal audience.
Be very cautious not to abuse this technique.
If you are only offering comments for the sole purpose of getting some referral traffic to your blog as a result of which you offer substandard comments, you’ll do nothing but lose your posting privilege. The blog owners will see you as an opportunist and will not hesitate to move your comments to trash.
If you offer attention-grabbing comments to blogs, you’ll attract the potential audience to yourself and many people would love to visit your blog and learn more from your super blogging experience.

4. Link to Other Niche-Related Blogs

A great blogging idea for coming up with a post is writing a response to a blog post written by another niche-related blogger. It could possibly be a post you are disputing, or perhaps a blog idea you want to contribute your own ideas to. When you try doing that, ensure to link your post to the precise blog you’re responding to. On several blogs, this leads to what we refer to as Trackbacks.
If the blog you link to also links back to your blog automatically, then this is called a Trackback. It simply means that visitors viewing the other blog will find the link to your own blog
A trackback simply means the occurrence in which the blog you linked to also links back to your own blog automatically.

5. Guest Posting

Another method to reach out to your ideal blog audience is through guest posting. You wouldn’t have to do this in order to tap from other bloggers’ traffic juice because the result would be chaotic.
To receive guest posting offers, you’d need to reach out to some blog owners in your specialty. You can also send your proposals to a couple of them highlighting why you want to guest post for them. While you do this, keep publishing quality posts on your blog; by virtue of this, invitations could potentially reach you when you don’t expect.
You may not get invitations to all the blogs you reach out to, but at least one or more of them will definitely get back to you and offer you a guest post invitation. When you want to write a guest post, keep in mind that you’re out on a blogging herald that could help attract the attentions of your ideal audience to your own blog.

Online Forums

If you’re not yet a member at online communities, you’ve been missing out seriously on the traffic potential your blog could have leveraged. You would have to join forums that relate to your blog specialty. For instance, if your passion has to do with health, you’d need to join and participate at health-related forums.
Most forums will let you add a URL linking to your website as your forum signature and this will appear at the bottom of every post you make to the forums.
When you create accounts with forums, remember to make helpful posts and threads as you do exactly in blog commenting.

Frequent Publishing

The techniques discussed above are meant to promote your content and drive readers to your blog. This is constantly the most challenging step for most veteran bloggers, but you’d also have to realize the fact that once readers stumble at your blog, they keep coming back.
So, creating and publishing posts regularly (at least 4-5 times a week) is instrumental in growing a huge following.
You may have awesome content, but if you publish only once or twice a month, the potential audience may neglect everything about your blog. Striking a balance between quality and quantity is paramount to a successful blogging lifestyle.


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