How to Make a Living on YouTube Even Without Talking or Showing Your Face

By | April 18, 2020


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You are probably wondering how you could possibly make a YouTube video, without even showing your face or doing the talking. If you have been thinking about this, then you are in the right place.
To this end, I have created a detailed guide on how you too can start making money from creating videos on YouTube. People won’t even see your face or hear you talk. Let’s go into the article properly.

1. Pick a Profitable Niche

The first step to start making money on YouTube is to identify a profitable niche. One of the profitable niches I can recommend to you is an educational niche.

The aim here is to get a lot of views from your uploaded videos. Note that uploading a video does not automatically translate to generating money on YouTube, most especially for small YouTube channels.
To start making money on YouTube, you can leverage on affiliate marketing. You can make thousands of dollars every month even if you have small YouTube channels with just a few thousands of subscribers. What matters here is the number of views you get – not how big your channel or your subscribers are.

To get started, create a channel with a profitable niche around a few products that you can easily promote. Prior to this, it is important to first head over to Clickbank, and pick a product that you want to promote.
Clickbank is an affiliate platform with different affiliate products to choose from. As an affiliate marketer, Clickbank will give a link to the product that you want to promote.

You get a certain commission when someone buys a product through your affiliate link. You will need to sign up on Clickbank to get access to the affiliate products. I recommend you pick products with a gravity score of above 15 and under 80.
You can also check the gravity to know how many people are promoting that same product. As a smart affiliate marketer, you can deduce that the product is really selling fast. That’s the reason more people are promoting it.

2. Plan Your YouTube Videos

There are essentially 2 types of methods you can use to plan your YouTube Video:

  • Copying Top Videos
  • Low competition, long-tailed keywords technique

The idea behind the copying top video strategy is to search for top YouTube videos. These videos should have a niche similar to yours and with lots of views.
Type the keywords that are similar to your niche and look at the top 5 search results. Your aim here is to check if each of the videos has up to 10,000 views. The next thing is to create a video that has a similar title with any of your search results. Make some explanation about the videos.
Now, copy all the tags of your search results with over 100,000 views. The trick behind this is that your videos will easily be shown as a suggested video after those with over 100,000 views. With this simple trick, you can get a lot of YouTube views.

How to See Tags on YouTube Videos

Right-click on the YouTube page, just outside the video area

  • Click the “view page source”
  • Press Ctrl + F
  • Type in your desired keywords
  • Click on the drop-down arrow to display the keywords
  • Once you have found the tags, simply copy them and their channel name in your tag

The second method which is the low competition, long-tailed keywords technique is dependent on some medium volume. You can use TubeBuddy if you wish. The aim is to get keywords with low competition but with a large volume.
To use TubeBuddy, simply click on the TubeBuddy icon accessible on the YouTube homepage and search for your desired keywords on search explorer. The keywords should be closely related to your niche and something you can easily make a video on.

You will also see keywords that are related to your niche, which you can use to get long-tailed keywords. This, in turn, can help your videos rank higher with the possibility of more views over time.
Do ensure to inform your viewers about your affiliate link that could solve their problems. Now, when any of your viewers see and click on your videos, you will get your commission.

3. Make Engaging Videos

Here is the part you’ve been waiting for – Create videos without showing your face or talking. I’m not going to disappoint you either.
To create a video without showing your face, you need a tool like FFmpeg. With Content Samurai, you can create amazing videos even without prior knowledge of video editing skills.
Apart from creating amazing videos with FFmpeg, it has a voice feature that can read your write-up in 5 unique voices. The Voice sounds like a natural voice. So, you don’t have to worry about your viewers thinking it was a robotic voice.

4. Promoting Your Published YouTube videos

Now that your video is already on YouTube, your aim now is how to boost your video’s views on YouTube. As a starter, you should have a target of 1000 subscribers. Note that once you get your first 100 subscribers, it becomes even easier to hit the 1000 landmark. That’s how YouTube works.
Your YouTube videos can be promoted by using the following methods:

  • Comment posting
  • Video Reminder
  • Posting on Reddit
  • Guest video posting
  • Posting on Facebook groups
  • Posting on quora

You can easily promote your YouTube videos with the above methods. It’s very simple; all you do is to post your YouTube link on any of the platforms.
Note that it will be easier to get results if you are an active member of any of the forums.


I believe you have learnt another method on how to earn from YouTube. You may not understand the depth of this article until you take action today.
The strategies that were revealed in this article look simple, yet powerful to make you so much money on YouTube.
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