How to Make Payments With Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger allows you to do much more than chatting. Besides organizing group events and sharing files, Facebook Messenger lets you request payments from anyone or send funds to friends.

You have multiple options as far as sending payments online is concerned, so why leverage Facebook? If you spend some quality time in Facebook Messenger, it may be your most comfortable choice. When it comes to group expenses, the costs can be split with several people in Messenger.

For example, if a group discussion resulted in an event, you could get participating members of that group paid.
Features of the Messenger service are:


  • Payments may be funded via a bank-issued debit card, and a Facebook gift card. Credit card can also be used to do the payment funding.
  • Whether you are sending or receiving funds, transactions carried out via Facebook Messenger are completely free.
  • The person you are receiving from or sending payments to must be a friend.
  • You are eligible to leverage this service or feature if and only if you are 18 years old and above.
  • You are allowed to make in-app payments using a mobile device or use Messenger on your personal computer.
  • Payments through Messenger are available only in the United States, United Kingdom (in pounds), and France (in Euros).

How to Send Money with Facebook

Making money through the Messenger is as easy as sending PMs to a friend.

Messenger app: Start a chat in Messenger with a friend that you want to send a payment to. At the top of your keyboard, find the “$” icon, hit it, and type the amount you want to pay. Click on “Pay” and the fund is right on its way to the recipient’s bank account. Can’t find the “$” icon? Locate the + icon rather, and you’ll be provided with more extended options.

Desktop computer: Start or open a chat with a friend you want to send a payment to. Start the process as described above by clicking through “$” icon.

Your initial payment: To perform a first-time transaction on Messenger, you’ll be required to supply funding information. The best and easiest way to go about this is submitting this information while in the process of sending payments. You can update payment settings and change your funding methods.

To set up your Messenger account and get it ready to start sending and receiving payments internationally, you are required to enter your debit card details. While in this process, you’ll be able to create a personal identification number, which will help prevent any unauthorized transactions in your account. While setting up your PIN, try selecting a combination of digits that nobody else knows or that is difficult for anyone to guess.

In as much as you’re adding a debit card to Messenger, your checking account will be debited almost instantly and the money goes to the recipient’s bank account right away.
Before making payments, you’re going to ensure your checking account is loaded with funds sufficient to carry out or complete the particular transaction and to ensure you avoid bounced checks, overdraft charges, and any other similar issues.

How to Receive Payments

If you are expecting a payment via Messenger, or someone that owes you wants to pay back through Messenger, you’ll receive a payment notification. If you do not have debit card details on file, you’ll have to provide card information in as much as this is required to receive payments. Once you’re done adding card details, you’ll receive the money right into the checking account linked or added to your card.

Money isn’t held by Facebook. When money is sent to you, it may take a couple of business days for the payment to reflect in your checking account.
If you just want the money ready immediately for a spending purpose, then you may have to try out Zelle as a Facebook Messenger alternative to receive payments. If the payer and payee’s banks both work with Zelle, this will help quicken up the payment clearing process and money gets in your account in a matter of minutes.

Are Messenger Payments Secure?

Fraud: Although payments made can be voluntarily rejected by the recipient if a mistake occurs, cancelling payments isn’t feasible with Messenger. Plus, your checking account gets debited almost instantly. No form of consumer protection is advertised by Facebook, and Messenger isn’t expected to be used for business transactions such as paying for items on Craigslist, or eBay.

Con artists may leverage the confusion on this specific issue, as they do have with Zelle, Venmo, and other similar payment services out there.

Security of accounts: To ensure your account is protected, set up a personal identification number (PIN) for all payments via Messenger, or Touch ID, if that’s accessible on your personal device. You have the alternative to opt-out of that extra step, but why may it be necessary to leverage the chance?

Security of data: Messenger payments are almost as secure as any other online payment processing service or app. As part of the measures to bring in industry-standard security and safety of accounts, Facebook hired the professional service of Marcus David in 2014 – the former administrator of PayPal to administer Messenger payments.
Facebook makes it clear that there is encryption for information regarding payments, which includes your debit card details associated with your transactions. Payment data is made separate from other areas of the Facebook network and is safely stored. The platform also creates additional measures and resources to ensure fraud is detected quickly.

Privacy: Privacy can’t be neglected. If Facebook has everything, and you aren’t concerned about all of this, a bit of your payment information might not be given attention. However, data can be accessed and analyzed in amazing ways, so be cautious of how you go about sending and receiving payments.
In group payment circumstances, all members of the group have the opportunity to view the amounts involved – so, make it a one-to-one transaction if it matters.


While PayPal may be frustrating for your one-to-one transactions, you can consider Messenger as a better alternative to send and receive payments internationally. Just like you cannot send to or receive payments from anyone that isn’t a PayPal user, you and your recipients must be friends on the Facebook network before you can perform one-to-one transactions. One particular advantage it has over PayPal is that it is completely free to use.

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