How to Market a Website for Free

By | November 13, 2019

Blog promotion is a crucial part of driving traffic to your website. Sad to say though, nothing is completely free and even the so-called free blog promotion is inclusive. If you do not want to pay for blog promotion, you’ll need to spend much more time.

It’s good to abstain from wasting a lot of time over marketing tactics that will do nothing but yield minuscule dividends, if any. If you’re ready to apply those methods to generate blog traffic, the following free blog promotion approaches will deliver, generating you exponential website traffic over time.

1. Improve Your Site’s SEO

SEO represents Search Engine Optimization and it is the best and easiest approach to promote a site. By improving your on page SEO, you can rest assured to experience a boost in your page rankings and drive a ton of organic traffic to your website, which is the ultimate objective.

Pro tip: If you’re using images, charts, JavaScript, or image maps, add your keywords to the alt text, so search engines can understand the subject matter of the image in question.

2. Leverage External Backlinks

External backlinks are links directing to your website from external domains. These are a prominent way to get free traffic to your website. Not only that you’ll drive a ton of website traffic using this approach, but you’ll also improve your domain and page authorities. It’s a proven traffic-driving strategy implemented by the pros.

Generating external backlinks (inbound links) to your site isn’t a “Numbers” game though; it is now the quality of visits you receive to your blog that counts and determines your improved Google PageRank.

   3.Write Articles and Publish on Magazines and Directories

The fundamental theory of content marketing is that you create a piece of content and have it offered completely free to various blogs, websites, magazines, article-submission sites, and directories. At the bottom of your post, you add a “Blurb” or resource box that promotes you and your blog.

The efficacy of this blog promotion tactic is that if you make it to getting your articles published on long-lived, famous, authoritative sites, or high-quality magazines, they can help promote your blog for as long as they are live on the web without any extra effort on your own part.

In the first place, you must be an apt writer who can write on just any topic that people would love to read and share over and over again. Also, you must have your articles published in quality places such as Medium, and elsewhere.

Pro tip: Find the magazines or websites you want to get published on first, and then take your time to go through their content to know what kind of material they request for and, if there are shortcomings in their own content, you could help correct. Then, have your content material tailored towards that specific magazine or website’s requirements.

4. Drive Traffic to Your Site Using Social Media

Social media is not limited to just helping to connect with family and friends; it is also a prominent place to have your site or business promoted. For example, research shows that web users devote 21.3 percent of their time on social networking websites while it was also found that the average United States web users spend about 33 hours monthly on the net and roughly 8 hours of this time on social media.

Staying active on social media can be an effective way to build free traffic as it gives visibility at a high level without having to spend a dime. The traffic you get from social media is called social traffic. To promote your site successfully on social media, you’ll need a social media plan. If you don’t know how to create a social media plan, you can get a lot of resources that explain that online.

Pro tip: Various social media drive different categories of people. Prior to spending time in leveraging specific social media networks and building a considerable number of social media followers, ensure that you have selected the appropriate platform for marketing purposes.

You can simply find resources online that teach how to choose the right social media platform most suitable for your business. You may also want to learn how to promote your business using Twitter or a Facebook business page. There are more than just enough resources, podcasts, videos, and blog posts online to achieve that.

5. Create Quality content

Use all of the strategies above and you’ll find none working if you don’t consistently produce high-quality content on your website – the type of content that resonates with the audience and readers would want to share on social media, their blogs, and elsewhere.

On your blog, come up with articles that produce the most relevant content for your target audience

There are a considerable number of ways to get such quality and compelling content. Literally, you’ll either sit and compose it yourself or, perhaps ask someone else to do the writing for you.

You may source for a freelance writer if you don’t have the time to write. Sometimes, you may have guest posters around pouring out content for your blog, or hire talented and prolific writer doing the job for you. Whichever way you’ve chosen to get content delivered consistently depends on your ability to spend, potentiality and time.

Building your personal blog can be an awesome strategy to promote your site as it’ll let you blog about a specialty. You’ll also have the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in your industry, and become a pro member of blogging communities – building links and a network of relationships. So, you’ll have to make that blog keyword-optimized in order to improve your SEO.

Pro tip: Enable other users to leave comments on your blog and build engagement. When you visit other niche-related blogs, read posts and leave some relevant and attention-grabbing comments before you click away. This is another great way to market yourself and your blog without spending a dime, while you get noticed more and more by other community members.

Be Consistent

Whether you are commenting on blogs, generating high-quality backlinks to your blog, or publishing articles to high-quality magazines and directories, ensure to consistently produce relevant and informative content on your site. And over a certain period of time, they’ll start yielding a great return in organic traffic that you’ve been anticipating for.

10 thoughts on “How to Market a Website for Free

  1. Techie

    Nice post. I am having some similar issues with my friends (they’re looking for free ways to make good money online, they’ve forgotten the saying that “Nothing good comes for free, sacrifice is KEY!”

    These ways to get traffic for free are really amazing, especially SEO (Organic traffic)… It is one of the best way to drive traffic. One can also go for paid add too. Thanks for the tip to improve SEO On a website.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Techie, thank you for stopping by.

      I am so grateful for your time and for commenting.

      You are most welcome!

  2. Harrison

    I love these methods/ways to market a website for free. The role of social media in driving traffic to our website cannot be underated. Social Media is great to increase website traffic and probably make some sales (increased traffic = high probability of making sales). It is more effective if one has massive followers. So, it is very important one grows the followers with all diligence and hardwork as the hardwork will pay off through traffic and more sales and more commissions.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Harrison, thank you for stopping by.

      I am so grateful for your time for reading and commenting.

      I am glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Nice Gal Nikki

    Hi, great article on marketing websites. I am learning how to do this so I found your article pretty helpful. What type of information can you give me on keywords? I know keywords are very important and would like to know how many I should include in an article that I write. Any tips will be great. Thanks

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Nice Gal Niki, thanks for your visit.

      i’ m so grateful.

      Keywords are very important and has to be in your title and he first paragraph.

      For  keywords , I recommend JAAXY. It is a powerful tool for articles…

  4. Paul

    You’ve got some great advice here on extra earnings and It’s so relevant to all of us. We all need to have options and to find out what works and what doesn’t. It can be overwhelming sometimes and it’s so easy to just give in to the wealth of information that can be so time consuming researching. Thanks for these great ideas, super appreciated

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Paul, thank you for your visit! I’m so grateful for your time to read and comment.

      You are most welcome!

  5. Robert

    Good advice here and numbers one and five are the most important for getting traffic and thus higher rankings in Google. I have been writing website content for more than 10 years and I have seen many tactics change for how content marketing effectively works. I have also had some insider knowledge from a friend and former co-worker who is now a senior programmer at Google.

    He was one of the programmers that was part of that big Penguin update back in 2014 that made websites that had a lot of backlinks to be wiped off Google’s top ranks. Despite what many so-called SEO gurus think and say, Google no longer requires backlinks for high rankings. Google has always been for websites with high quality content using “proper” white hat SEO. This is why “Content is King.”

    Backlinks now have very little affect on rankings and you can gain backlinks naturally if you write really informative in depth content that people will naturally want to link to. Other than proper SEO, sharing your content links on Social Media is a great way to get your content out to the public and especially if you post in groups or communities of your target audience. Other than number 2, I agree with all of your other 4 tips above.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Robert, thank you for stopping by.

      I ‘m so grateful for your time and your valuable comments full of information.

      It’s always good to hear from someone who share his experience to make people progress.

      Thank you so much! 


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